dremel vs rotozip

Dremel Vs. Rotozip – Which One Should You Buy?

While a dremel and a rotozip can look similar, they are actually very different tools with vastly different uses. Learn about what make each of these tools unique and what they should be used for.

types of paint sprayers

Types Of Paint Sprayers – Which Is Right For You?

All three types of paint sprayers dispense liquid from the container through the nozzle’s tip. The difference is how they disperse the paint, which can affect the final finish. Find out which type of paint sprayer is right for your needs in this article.

worx aerocart review

The Worx Aerocart Review – Should You Buy It?

Worx Aerocart is more than just your regular wheelbarrow. It can transform into a dolly, a bag holder, and even a cylinder carrier. But is it worth the money? Find out in our review.

Three different types of batteries on a counter.

Cordless Battery Buying Guide: Power Tool Batteries

Cordless tools use a built-in or removable battery to give the device the power it needs. However, not all batteries are the same. There are four battery types commonly used in cordless tools. Each has its pros and cons. Learn more.