Ecovacs T30S Combo vs T20 Omni – Which Robot Vacuum is Better?

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Robot vacuum cleaners continue to advance, adding new features that make home cleaning easier than ever. ECOVACS, a leading name in the industry, has been at the forefront of these innovations. This article compares two of their latest models: the Deebot T20 Omni and the Deebot T30S Omni Combo.

The Deebot T20 Omni, known for its pioneering automatic hot water mop washing system, also boasts dual-spinning mop pads and advanced navigation. Recently, ECOVACS introduced the Deebot T30S Omni Combo, which builds on the T20’s features with additional enhancements.

In this article, we’ll compare the T20 Omni and T30S Combo, examining their features, performance, and unique offerings to help you determine which model is the best fit for your home.

The Key Differences

  • Design and Build: T20 Omni is smaller and comes in white, while T30S Combo is larger, black, and includes a built-in dock for a handheld vacuum.
  • Cleaning Performance: Both handle mixed flooring well, but T30S has better edge cleaning and higher suction for pet hair and carpets.
  • Navigation and Smart Features: T30S offers improved obstacle avoidance, AI smart cleaning, and quicker charging with longer battery life.
  • Battery Life: T30S charges faster and runs 30-40 minutes longer than T20 Omni.
  • Maintenance: Similar upkeep with periodic filter cleaning and parts replacement reminders.

Design and Build Quality 

Ecovacs T30S Omni and T20 base stations side by side

Both the T20 and T30S have very similar-sized robots. The stations, though, do differ somewhat in size.

The T20 station is taller but narrower while the T30S has an extra 4 inches on the side. But this larger size serves a purpose. 

In addition to all the same great auto features the T20 has, this larger T30S station also features a charging dock for ECOVACS handheld vacuum cleaner. Below the dock is a built-in accessories drawer that holds three included attachments for the hand vac. The best part is, not only does the station charge the handheld, but it also automatically empties its dustbin just like it does for the robot.

Ecovacs T30S Omni and T20 robot vacuums side by side

In terms of build quality and materials, both these systems are incredibly well-made. They are durable, sturdy, and easy on the eyes. The only major difference here is that the T30S comes only in black while the T20 is only available in white.

Another key difference is the on-robot control panel. The T30S control panel has been greatly simplified and can even be prompted to start cleaning by tapping the bumper with your toe.

T20 OmniT30S Combo
Size of StationLength: 17.64 inches
Width: 16.93 inches
Height: 22.76 inches
Length: 21.81 inches
Width: 17.44 inches
Height: 20.76 inches
Size of RobotLength: 14.25 inches
Width: 14.25 inches
Height: 4.07 inches
Length: 13.90 inches
Width: 13.82 inches
Height: 4.09 inches
Total Weight40.57 pounds45.19 pounds
Water Tank Volume4 liters4 liters
Dirt Water Tank Volume4 liters3.5 liters
Dust Bin Size0.3 liters0.3 liters
Color Optionswhiteblack

Cleaning Performance 

bottom view of Ecovacs T30S Omni and T20 robot vacuums

The T20 Omni and T30S Combo both make great options for homes with mixed flooring or hard flooring. They both have impressive mopping capabilities and are two of the only mopping vacuums I’ve tested that can vacuum high-pile carpeting.

They’re also both incredibly hands-off thanks to the many auto capabilities of their respective base stations. Each auto empties the robot’s dustbin, washes the mop heads with hot water, and dries the mops with hot air. The large water tanks in each station auto-fill the robot and collect dirty water so your floors get cleaner with less input from you.

In addition to all this, the T30S Combo station also features a port for the hand vacuum. This vacuum is perfectly sized to clean stairs, furniture, and other surfaces robot vacs can’t get to. And when you’re done, just pop it back into the charging dock on the station and it will empty the dustbin for you.

T30s and T20 mopping

I’ve found that both robo vacs do a great job handling pet hair, dust, and larger debris. They also both mop incredibly effectively. However, the T30S has the ability to move one mop head to the side to clean right up to the edge of the flooring, which makes it that much more capable than its predecessor. 

It is worth noting that the T30S Combo also has a higher suction capacity and a new and improved anti-tangle brush. This makes it an especially great choice for pet owners and those with a lot of rugs or carpets.

T20 OmniT30S Combo
Cleaning ModesMop, vacuumMop, vacuum, hand vac
Auto Cleaning FeaturesHot water mop wash, dustbin empty, water tank fill, hot air mop dry, return to dockHot water mop wash, dustbin empty, hand vac dustbin empty, water tank fill, hot air mop dry, return to dock
Suction Rating6,000 Pa11,000 Pa 
High Pile Carpet CleaningYesYes
Mopping FeaturesDual spinning mop padsDual spinning mop pads, adaptive edge cleaning
Vacuum FeaturesDual edge brushes, all-rubber brushAnti-tangle brush, hand vac with three attachments

Navigation and Smart Features 

When I first tried the T20 Omni, I was very impressed with its navigation abilities and its obstacle avoidance system. Honestly, I didn’t think there was much room to improve in this category. But then the T30S came along.

