Does a Dehumidifier Help With Allergies?

person sitting next to a dehumidifier

If you suffer allergy symptoms even while locked inside, there are options for finding relief. One of the best, surprisingly, is using a dehumidifier. Yes, dehumidifiers do help with allergies. These practical home appliances help reduce the overall humidity inside your house. This not only makes the air feel more comfortable, but it actively reduces … Read more

Is Wood Ash Good For Grass?

wood ash being spread on soil

Yes, wood ash is good for your grass. Wood ash has many benefits for your lawn, including being a great source of potassium and having high alkalinity levels. Of course, it is important that you are using clean wood ash when you add it to your lawn grass for maximum effect. The benefits that come … Read more

Can You Drink Dehumidifier Water? Is It Safe?

woman collecting water from the dehumidifier

Whether you’re using a dehumidifier to reduce the overall humidity in your home or just to dry out your bathroom after a shower, it’s hard to deny the magic of these machines. With a bit of electricity, they can take damp air and turn it into liquid water. If you’ve ever pulled out your appliance’s … Read more

How To Future-Proof Your Home And Garden

future proof your home

We live in an age of unpredictability, and that is no more true than with the weather. Climate change has impacted the entire world, and while scientists are able to construct models, these models can only predict the basics. We do not know what major storms different areas will face, where high temperatures will cause … Read more

Roborock Dyad Wet and Dry Vacuum Review – A Hands On Test

Aaron Green testing the Roborock Dyad

Roborock Dyad Wet/Dry Vacuum Product Overview Roborock products are a regular on Essential Home and Garden, and it’s with good reason. Their products are always innovative, well built, and designed to make life easier. And, I’m very happy to report that the Dyad does not break this tradition. Roborock is no stranger to cleaning appliances. … Read more

6 Ways to Improve Your Backyard Security

a technician installing a security camera in the backyard

According to Forbes, seventy-five percent of US homes will be broken into sometime in the next 20 years. A significant number of these burglaries will occur after trespassers gain access to the home via the backyard. Luckily, there are some simple ways to improve your backyard security that can greatly reduce your home’s odds of … Read more

Do Electric Fireplaces Give Off Heat?

do electric fireplaces give off heat featured

Yes, electric fireplaces do give off heat. Not only do they look stylish, need no fuel (apart from electricity), and are safer than their wood-burning counterparts, but they can also heat a room quite sufficiently. Electric fireplace’s popularity has surged lately, with consumers becoming more environmentally conscious and in some areas, wood-burning fireplaces are even … Read more

Modern Vs Rustic Fan: What’s the Difference?

Have you been looking for a great new ceiling fan but find yourself completely confused by all the options available? What does rustic or modern even mean? Is there a significant difference? When you’re buying a ceiling fan, there are many factors to consider: the number of blades, the motor, the height, lighting, and the … Read more

How Does Damprid Work And What Is It?


Damprid is marketed as a simple solution for ridding musty environments of moisture. Unlike a dehumidifier, which requires electricity to run, this straightforward, natural product requires no energy from you or an outlet. At least, that is what the producers of Damprid claim. The truth is, Damprid is not as labor-less as the packaging wants … Read more