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Essential Home and Garden is a content website dedicated to providing articles, guides, how-tos, and reviews for homeowners, gardeners, and lawncare enthusiasts.

With our informative articles in the areas of gardening, lawn care, home appliances, pest control, and more, you’ll never fall into the trap of purchasing unreliable and cheap products ever again.

What We Provide

Essential Home and Garden provides content to help homeowners, gardeners, and lawncare enthusiasts.

Categories that Essential Home and Garden covers includes:

Gardening – in-depth gardening guides and and information

Lawncare – articles to help anyone with a yard to grow the perfect lawn, no matter where you live.

HVAC – guides to cover air quality, heating and cooling and more

Product Reviews – We write detailed reviews on products that we have actually tested to help people make informed decisions before purchasing.

Essential Home and Garden’s team comprises writers who are subject matter experts in their respective fields, which range from master gardeners to HVAC experts.

We pride ourselves on the diverse and experienced individuals who form our team and contribute skilled insights to help us provide the best information available to homeowners and renters.


Essential Home and Garden was founded in 2016 by professional gardener and long-time homeowner, Aaron Green. Witnessing the lack of websites that genuinely guide people to choose the best products, he saw an urgent need for a guide that puts quality, honesty, and readers first.

Over the years, our blog has evolved and expanded, covering multiple topics under multiple categories. Today, we are a recognized review site with several authors and staff working tirelessly to provide the best guidance.

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Aaron Green – Founder

Who We Are

Our team comprises writers who are subject matter experts in their respective fields, which range from professional gardening and home improvement specialists to other related professionals. We pride ourselves on the diverse and experienced individuals that form our team and contribute skilled insights to our mission.

Key Staff at Essential Home and Garden

Aaron Green

Aaron Green

Aaron Green is the founder of Essential Home and Garden, launched in 2016 to aid product selection for home and garden enthusiasts. Originally an electronics technician and technical salesperson, he sold security and audio-visual systems. He utilizes his professional gardener skills and homeowner experience in his business. Besides his work, he’s a proud dad of two, enjoys brewing beer, and doing DIY projects.

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Sara Seitz

Sara Seitz

Sara Seitz is the Product Review Contributor for Essential Home and Garden. A freelance writer specializing in home, garden, and green living, she joined the team in 2020. With experience as a property manager and insights gained from her home builder father and landscape designer mother, she contributes valuable content. Away from work, she enjoys gardening and home remodeling.

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Emily Cordo

Emily Cordo

Emily Cordo is a freelance writer with an MFA in creative writing from Texas State University. Before pursuing her MFA, Emily worked as a legal aid attorney for more than a decade. In addition to writing, Emily runs a permaculture-informed mini-farm in Indiana.

She is a certified Master Gardener and enjoys anything DIY.

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Jonathon Jachura

A man in a suit and tie standing in front of a building.

Jonathon, a mechanical engineer with 10+ years in the HVAC industry, combines his passion for technology, finances, SEO, and writing to create engaging, easy-to-understand content.

He applies his strong technical skills in various DIY home and garden projects in Indiana. Apart from working and reading industry publications, he enjoys running, cycling and family time.

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Hannah Gregorio

Hannah Gregorio

Hannah Gregorio is the editor for Essential Home and Garden. With her B.A. in Journalism and experience writing for various publications, she offers extensive knowledge. Her insights into home and gardening originated from her parents’ backgrounds in electrical business and horticulture. In her free time, she builds keyboards, doodles on Procreate, and critiques music as an audiophile.

Our Responsibility

At Essential Home and Garden, we maintain the high standards of quality and reliability that our readers expect from us. Our articles are written by subject matter experts and undergo a meticulous fact-checking process by our editing team to ensure accuracy. The editorial integrity we uphold ensures that potential commissions from affiliate marketing do not influence our reviews.

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