Membrane Solutions MSA3 Air Purifier Review – Hands On Test

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MSPure MSA3 Air Purifier

Our Rating:

Key Features:

Super-low noise output

Filter can last between 6 to 8 months

Easy to operate

Compact, Affordable Air Purifier With a Lot to Offer

The slim and compact MSPure MSA3 may not be as powerful as advertised, but for smaller spaces, it performs incredibly well — especially considering how little this affordable unit costs. Plus, it has a number of great features that make it a perfect candidate for use in the bedroom.

With sleep mode, optional lights-out operation, and low sound output even at the highest setting, this purifier won’t disturb your sleep. The triple-layer H13 HEPA filter works very well for smoke, odors, and allergens like pet hair and dander. The MSA3 doesn’t look like much, but it has a lot to offer at an impressively low price.

8.2out of 10

Air Purifying Performance8
Build Quality7
Maintenance and Upkeep10
Operating Costs8


  • Quickly filters out smoke and visible particulates
  • Three-layer H13 HEPA filter
  • Very quiet operation
  • Sleep and lights-out modes
  • Reasonable maintenance costs


  • No air quality monitor
  • No auto mode
  • Not overly sleek in terms of design
  • Not ENERGY STAR Certified

Should You Buy It?

If you’re looking for a quality purifier for the office, bedroom, kitchen, or other smaller room, but don’t have a lot to spend, the MSPure MSA3 is the purifier for you. This little unit costs less than half that of direct competitors and works just as well.

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MSPure MSA3 Air Purifier Overview

MSPure MSA3 Air Purifier and its packaging

MSPure is the purification branch of Membrane Solutions, a company on a mission to bring purity and health to families across the planet. Along with air purifiers, MSPure also manufactures water purification units, from under-sink products to water bottle filters.

In the air purifier category, the company has four models, each with a different filtering focus. The MSA3 is advertised as the best option for removing pet odors. The filter system is also highly rated for allergens and smoke.

The MSA3S, the next-level option from this line, utilizes the same filter but features wifi connectivity for smartphone control.

The features of the MSA3 are not as high tech, but still have a lot to offer, including:

  • 3-layer H13 HEPA filter with OdallerPure Technology
  • Touch button control panel
  • Filter life indicator
  • Ultra-quiet sleep mode 
  • 3 fan speeds
  • Child lock
  • Optional lights-off operation
  • Timer function from 1 to 8 hours

The MSA3 comes with an advertised room coverage rating of 1,500 square feet. Find out how this and other marketing claims hold up to the test in my full MSPure MSA3 Air Purifier review, below.

How The Membrane Solutions MSPure MSA3 Performs

Straight out of the box I was a little skeptical about this little purifier. It is tall, but low profile and lightweight, making it much smaller overall than the typical 1,500-square-foot air purifiers I’ve reviewed in the past. The simplistic control panel also looked a bit more rudimentary than other options.

But, I wasn’t going to let looks form my opinion on this product. So I pulled out my tools and got to work testing this home air purifier. Here’s how it performed.

MSA3 Specifications at a Glance

Marketed FigureOur Measurements
Room Coverage1500 sq ft174 sq ft
Maintenance Costs$75 per year
Noise Output25 to 47 dB32 to 47dB
Energy Usage 44 watts30 to 46 watts
Cost to Run 24/7$3.24 to $5.08 per month

Air Purifying Performance

disassembled MSPure MSA3 Air Purifier

For my air purifying test, I enlisted the help of my Alen Air Quality Monitor. The MSA3 does not contain an internal air quality sensor, so this was a must to get a full picture of how well the unit performed.

I set up in my 143-square-foot office and lit my handy (and very non-clean burning) oil lamp to fill the room with smoke, odor, and VOCs.

The particulate level in the room jumped from 1 to about 133 (nearly as high as the Alen monitor goes). I left the MSA3 running on turbo mode with the door closed and tracked how long it took the room air quality to return to normal.

MSPure MSA3 Air Purifier in the living room

After half an hour the reading was already down to 19. By the 45-minute mark, it was at 7. In total, it took just under one hour for the MSA3 to return the room air quality to pretesting levels.

When I walked back into the room, all visible traces of smoke were gone. The air didn’t smell nearly as fresh as it had before the test, but the smoke odor was gone. What was left, I believe, were some residual VOCs from the burnt oil.

Overall, I was very impressed with how quickly this unit filtered out the smoke, visible particles, and much of the odor. This performance certainly qualifies this little unit for our list of the best air purifiers for smoke.

However, the MSA3 is marketed for use in rooms as large as 1,500 square feet. It took a full hour to purify the air in a 143-square-foot room.

This rate of purification did not surprise me at all given that the CADR of this unit is only 112.

