furnace room of a residential property

Does A Furnace Room Need A Louvered Vented Door?

Many utility rooms have louvered doors. If yours doesn’t, you might be wondering if furnace rooms need a louvered door. In this article, we discuss why this is common, when it is necessary, and other options you have if a louvered door is not possible.

a technician inspecting an air conditioning unit

How Many Cfm per Ton of Cooling Does My HVAC System Need?

Understanding how many CFM per ton of cooling your HVAC system needs is important for building the right system to keep your house comfortable. Here, we answer that question and look at the many reasons you may need more or fewer CFM than average based on the specifics of your environment.

an HVAC technician checking the return air vent filter

HVAC Return Air Vent Filters – An Easy Guide

Using an HVAC return air vent filter has many benefits but may not be right for certain setups. In this guide, we look at when to use a return vent filter, how to pick the right type, and how to clean your filter to keep it performing its best.