photo of Lefant’s LS1 laser robot vacuum in the living room

Lefant LS1 Laser Robot Vacuum Review

The Lefant LS1 stands out from the pack with its great cleaning power. Unfortunately it also has a few downsides, learn more about it in our review.

roborock s7 maxv ultra review

Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra Review

The Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra brings truly autonomous vacuuming and mopping to your home. Read our review to find out why we think its the best robotic vacuum available right now.

soap vs detergent

Soap vs Detergent: What’s the Difference?

While many people use the terms soap and detergent interchangeably, these two cleaning agents are actually different. Understanding how can help you choose the best one for your needs. The main difference between soap and detergent is in their chemical makeup. Soap consists of oils, fats, and lye that come together to form salts that … Read more

ILIFE V3s Max Robot Vacuum cleaning hardwood floor

ILIFE V3s Max Robot Vacuum Review – Hands On Testing

Budget Vacuum Robot that Cleans Like a Champ If you’ve been considering a robot vacuum but don’t have the budget for any of the premiere models, the ILIFE V3s Max is an option worth considering. Although it is budget-friendly, it doesn’t mean it’s inefficient. As a matter of fact, it cleans remarkably well. It picks … Read more

mold, dust, and dirt collecting inside the AC

Mold in Air Conditioners – How to Detect, Remove and Prevent It

If you’re a homeowner, there’s a good chance you rely on your air conditioner to keep you comfortable during the hot summer months. But what if that very AC unit is making you sick? Believe it or not, mold can grow in air conditioners and, if left unchecked, can cause some serious health problems.  So … Read more

Shellbot SL60 robotic vacuum and box contents

Shellbot SL60 Robot Vacuum Review [Hands On Test]

Comprehensive Cleaning Robot with All the Bells and Whistles If you’ve read my other robot reviews, you know I’ve been waiting very impatiently for a robot vac that has it all. One that can vacuum well, mop effectively, multi-floor map, recognize carpet, and avoid obstacles. Well, I’m happy to say I’ve finally found that robot, … Read more