How To Style A Room With Floor Cushions

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Decorating your home is the best way to make it feel like it’s truly “home.” One of the great things about decorating is that you can drastically alter the look and feel of your home even through simple decorative changes, like the colour of your curtains in each room.

Floor cushions are a great option to make your home look cosy while adding a distinct personal style, so let’s take a closer look at how you can style rooms in your home by choosing to decorate your floor with cushions.

Why Use Floor Cushions?

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These are distinct from couch or chair varieties in that they have two purposes: decoration and seating. Large floor cushions from shops such as Simply Cushions NZ aren’t just for adding style, but for adding some additional seating that can be cosy, practical, or both as well.

Now that you know why you should use them, let’s take a closer look at how you can use them in many different ways to change your home’s look and feel.

Tips For Styling With Floor Cushions

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Eclectic Patterns for a Unique Vibe

If you want your home to have a truly unique and interesting vibe, then you can look for floor cushions that have eclectic patterns. These eclectic patterns can add a really unique vibe to your floor that you won’t be able to cultivate any other way. Stripes, quilt-like patterns, and combination patterns are perfect for adding uniqueness. 

Pops of Colour on the Floor

Floors are often neglected during makeovers but there are some great ideas out there on how to make them amazing. If you want your floor to have a pop of colour, you can do so easily with floor cushions! For the most dramatic pops of colour, opt for solid colour cushions in really vibrant tones such as bright blues, striking reds, warm oranges, and so on. 

Stacks for a Cosy Living Room

One of the best ways you can transform your living room is through stacks and stacks of floor pillows! You can create an impromptu seating area by laying down a large blanket and surrounding it with stacks of cushions to create a truly cosy and cushy seating area. 

Easy Added Seating

You can add comfortable seating with floor cushions no matter the personal style you’re looking for! There is no need for an extra couch or recliner, just make sure to choose designs in the colour, style, and material that match the rest of your home so that it fits in well.

Vibrant Colours for Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor spaces shouldn’t be neglected! Vibrant colours look especially great outside against the natural tones found in nature, so adding cushions with truly exciting, vibrant colours can really change the overall look of your outdoor space.

Neutral Colours for Simple Tones

If you want to add some simpler tones to your home, then you can opt for floor cushions in softer, more neutral colours that won’t stand out as much. Soft browns, whites, and greys are perfect for this.

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