The T30S comes with an updated navigation and obstacle avoidance system. While my T20 almost never gets itself into trouble or sucks up things it shouldn’t, the T30S literally never does. More importantly, though, it is able to navigate effectively around obstacles to ensure the floor around the item gets as clean as possible.

The T30S also has an AI smart cleaning mode that automatically adjusts suction and wetness levels based on the amount of debris and grime present.

Mapping-wise, both these robots are fairly similar. They use quick mapping to create a map of your floor in under a few minutes. This map can be customized by splitting, merging, and labeling rooms as needed. 

The robots use smart technology to determine the floor type in each room and will even place rugs on the map. Once the map is complete, you can add furniture and use prompts like, “Go clean under the kitchen table” to customize your cleaning experience.

Both robots use the same app with many of the same features. They can both be controlled through YIKO voice control as well as with most smart home systems.

T20 OmniT30S Combo
Navigation TypeTrueMapping 2.0LDS
Obstacle Avoidance SystemTrueDetect 3DStructured Light
Mapping Options2D and 3D, add furniture, auto floor type detect, room customization and labeling2D and 3D, add furniture, auto floor type detect, room customization and labeling
Cleaning OptionsScheduling, do not disturb, custom settings per room, auto, spot, and area cleanScheduling, do not disturb, custom settings per room, auto, spot, area clean, and AI smart clean, plus hand vac cleaning for stairs and furniture
Smart Home IntegrationYIKO voice assistant, Google Home, AlexaYIKO voice assistant, Google Home, Alexa, tap-to-start

Battery Life and Charging 

One notable improvement you’ll get with the T30S is better battery life. Not only does this robot charge in half the time as the T20, but it will run 30 to 40 minutes longer. This is great news for people with larger spaces.

Both robots will return to the dock repeatedly throughout cleaning to scrub the mop pads, empty the dustbin, and refill the fresh water tank. At the end of cleaning, they will both return for one final wash and empty and then begin drying the mop pads with the hot air dryer. Through the app, you can choose how often mop cleaning occurs and how long the dryer runs.

For both robots, you also have the option to have cleaning continue after the battery is fully charged if cleaning is interrupted by a low battery. This is another great feature for larger homes.

T20 OmniT30S Combo
Battery TypeLi-ionLi-ion
Charging Time6.5 hours3.1 hours
Standard Mop and Vacuum Battery Life170 minutes200 minutes
Standard Vacuum Only Battery Life190 minutes220 minutes


Ecovacs T30S Omni and T20 base station and water tanks

In terms of maintenance, both these systems are going to take about the same amount of effort to upkeep. The filters need to be periodically washed and certain parts, like the side brushes, will eventually need to be replaced. The app will remind you when these component cleanings and replacements are needed. 

In terms of more frequent maintenance, such as refilling the water tanks, both are about equal here too. The T30S Combo has a slightly smaller dirty water tank, but I end up dumping and refilling the tanks on both my units about once a week anyway. 

Like other ECOVAC systems, these both come with a 1-year limited warranty.

T20 OmniT30S Combo
Warranty1 year1 year

Price and Value for Money 

While the T20 and T30S both have a lot of great features and do an incredible job cleaning, it’s easy to see that the T30S has a bit more to offer. Considering that it has a more advanced navigation system, a better battery, and incorporates the handheld vac into the station, you might be surprised to learn that it only costs $100 more than the T20.

Now, with that said, it is true that you will often find the T20 Omni on sale for a much lower price than the sale prices of the T30S. This makes sense given how new the T30S is. But, at least when comparing list prices, the T30S Combo is hands-down the better value.

T20 OmniT30S Combo
List Price$1,099.99$1,199.99


Sara seitz with the T30S combo and T20 Omni

Both the Deebot T20 Omni and Deebot T30S Combo are excellent choices for keeping your flooring cleaner. They both do an amazing job cleaning hard flooring thanks to the auto hot water mop wash and dual spinning mop pads. And they do an impressive job with carpets, too.

For those with space considerations, the T20 might be the better option since its station is a little bit smaller. But for just about everyone else, I believe the T30S is the better way to go.

Not only does this newer robot have some extra features, such as adaptive edge cleaning and AI smart cleaning, but it also has an improved battery life and updated navigation and obstacle avoidance system. Of course, one of the greatest selling points of this robot is the inclusion of the handheld vacuum cleaner.

Having this extra vacuum option so close at hand has been surprisingly useful. Now, not only can I easily keep my floors clean, but I can quickly and conveniently clean my furniture and stairs as often as needed.

Given all these extra features and the minuscule difference in price, I recommend the T30S Combo over the T20 Omni. Though, let’s be fair, I don’t think you can go wrong with either one of these ECOVACS options.

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