furnace room of a residential property

Does A Furnace Room Need A Louvered Vented Door?

A louvered vented door in the furnace room allows airflow, which the furnace needs for proper performance. It also maintains a more consistent temperature within the space. But does your home need one? The answer depends on whether or not your furnace requires venting. To learn if you need a louvered vented door in your … Read more

a woman programming the fan setting

Should My HVAC Systems Fan Be Set To Auto Or On?

In general, you should leave your HVAC system fan on the AUTO setting since it is more energy efficient. However, there are some cases when you should set it to ON. You can find the FAN setting on your thermostat, but don’t switch it until you read this article and know what you are doing. … Read more

hand switching on the emergency heat on the thermostat

What Does EM Heat Mean On My Thermostat?

On your thermostat, EM heat stands for emergency heat. It is a secondary heating system backup for heat pumps in case your primary heating system fails or can’t keep up. However, many people wrongly assume they should use EM heat when the temperature drops to sub-freezing. This isn’t true, as the system isn’t designed to … Read more

smartac review

SmartAC Hands-On Review – Predict HVAC Breakdowns & Save Money

Summary Review As with any “smart home” sensor, you’d expect to it be completely wireless and make use of an intuitive user interface. And SmartAC’s solution does just that– it walks you through the setup and installation of the sensors and provides easy access to local HVAC technicians if something breaks down. SmartAC’s product does … Read more

a technician inspecting an air conditioning unit

How Many Cfm per Ton of Cooling Does My HVAC System Need?

As a homeowner, you may have heard that you should get a unit with a higher CFM rating to ensure proper cooling, especially if you go up in tons. But what does that mean for your home, and how many CFMs do you need per ton? For the best cooling performance, your air conditioner should … Read more

a person inserting a new HVAC air filter

How Often Do You Change HVAC Air Filters?

Depending on the type of filter you have and other several environmental factors, you should change HVAC air filters every 1-12 months. Not only will changing your air filters help your home run more efficiently, but it will also help extend the life of your HVAC system.  So how often do you change air conditioning … Read more