MSPure MSA3 Air Purifier on the night table

MSPure MSA3 Air Purifier Review – Hands On Test

The MSPure MSA3 air purifier has a lot of advantages but it also has a few drawbacks. Find out if this is the right home air purifier for you by reading our hands-on review.

Homintell Navigator Air Purifier on a table

Homintell Navigator Air Purifier Review – Real World Testing

A Powerful Air Purifier with Automatic Particulate Detection If you want an easy, quiet way to purify the air in your bedroom, office, living room, home gym, etc., keep reading this review of the Homintell Air Purifier. The small-profile air purifier doesn’t take up a lot of space. Surprisingly, it can filter out 99.97% of … Read more

Alen Air Quality Monitor on the floor, with the 75i behind it.

Alen Air Quality Monitor Review – Hands On Test

Track Your Home Air Quality from Anywhere The Alen Air Quality Monitor allows you the unique ability to track your indoor air quality without running your purifier. This little device measures tiny particulates in the air to provide real-time feedback about your home air quality through the connected phone app. At the same time, the … Read more

Alen BreatheSmart 75i Air Purifier in use

Alen BreatheSmart 75i Air Purifier Review – Our Hands On Test

User-Friendly, Uber Smart Air Purifier You Can Afford to Leave Running 24/7 If you’ve been searching for a powerful air purifier that you can use all day and night, you’ve just found it. The Alen BreatheSmart 75i combines a host of amazing features with low maintenance costs and superb energy efficiency to deliver a product … Read more

Okaysou Apollo 630 Air Purifier on a side table

Okaysou Apollo 630 Air Purifier Review – Simple But Effective

User-Friendly Air Purifier for the Bedroom and Office The Okaysou Apollo 630 is a sleek home air purifier with a simple, intuitive interface and a few key design elements that make it ultra user-friendly. This purifier comes with a smoke CADR rating of 122 and can clean all the air in an 800-square-foot room in … Read more