couple sleeping on a floor mattress

The Best Floor Mattress

A small house and a lot of guests will inevitably lead you to ask people to sleep on the floor. The last thing you want to do is offer them a thin, uncomfortable floor mattress to sleep on. As someone with a small house and a large extended family, I have run into this situation … Read more

Novilla Serenity and Novilla Vitality Reviews

Novilla Serenity and Novilla Vitality Mattress Reviews

Surprisingly firm and comfortable mattresses right out of the box. Novilla is the latest company to join the world of compressed, easy-ship mattresses. We had the opportunity to review two of their hybrid mattresses: the 10” Serenity and the 12” Vitality. Both mattresses were impressively firm just moments after coming out of the box—a feature … Read more

mattress on floor

Can You Put a Mattress On The Floor?

Can you sleep on a mattress on the floor? It is a question that many people moving out of home for the first time have asked. Yes you can put a mattress on the floor and there are even some benefits to doing so, but you need to consider what the mattress is made of … Read more

california design den sheets

California Design Den Sheets Review

These sheets have a luxurious feel, quality materials and are a truly quality sheet. Unfortunately, only one thing makes these sheets hard to recommend.