How To Grow Bear Paw Succulents – Cotyledon Tomentosa

close-up picture of a Cotyledon Tomentosa

Bear Paw, Cotyledon tomentosa, is an adorable and easy to grow succulent known for its chubby, hairy paws with ridges at the tip reminiscent of little claws. It can also produce small bell-shaped flowers that vary in color from yellow-green to red-orange.  But how do you grow and care for this succulent? If you aren’t … Read more

A Guide To Choosing The Best Pot For Your Succulents

different pots on a shelf

There is no one perfect succulent pot. The truth is most pots and planters will work, but there are advantages and disadvantages to each. Different kinds of pots will create slightly different care needs for your succulents (for example, affecting how often you water). This guide will help you choose the best pot for your … Read more

How to Care for Succulents – How To Grow Succulents Indoors and Outdoors

how to care for succulents

You (yes, you!) are definitely capable of growing a healthy succulent. After all, succulents are resilient, low-maintenance plants that grow abundantly in environments that would challenge most plants.  However, when you take a plant from Mozambique or Mexico and grow it in Maine or Minnesota, some challenges are inevitable. And, for many houseplant lovers, it … Read more

How to Propagate Succulents – Easy Ways Using Leaves, Cuttings and Seeds

Newly cut succulents planted in a small blue planter box for propagation

The word propagation may sound intimidatingly scientific, but take heart. Reproducing your succulents couldn’t be easier. The joints of succulent leaves and stems contain special “meristem” tissue–like human stem cells–designed to replicate the plant when a leaf drops off a plant and falls to the ground. In other words, succulents easily replicate themselves without human … Read more

Are Succulents Poisonous To Cats and Dogs?

Cat next to succulents

For many people, a house isn’t really a home without two things: pets and plants. Flora and fauna can be compatible cohabitants, but not all plants are pet-safe. Even the most well-behaved pets will occasionally snack on a succulent. And, many popular, attractive succulents are highly poisonous that can lead to medical emergencies and the … Read more

How Much Does A Pint of Blueberries Weigh

Blueberries in a pyrex

Weight and measurement conversions in cooking can make you wish all recipes use the metric system. It can even get confusing when you’re dealing with fruits like berries. We did the math, so you don’t have to. Read on for help with figuring out how much does a pint of blueberries weigh. How Much Does … Read more

How to Fix Anaerobic Soil

Healthy soil breathes like a living creature — it inhales oxygen from the air, circulates it through the gaps between soil particles, and uses the oxygen to support life. When it’s waterlogged or lacks oxygen, it is unhealthy like a person with pneumonia, lungs full of fluid. Fortunately, you can rehabilitate some anaerobic soil. If … Read more

How Long Do Rose Bushes Live?

According to Buddhist Thich Nhat Hanh, a rose bush can teach us an important lesson. To reduce our suffering, we must accept that much like a flower, all things and people we value are impermanent. What is born will die. If you want to know how long rose bushes live, the answer depends on the … Read more

Compost vs. Fertilizer: The Differences Explained

compost vs fertilizer

Nothing grows up big and healthy without eating well. Whether you’re growing tomatoes, tulips, turf, or toddlers, they don’t grow unless you feed them, and what you feed them matters. And understanding how compost and fertilizer function differently will help you grow green grass, tasty tomatoes, abundant alliums, and squash the size of a small … Read more

How To Grow and Care For Echeveria Agavoides

A picture of different echeveria in pots

Lipstick echeveria is a popular, attractive, low-maintenance succulent. It grows well in an arrangement with other potted succulents and looks great in warm-weather gardens, on its own in a small pot, or even in warm-weather rock gardens. Plus, you don’t even need a green thumb to grow lipstick echeveria – all it requires is a … Read more

How to Aerate Soil in Potted Plants

A gardener using a small shovel to aerate soil in potted plants

Seeing a flower growing out of a crack in the sidewalk may give you the optimistic impression that plants can survive under even the hard conditions (literally), but that isn’t the case for houseplants. Most popular houseplants are reasonably resilient, but only when they’re grown in a suitable environment, and that includes healthy, fertile, aerated … Read more