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Our Mission

In a world full of readily available information over the internet, it’s getting harder and more complicated to reach an informed buying decision. And, it doesn’t help that there is an influx of “review” websites that are more inclined to making a sale rather than providing valuable information and an honest review. 

We at Essential Home and Garden are too familiar with this frustrating and confusing situation, especially for homeowners. So, we’ve made it our mission to put our readers’ needs first, and that is to provide YOU with an unbiased, honest, and valuable review. 

No beating around the bush, no flowery statements, and no marketing sales talk – just pure, straight-to-the-point, unfiltered review. FREEING you from the trap of purchasing unreliable and cheap products ever again.

What We Do 

Essential Home and Garden is a one-stop guide for homeowners. When we mean “one-stop”, we mean everything. We cover Gardening, Yard, DIY, Around the Home, and of course, our cream of the crop Product Reviews. 

We conduct thorough and exhaustive research to make all of our published home-related articles – tips, reviews, guides, and more – informative, factual, and valuable to readers. And, together with our team of writers who have first-hand experience on such topics, you (and your money) are in safe hands.

Who Are We?

To learn more about the team behind Essential Home and Garden, visit our About The Team page.

How We Review Products 

Hands-On Review

There’s nothing better than testing a product in real-life scenarios because we can put its “claims” to the test. Once our staff receives a product for review, they will spend hours, days and even weeks subjecting the item through rigorous and stringent testing for real-life performance evaluation. 

Some items are bought by ourselves while others are sent for review. While we may earn a small amount of commission for the product link, this doesn’t reflect our genuine evaluation of the product whatsoever. Yes, even shortcomings or disadvantages of the product end up in our review. 

If you are interested in getting your product reviewed, send an email to [email protected]

Researched Review 

As much as we want to test all home-related products in the market today, there are times that we aren’t able to acquire the items physically. This is where our researched review comes into play. 

Just like our hands-on review, our team of writers spends hours scouring the entire internet for valuable product information that is not provided by the manufacturer. To do this, we reach out to verified product users and ask for their feedback. We then collate this data into an easy-to-read and valuable review for the reader or interested buyers. 

We also earn a commission when readers purchase using our links. Again, all opinions are genuine and written without prejudice. 

How The Site Is Monetized

Like most sites on the internet, Essential Home and Garden needs to be monetized to cover its running costs.

The site is monetized via numerous methods:

Affiliate Links

When you click on a link to an external website, and you then go on to purchase a product through that website we may get paid a commission.

This does not affect the products we recommend at all, and all opinions are genuine and our own.

Display Advertising

Essential Home and Garden displays advertisements on most pages on the site. These are clearly marked as ads and are run by our partner Mediavine.

If you wish to buy advertising space on Essential Home and Garden then you can do so through our Mediavine Direct site here.

Sponsored Posts and Placements

From time to time, brands will pay for a sponsored post or a placement in an article. These sponsored posts or placements will always be marked clearly as sponsored so there is no confusion.

Contact Us 

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For general inquiries: [email protected]

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