propane heater in the garage

Are Propane Heaters Safe In A Garage?

Using a propane heater is a great way to keep your garage warm and toasty. But is it safe? Find out in this article.

a technician installing an AC in the garage

The 6 Best Garage Air Conditioners – Window, Portable and Mini Splits

The hot summer months can quickly bring your garage up to unbearable temperatures. And if you’re a handyman like me, you spend a lot of time in your garage working on projects. Instead of sweating it out and dealing with the heat, you can add an air conditioner to make your garage cool and comfortable. … Read more

picture of a garage

Can you install a gun safe in a garage?

Unfortunately, not everyone has enough space to keep a gun safe inside their homes. And, while garages are not ideal for these, taking precautionary steps and considerations are a must with those left with no other option.  Yes, you can install a gun safe in a garage, but it really should be a last resort. … Read more

mom and son duo clearing out a garage

10 DIY Garage Storage Ideas To Organize Your Space

If you’re a homeowner, then you know the struggle of keeping your garage organized and clean. While primarily made for parking spaces, the vertical and horizontal spaces can make for great storage options. However, it can also quickly turn into a chaotic pile-up of boxes, tools, and other household items when left unmaintained,  I mean, … Read more

couple clearing out the garage

How To Clean Out Your Garage – Tips For Cleaning and Organizing

Garages are a magnet for clutter. Anything that doesn’t have an obvious home in the house tends to end up in this lesser-used space. Lesser used, that is until you need to use it for a woodworking project or to park the car. When this happens, you have one choice: clean out the garage. But … Read more

how to clean oil off a concrete garage floor

How to Clean Oil Off a Concrete Garage Floor

Garage floors take a beating. Between heavy tools being dropped, dirty cars being parked, and all the things that spill on them, it can be difficult to keep them looking like new. But without a doubt, one of the hardest things to clean off concrete garage floors is oil. Whether from a leaky car, DIY … Read more