The 13 Best Garage Storage Systems For 2024

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The garage can be one of your home’s most useful and efficient storage spaces, but only if it is organized. That’s where garage storage systems come in – they help you keep everything tidy and easy to find.

We’ve used our experience and personally reviewed 13 of the best garage storage systems currently on the market. We looked at many options that use various approaches, so you’ll be sure to find what you need for your specific setup.

best garage storage systems

The Best Garage Storage Systems

Easy Garage Customized Storage

customized garage storage from EasyGarage

When it comes to finding a garage storage system to fit your specific needs, you don’t need to look any further than Easy Garage’s vast selection of customized storage options.

This company offers cabinets, shelving, slat walls, work surfaces, and various accessories to mix and match to create what you need to stay organized. Don’t want to put that much thought into your organizational project? No problem! They also offer a vast assortment of storage packages to choose from.

If you are more of a hands-off type but still need something highly customized to your space, that’s an option, too. All you have to do is tell them what you want to organize and what your area looks like, and they will create the right garage storage system to meet your needs.

Easy Garage products aren’t just functional; they’re also impressively well-designed. The sleek look and durable quality you get will quickly turn your garage from chaotic to stunning.

You shouldn’t expect to pay bargain prices for these high-quality, custom-created systems, but you can count on your investment lasting for years.

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NewAge Pro Series 14 Piece Complete Storage System

NewAge Pro Series 14 Piece Complete Storage System

If you primarily use your garage as a workspace, and that is why you’re after better organization, then the NewAge Pro Series 14 Piece is the best option for you.

This storage system takes the idea of a high-quality metal tool chest and expands it across 14 highly functional shelving units, storage closets, and drawer units. In the center of it all is a fully functional workbench that you can get either in bamboo or stainless steel.

This storage package has room for all your handheld tools, larger power tools, extension cords, and a spot for every nut, bolt, and nail. You won’t waste another minute looking for what you need with this kind of organization in your life.

While you cannot customize beyond color and bench material, the NewAge Pro can be set up in multiple configurations to fit your space. With the NewAge 14-piece, you will pay a premium for those durable, stainless steel soft-close drawers, adjustable shelves, and lockable doors. But considering the quality of what you’ll get and how long it is likely to last you, we think it is well worth the cost.

Fleximount Overhead Storage

fleximount overhead garage storage

The above options are great if you have a lot of extra space, but if you use your garage for parking and storage, you’ll need a system that doesn’t sit on the floor. The Fleximount Overhead Storage system is your best bet for adding storage options without taking up prime real estate.

This heavy-duty overhead storage option is made with long horizontal braces that make fitting it to your stud setup easier. These extended braces also allow you to screw into two separate studs for each leg. This, combined with superior durability and craftsmanship, enables the Fleximount to hold up to 600 pounds.

The braces and integrated grid are made with cold-rolled steel and are available in black, gray, or white.

Installing the Fleximount isn’t a walk in the park, but with some planning and watching Youtube videos, you’ll have it ready to use in no time. Considering the price and how well these units hold up, a little manual labor is well worth it for the best overhead rack we’ve found.

Gladiator 7 Piece Storage Suite

Gladiator 7 Piece Storage Suite

If you are looking for a heavy-duty storage system that can adapt to various needs, the Gladiator 7 Piece is likely to be your best bet.

This modular set includes a large workbench with adjustable height, butcher block topper, mobile gearbox with castors, wall mount gearbox, and two wall mount gear tracks. Each of these is made with heavy-duty steel to stand up to the abuse a carpenter’s workshop is likely to take. But this set can do a lot more than store tools.

It is perfect for the garden shed, hobbyist nook, or wherever else you need a durable storage solution to keep your things organized.

The Gladiator set was built with strength in mind and is not as sleek as others listed here. But if reliability is paramount for your new storage solution, you can rest assured that this is one of the best sets out there.

Amazon Basics Heavy Duty Adjustable Shelving Unit

Amazon Basics Heavy Duty Adjustable Shelving Unit

It is possible to get your garage organized without spending a fortune. The Amazon Basics Heavy Duty Adjustable Shelving Unit is one of the best compromises between price and dependability we’ve found.

This 3, 4, or 5 shelf system utilizes easy-to-install steel shelves that sit on heavy-duty steel legs. Each shelf is rated for 350 pounds to maximize your storage options.

