Ecovacs Deebot T30S Omni Combo Review

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There’s an awful lot to love about the DEEBOT T30S OMNI COMBO. Not only does it do an excellent job cleaning carpet and hard flooring, but it makes cleaning stairs, furniture, and other hard-to-reach spaces so much more convenient.

All the automated features help to reduce how much time you have to spend cleaning each week while ensuring your home looks cleaner than ever.

The COMBO unit has a larger footprint than the original and takes up considerable space. It’s not much more expensive than the T20 OMNI, but it still comes with a hefty price tag.

That said, we think the DEEBOT T30S OMNI COMBO is well worth the investment.

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  • Multi-surface cleaning features
  • Automated hot water mop wash
  • Automated dustbin emptying for robot and handheld vac
  • Anti-tangle brush
  • Intelligent navigation and obstacle avoidance
  • Large footprint
  • Premium price tag
  • Handheld vac has small dustbin capacity

T30S Omni Combo Overview

The ECOVACS DEEBOT T30S OMNI COMBO combines all the great features of the original T20 OMNI robot vacuum cleaner with an upgraded base station that now houses ECOVACS’ Handheld Vacuum.

This handheld vac is fully integrated into the base station. The station acts as the charging dock and auto-empties the handheld’s dustbin after each use. Additionally, the station features an accessories drawer so that all the nozzle attachments can be stored in one easy-to-access spot.

A T30s robotic vacuum cleaner displayed with its various attachments and a docking station on a wooden floor.

These new features come together with what we already love about the T-series robots. Like the original, this one has auto hot water mop wash, advanced navigation and obstacle avoidance, and auto-mop lift over carpets and rugs. Upgrades to this model include advanced edge cleaning and an upgraded anti-tangle brush.

A person using a handheld vacuum cleaner to clean grey carpeted stairs.

As someone who has relied on robot vacuums for years, I was excited to test out the latest offering from ECOVACS, known for their innovative approach to home cleaning solutions. The DEEBOT T30S OMNI COMBO truly embodies the company’s commitment to making household chores more manageable through cutting-edge robotics technology.

Vacuuming Performance

A black t30s robotic vacuum cleaner operating on a wooden floor near a white baseboard.

The T30S OMNI boasts an impressive 11,000 Pa suction power. This combined with the new and improved anti-tangle brush makes it a formidable opponent against dust, dog hair, cat litter, and just about anything else hiding in your carpet.

This robot had no problem cleaning my low-pile throw rugs or my high-pile, near-shag living room carpet. Not only does it not get lost or tangled in this shag carpet—unlike nearly every other robot I’ve tested—but it actually does a pretty decent job cleaning it, as well.

The anti-tangle brush is also impressive. It resists getting wrapped up with dog hair, human hair, and thread and manages to pass most of this material cleanly into the dustbin. This greatly reduces maintenance needs and ensures consistently clean carpets time after time.

But the robot isn’t the only piece of this combo cleaner that can vacuum.

The handheld vac does its part to keep your stairs and elevated surfaces clean. With 17,000Pa suction, it does an amazing job cleaning carpeted stairs and soft furniture. And with three useful attachments, it has no problem chasing dust and hair down on every surface and in every corner.

I love having this tool so close at hand. With robot vacs cleaning the floors on both levels of my house, my stairs were understandably neglected. It always felt like a waste of time and energy to pull out the push vacuum just to clean this one part of the house.

A person holding a cordless handheld vacuum cleaner on a gray carpeted staircase.

But now that I have this handheld vac stored in such a convenient location, it takes almost no time at all to clean not just my stairs, but the couch and behind the litter box, too.


A black DEEBOT t30s robot vacuum cleaner mopping a wooden floor near a white baseboard.

I was already blown away by the mopping prowess of the T20 OMNI. But this updated model does an even better job.

Much of its impressive mopping performance is thanks to the new edge cleaning technology. When this setting is activated, one of the mop pads extends outward to sit flush with the wall. This allows it to scrub up to 1mm from the edge of your flooring.

This TruEdge Adaptive Edge Mopping technology increases coverage up to 98%. It offers a much more precise clean along walls, around corners, and next to furniture.

Additionally, this model features smart clean features that automatically detect dirty areas and go over them twice. Because of this intelligent feature, the T30S is the first robot that has ever been able to get the space in front of my dishwasher perfectly clean. 

All the others have failed to scrub away the various splotches of dried water and food that inevitably accumulate there. But with advanced scrubbing pads and smart cleaning features, the T30S OMNI leaves that troublesome space looking pristine every time.

Auto Empty Station

water tanks inside t30s combo auto empty station

The T20 OMNI station already knew a long list of tricks. The COMBO knows these and so much more.

It employs the same mop pad hot water wash and hot air dry and auto empties the robot’s dustbin, just like the original. But this extended base station also charges the handheld vacuum, stores its accessories, and auto-empties its dustbin after every use.

Both the station and the vacuums feature a robust build for lasting performance.

This station is a bit larger than the large base station of the T20, but it’s also incredibly convenient. As I mentioned above, there is something about having all your cleaning tools right there that makes cleaning the house feel like less of a hassle. 

As with the other black robots and base stations I’ve tested from this company, this one does get noticeably dirty very quickly. It seems to attract hair and dust like a magnet. But at least with the combo version, it’s easier to keep the base clean thanks to the handheld vac and the soft nozzle attachment.


The T30S OMNI robot utilizes True Detect 3D obstacle avoidance and TrueMapping 2D navigation. Together, these features not only help it avoid obstacles of all sizes but also ensure the robot takes the most efficient route. It will even pre-plan its escape route out of tight spaces, such as under kitchen tables.

After multiple uses, my T30S OMNI has yet to get itself stuck or suck up anything it shouldn’t. It does occasionally seem to get confused on its way back to the station for mid-clean maintenance, but it always gets there eventually.

Smart Functions and Smart Phone App

Ecovacs home smartphone app

This robot has so many smart functions that it’s hard to cover them all. In addition to the ones mentioned in the sections above, it also has a general AI smart clean setting. In this setting, the robot actively changes cleaning modes and power depending on the room’s cleanliness.

This feature and all of the other cleaning options can be easily accessed in the Ecovacs Home smartphone app. Compared to many of the other apps I’ve tried, this one is fairly intuitive to navigate. 

Most of the cleaning features you’ll need are on the homepage. Additional settings are tucked under the settings tab but are still pretty easy to navigate through. 

In addition to controlling the robot through the app, you can use the YIKO voice assistant to talk directly to the robot. The system also connects to Alexa and Google Home. 

On the robot itself are some pretty useful controls, as well. The on-unit buttons have been improved for easier operation and you can even initiate auto-cleaning by simply tapping the front bumper with your foot.

Overall Assessment

Sara Seitz with the T30s combo she reviewed

Overall I’ve been nothing short of pleased with this upgraded combo system.

I’ve reviewed many ECOVACS robots in the past and have always been really impressed with how well they clean. The DEEBOT T30S OMNI COMBO somehow manages to clean even better and comes with a whole host of extra features I didn’t know I needed.

Case in point, I initially thought that the attached handheld vac was a fun concept but nothing overly brilliant. After just a week of having the COMBO station in my home, I realized just how useful this setup truly is. Having this simple yet powerful handheld cleaner right there waiting to be used makes all the difference.

My stairs and couch have never been cleaned this consistently or this well. This convenience on top of all the great original and updated cleaning features of the robot and the station makes recommending this product simple and straightforward: 

If you’ve been looking for a more convenient way to keep your whole house cleaner, the DEEBOT T30S OMNI COMBO is the answer.

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