couple sleeping on a floor mattress

The Best Floor Mattress

Don’t settle for a thin and uncomfortable floor mattress for yourself or your guests. These best floor mattresses are known for their thickness, comfort, and support. They are also easy to fold and stow away. Find out our top choices.

Novilla Serenity and Novilla Vitality Reviews

Novilla Serenity and Novilla Vitality Mattress Reviews

The Novilla Serenity and the Novilla Vitality challenge traditional mattresses with their cooling gel-infused memory foam and noticeably reduced motion transfer. But are they comfortable to sleep on? Find out in our review.

A white bedroom with a bed, chair, and mattress on the floor

Can You Put a Mattress On The Floor? The Pros and Cons

Explore the pros and cons of floor mattresses in this comprehensive guide. Understand how floor sleeping can aid spinal health, save money, and more. Plus, get insights on potential issues like mold growth and pest accessibility.