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Greenworks DD24L00 24V Drill/Driver Review
Product Reviews
Sara Seitz

Greenworks DD24L00 24V Drill/Driver Review

Compact, Lightweight Drill for Tackling Household Projects and More The Greenworks DD24L00 24V Drill/Driver is an impressively powerful tool in a much less bulky package than your average drill. Are you a homeowner looking for a compact drill to keep around for those inevitable remodeling projects? Greenworks’ compact size combined with the small 1.5Ah batteries

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bowl of tomatoes grown indoors
Gardening Guides
Emily Cordo

Growing Tomatoes Indoors – What You Need and How To Do It

Unless you live in the tropics, there’s no way to grow tomatoes outdoors in the winter. In some areas, you may be able to start plants in early spring or keep your plants fruiting into the fall, but generally, tomatoes won’t survive the first frost.  If you can’t survive another winter without fresh tomatoes, and

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mosquito sucking blood
Garden Pests

Are Mosquitoes Attracted to Light?

Mosquitoes are probably one of the most annoying guests you’ll ever have at outdoor parties, camping trips, or even in your own home. They suck your blood and leave you with distressingly itchy blisters or, worse, sick. Which begs the question: who invited these suckers anyway?  While most people would say it’s your light that’s

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dreame t30 review
cordless vacuums

Dreame T30 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

High end suction power & superior battery life When we get offered these cheaper vacuum cleaners, I am often dubious about the claims they make. But after trying out the Dreametech T30 most of my doubts were quickly extinguished. The 190 air watts of suction power (only 40 less than the Dyson V15) is not

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best quiet portable air conditioner
Heating and Cooling

The Quietest Portable Air Conditioners That Actually Work

According to, Americans spend $29 billion each year just to keep their houses cool. One way to easily reduce AC expenditures each summer is by cooling only the room you are using rather than your entire house. Portable air conditioners are a great solution to maximizing your comfort while minimizing your cooling costs. The

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woman using a steamer

The Best Bed Bug Steamer – Yes They Do Work!

No sentence can make your skin crawl quite as easily as, “You have bed bugs.” Except maybe, “You still have bed bugs.” As a former rental property inspector, I have seen my fair share of bed bug infestations. I’ve also had the opportunity to test out a number of steamers in the fight against these

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best battery powered weed eater
Gardening Tools

The Best Battery Powered Weed Eater – Cordless String Trimmers

As we’ve said before, Cordless Battery-Powered Tools are the way of the future. Not only does modern battery technology now rival traditional gas-powered motors, but they’re superior in many other ways. But some models of cordless weed eaters are also far inferior to their gas powered counterparts. That’s why choosing the right brand and model

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best quiet fan
Appliances & Products

The 5 Best Quiet Fans For Bedrooms – Near Silent Fans

It seems that the temperature is getting hotter every year, and keeping cool is getting harder and harder. Yep fans are great, but that buzzing/whirring sound that they make? Not so great. Choosing a quiet fan is hard to do sometimes, as you can’t always turn them on at the store before you spend your

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best garage fans
Appliances & Products

The 5 Best Garage Fans – Stay Cool With Your Tools

Winter will be gone before you know it, and your currently cold garage will be baking. Garages are notorious for trapping in heat, and a great fan is essential for keeping cool. However, getting the right fan can be a frustrating task with so many fans to choose, and it’s tempting to just grab the

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best bladeless fans
Heating and Cooling

The Best Bladeless Fans – Expert Reviews and Picks

I’ve got a secret….even the best bladeless fans aren’t magic, in-fact they actually do have blades (although they are well hidden!) That said, there are many advantages of having a ‘Bladeless’ Fan over a conventional one; Less energy usage, low noise, safety, ease of maintenance and aesthetic beauty to name a few. These Fans have

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