The Best Gas Leaf Blower – Top 8 Picks

best gas leaf blower

Although the popularity of battery powered tools has been soaring in recent decades, there are still plenty of applications for gas powered equipment. This is especially true when you’re dealing with lawncare equipment, especially leaf blowers. Battery powered tools can often be limited by either their charge running out or a lack of power when … Read more

10 Tips For Waterproofing Your Cabinets

waterproofing cabinets

You probably know that waterproofing your kitchen cabinets is an essential step in protecting your new investment and avoiding mold in your home. From kitchen to bathroom, any cabinet will benefit from this process. But did you know that it’s also simple and easy on your wallet? Read on for some great ideas to waterproof … Read more

The Best Battery Powered Heaters – Alternatives

battery powered heater

Nobody likes to be cold. Whether it’s a fall day or the dead of winter, heat is crucial to keeping us happy, healthy, and comfortable. So, it’s no surprise that heaters are so popular amongst those looking to warm their toes and get feeling back in their fingers. While a battery powered heater would allow … Read more