The spacing between the shelves is adjustable and perfect for stowing away holiday decor, storage boxes, toy bins, and sporting equipment. These shelves will keep everything in place and safely off the ground, away from water and pests.

If you plan to take full advantage of the weight limit of each shelf, we recommend bracing the unit to the wall. While it is more than capable of holding a heavy load, the small footprint puts it at risk for toppling forward. Even with this caveat, the Amazon Basics shelf is still one of the best organizational bangs for your buck.

Fleximounts Floating Garage Shelving

floating garage shelving

Another option for space-saving storage is the Fleximounts Floating shelving kit.

You can install these handy shelves just about anywhere to cover a variety of storage needs. Mount them low for storing work boots to keep the mud out of the house and bugs out of your shoes. Or, install them high to keep less-used items out of sight but still in reach.

Each shelf can hold 200 pounds thanks to the ingeniously designed wedge-shaped brackets. The shelves and the brackets are made with heavy gauge steel and are available in black or white.

Fleximounts floating shelves come in various sizes with lengths of 4 feet or 6 feet and widths of 1 foot or 2 feet. There are many floating shelf-style storage systems out there, but considering Fleximount’s durability and price, it is easily one of the top garage storage systems you’ll find.

Lynk Wall Mounted Sports Rack

Lynk Wall Mounted Sports Rack

One thing that always seems to wind up in the garage is all the kids’ sports equipment. If you are sick of tripping over stray soccer balls or finding stinky cleats inside the house, then your best option is the Lynk Wall Mounted Sports Rack.

This simple wall rack is packed with features that make organizing your sporting equipment or other odd-shaped items a snap. The top two shelves are made to cradle soccer balls, basketballs, and footballs to keep them from rolling under foot. There are multiple hooks along the sides to keep baseball bats and tennis rackets in place as well.

The bottom shelves have an extra rod for holding smaller balls like baseballs and tennis balls. You can also use it to store shoes. Each rack also comes with six lower hooks for holding hats, gloves, and other sporting accessories.

The rods of the Lynk are made of steel, but the frame is plastic. It is only rated for about 26 pounds of total weight. But if you plan to use it for storing sports equipment or other lightweight items, you just can’t beat its design or its price tag. 

WFX Utility Bike Hoist Ceiling Mounted

WFX Utility Bike Hoist Ceiling Mounted

One of the most space-consuming items in your garage is also one of the hardest to find effective storage solutions for. Bikes are clunky, prone to falling over, and difficult to lift for off-the-ground storage. So what’s the best garage storage system for your bike? It’s the WFX Utility Bike Hoist ceiling mount.

Traditional bike hooks require you to lift your bike off the ground and above your head to lock them in place. And, unless you are using two hooks mounted to the ceiling, they still leave the bike sticking out of the wall where it can get in the way. The WFX bike hoist is different.

To use this intelligently designed bike storage system, all you need to do is connect the hooks to your bike’s seat and handlebars, then pull the string to hoist it to the ceiling. Now your bike is out of the way, and you barely had to lift a finger.

The WFX bike hoist is easy to install and comes with a pleasantly low price tag. If you hate dealing with your bike taking up space in the garage, this is the best solution you’re likely to find.

Wall Control 30-WRK-400 BB Pegboard

Wall Control 30-WRK-400 BB Pegboard

Tool chests are great if you have the floor space for them and the patience to dig through drawers to find what you need. But if you prefer to have all of your tools in sight and off the ground, the Wall Control Pegboard is the best option for you.

This isn’t your daddy’s pegboard. You won’t find any cork or cheap fiberboard here. It is made of metal and is ten times stronger than your typical tool storage board.

In addition to your traditional style hooks, this kit includes three small parts bins, two shelves, and a full storage kit. This kit is perfect for organizing woodworking tools, garden tools, and craft supplies.

With 36 color options, this pegboard will organize your garage in style. It will cost you more than your average pegboard, but the lifetime warranty guarantees its durability and quality.

WFX Utility Wall Mounted Tools Storage Rack

WFX Utility Wall Mounted Tools Storage Rack

If you want to store heavy items by hanging them on the wall, you are usually limited by how many studs you have available. This nifty rail-style wall-mount storage rack by WFX maximizes your heavy load storage without taking up unnecessary space.

The steel rails span the space between studs to give you more options for hanging heavy items like bikes, power tools, chainsaws, and shovels. This 6-hook kit comes with three different-sized hooks so you can maximize its versatility.