According to the EPA, the optimal room size for an air purifier is 1.55 times the given CADR. With this math, the optimal room size for the MSA3 would be 174 square feet.

This matches well with the results I saw from my small room smoke test.

So, no, the MSPure MSA3  air purifier is not suitable for large rooms. However, it is very effective in smaller spaces. And, given that the price point is less than that of other units rated for small rooms, it is still a smart buy.

Build Quality

front angle of the MSPure MSA3 Air Purifier

In terms of design, the MSA3 is fairly simplistic. It features a simple, standard issue control panel with touch buttons and blue indicator lights for each function. Nothing about it is overly sleek or built to fade into the aesthetic of your home, but it’s not ugly either.

The front panel features a standard snap-in design, which is less desirable than the magnetic closure of the Hathaspace HSP002 and similar models.

But in terms of quality, this unit is right up there with the other small purifier units I have reviewed.

Maintenance and Upkeep

picture showing the MSPure MSA3 Air Purifier’s filter

Like other air purifiers, you will need to occasionally wipe down this unit to keep it looking clean. Vacuuming the vents once a month is also recommended.

Beyond that, the only upkeep will be in replacing the filter as needed.

The 3-layer, single-unit HEPA filters have a lifespan of 1700 hours. This equates to about 6 to 8 months between filter changes, depending on how often you use it and the air quality in your home. The filter indicator light will tell you when your filter is at 100, 75, 50, 25, and 0% so you can easily keep track of filter changes.

The filters are available on the company’s website for about $40 each or $75 for a pair. Either way, the yearly maintenance for this unit is going to be cheaper than what you’d pay for most similar-sized units.


photo showing MSPure MSA3 Air Purifier’s control panel

This unit has all the features you need in a simple air purifier but without a lot of valuable extras. It does not have a remote control, air quality monitor, or auto-mode. But does have an 8-option timer, sleep mode, lights-out button, and control lock.

Manufacturers note: MSPure have informed us that they have released a WiFi version of the air purifier which allows you to check the air quality from your smart device and utilize an auto mode.

The MSA3 boasts 3 fan modes plus turbo and sleep mode. But, as many are quick to point out in their Amazon reviews, there is not enough difference between these modes to accurately say it has five different speeds.

Sleep and low fan mode are the same (sleep mode just turns the lights out) and the medium fan speed draws only 6 extra watts. The difference between high fan and turbo mode doesn’t even register on the wattage monitor. Instead, this button acts more as a quick-dial option for high-speed mode.

MSPure MSA3 Air Purifier’s illuminated control panel

At the end of the day, I think it would be more accurate to say this unit has 2 different fan speeds (maybe two and a half).

On the plus side, both high and low speeds are impressively quiet. We typically rate any appliance that puts out less than 50dB on low as quiet. This little unit puts out less than that on turbo mode!

Marketing for this purifier says it puts out between 25 and 47dB. Our measurements put the lower end a bit higher—at 32dB—but the top number was right on target. Either way, this air purifier is impressively quiet.

Operating Costs

Although the MSA3 doesn’t have an ENERGY STAR certification, it doesn’t suck up a whole lot of energy.

On low, it uses about 30 watts, and on high, about 46 watts. This means that if you run the unit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a month, you’d only be adding between $3 and $5 to your electric bill. Not bad at all.

But do be aware, this unit will vampire if left off but plugged in. So if not using it for an extended period, do be sure to unplug it.

MSA3 Alternatives

For the price, it’s hard to beat what you get with the MSA3. But if you’re looking for a unit that can realistically cover larger spaces or a small option with more to offer, there are other choices out there.

For a large space air purifier that works exceptionally well, we recommend the Alen BreatheSmart 75i. This sizeable unit has a high CADR of 347, a marketed room coverage of 1,300 sq ft, and a calculated coverage of 540 sq ft. It is also extremely energy efficient, very quiet, and features a built-in air quality monitor and wifi connectivity.

If you want something smaller but with more features, the Okaysou 630 Air Purifier is a great choice. This unit has a slightly higher CADR than the MSA3 at 122 and is small enough to be placed on a nightstand or table. It features 3 fan speeds, a timer, lights-off mode, and is very quiet on lower settings.

FeaturesMSPure MSA3BreatheSmart 75iOkaysou 630
Calculated Room Coverage174 sq ft540 sq ft190 sq ft
Best FeatureSuper quiet operationAuto modeSmall and compact

While there are plenty of home air purifier options out there, the MSA3 makes a great choice for those looking for a unit to put in the bedroom. This is thanks to the optional lights-out operation, super-low noise output even on high, and its effective and powerful filter against smoke, visible particulates, allergens, and odors.

To learn more about the MSPure MSA3 or to purchase one for yourself, click here.

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