The WFX is easy to install on bare walls, through drywall, and even on concrete. A high-quality build and super-durable steel mean this efficient rack can hold up to 800 pounds at once – not a bad trick for something that costs about as much as a kid’s bicycle. 

Stalwart Rolling Garden Tool Rack

Stalwart Rolling Garden Tool Rack

Some of my least favorite things to deal with in a cluttered garage are shovels, brooms, and other long-handled tools. If not properly stored, these items tend to fall over and get in your way. The Stalwart Rolling Garden Tool Rack is one of the best ways to deal with these kinds of tools without having to hang them on the wall.

With ten holes for handled items and additional seats for bottles, cords, and other small tools, this caddy can help you get organized fast. Holes on the bottom and a smart screen help keep things from toppling over or getting stuck under the organizer.

But the Stalwart does more than just hold tools. Two large wheels on the back mean you can tow this caddy around with you – whether that’s to the garden, throughout the yard, or just out of your way so you can reach additional storage, it is up to you.

The Stalwart is well-priced and highly functional to meet a variety of needs. You won’t gain extra floor space with this storage method, but it is the best way to store long-handled tools if you want them to stay highly mobile.

Viper 16″ 4- Drawer Tool Chest

Viper 16" 4- Drawer Tool Chest

Looking for a way to store your tools without losing a lot of space in the garage? The Viper 16” 4-Drawer Tool Chest is perfect for storing small tool collections in small spaces.

This slim version of your standard tool chest features three smooth open drawers and one oversized drawer for storing wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, and other small tools that tend to get lost. The large bottom cabinet is perfect for stowing away your drill or skill saw.

With a handy, heavy-duty handle and durable castors, the Viper is easy to move around to maximize your space usage. And at only 16 inches wide and about 3 feet tall, this storage solution can fit in even the smallest garages.

This tool chest is on the higher end of the price spectrum despite its limited storage space. But given how durable it is, the fact that all the drawers lock from one central keyhole and the quality of the moving parts is easily one of the best ways to secure your tools without taking up too much space.

Orsant Heavy Duty Garage Hooks

Orsant Heavy Duty Garage Hooks

One of the best investments you can make to maximize the organization of your garage is to purchase tool hooks. And some of the best tool hooks you’ll find are these ones by Orsant.

This 10-piece heavy-duty garage hook set includes five different types of hooks to hang everything from brooms to ladders to pruners. When properly installed in a concrete wall or stud, these hooks can hold 44 to 99 pounds.

It has heavy-duty iron, and an extra weld that holds the hook to the back panel means these hooks will last longer than your standard garage organizing hooks. And rubber end caps will keep your tools in place no matter their weight or shape.

If you’re serious about keeping your garage organized, these well-priced, durable hooks are a must-buy in addition to many of the storage solutions we looked at above.

Garage Storage FAQ

How High Should I Mount Garage Cabinets?

Like kitchen cabinets, garage cabinets should be mounted 96 inches off the ground. This distance is measured from the floor to the top of the cabinet. This will guarantee easy access to most of the shelves without the need for a stool. 

How Deep Should Garage Cabinets Be?

Most garage cabinets are either 24 inches or 16 inches deep, with the deeper cabinets preferred for ground-level installation. Most closet-style cabinets will be even deeper, up to 26 inches.

How High Should Cabinets be Above a Workbench?

Typically, you will want a minimum of 24 inches between your workbench and the bottom of the upper cabinets. This should be enough room to lean over your project without hitting tools or your head on the above shelves. However, some projects, like welding or woodworking, may require more space.

Is Overhead Garage Storage Safe?

Assuming you choose a quality-made overhead storage solution, like Fleximount Overhead Storage, and don’t surpass the recommended weight limit, overhead storage is very safe. Be sure to follow installation instructions and use only high-quality hardware to secure your garage shelving, wherever it may be.

The Wrap Up

When it comes to organizing your garage, it doesn’t get any easier than the Easy Garage Customized Storage systems. If you have the budget and a few minutes to provide measurements and answer some questions, you can have your entire garage designed without leaving your computer.

If you like the look of the Easy Garage packages but don’t have the money for custom, the NewAge Pro Series is an excellent second choice. This 14-piece kit comes with everything you need to organize and store all the contents of your garage. Or, if you are looking for something a bit smaller, you may want to consider the 7-piece storage kit from Gladiator.

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