Okaysou Apollo 630 Air Purifier Review – Simple But Effective

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Okaysou Apollo 630 Air Purifier

Our Rating:

Key Features:

Smoke CADR of 122

H13 true HEPA filter

Odor destroying carbon filter

Quiet light-free night mode

User-Friendly Air Purifier for the Bedroom and Office

The Okaysou Apollo 630 is a sleek home air purifier with a simple, intuitive interface and a few key design elements that make it ultra user-friendly.

This purifier comes with a smoke CADR rating of 122 and can clean all the air in an 800-square-foot room in under an hour. The three-layer filter features a detachable, washable pre-filter, H13 True HEPA filter, and honeycomb-activated carbon filter.

Whether you’re fighting dust and allergens, pathogens, or odors, this well-designed home purifier has you covered.

Review Criteria Ratings

Air Purifying Performance4/5
Build Quality5/5
Maintenance and Upkeep4.5/5
Operating Costs5/5


  • H13 true HEPA filter and odor destroying carbon filter
  • Quiet light-free night mode
  • Fun wheel light and simple control panel
  • Magnetic front panel for easy filter changes
  • Energy efficient for daily use


  • Lower CADR rating
  • No auto mode
  • No remote control

Should You Buy It?

If you’re after a simple but effective air purifier to use in your bedroom or other living space, the Okaysou is a great choice.

Features like night mode, a magnetic front panel, and a simple control board pair with a powerful filter and fan to clean your air with less work.

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Okaysou Apollo 630 Overview

Okaysou Apollo 630 air purifier on top of a table

The Apollo 630, which is the updated version of the Apollo 718, comes to us from Okaysou, a home tech company launched in 2018. In addition to air purifiers, Okaysou also produces humidifiers.

We’ve had the chance to review many of their products, including the Aqua Q6 humidifier, the AirMax 10L air purifier, and, one of my favorites, the Cayman 608 Air Purifier.

The Apollo 630 is the smallest of the Okaysou air purifiers we’ve looked at. It has a room rating of 800 square feet, a smoke CADR of 121, a dust CADR of 122, and a pollen CADR of 103.

Like the AirMax, the Apollo features a slim design with side air intakes that allow for easy placement. Unique to this model is the magnetic front panel. Gone are the days of struggling with difficult plastic tabs that feel like they’re going to snap every time you open the unit.

the Okaysou Apollo 630 Air Purifier in operation

The front panel on the Apollo pulls off cleanly and snaps into place without any effort.

Also new to this model is the fun wheel light that shows through on the opaque front panel. This alternating green and blue light tells you that the unit is working. But, no worries. The simple control panel features a lights-off mode if you want to use it at night.

Additionally, this unit features a 2, 4, 6, and 8-hour timer, three fan speeds, and a night mode for ultra-quiet performance. Inside, you’ll find a three-layer filter featuring a washable pre-filter, H13 true HEPA, and an activated carbon filter.

The Apollo 630 has all the makings of a great home purifier, but how does it perform?

I had the chance to put the Apollo to the test in my own home. Keep reading to find out where this purifier performed well, where it could improve, and to see my full Okaysou Apollo 630 air purifier review.

How The Apollo 630 Performs

I really enjoy the Okaysou Cayman 608 air purifier that I have. The Apollo has many of the same features as this earlier model and a few extras that should make it better. Let’s see how it stacks up to my current favorite.

Air Purifying Performance

The filter used by the Apollo 630 features three layers. The first is a detachable pre-filter that can be washed as needed to remove large debris like pet hair and dust.

The second layer is a highly capable H13 HEPA filter that will remove 99.97% of particles measuring 0.3 microns. Both particles larger and smaller than this are captured at an even higher rate. The HEPA filter is effective against bacteria, viruses, mold, pollen, and other allergens.

Okaysou Apollo 630 Air Purifier’s honeycomb-activated carbon filter

The last filter is the honeycomb-activated carbon filter. This layer absorbs odors and harmful VOCs common to the home environment.

The high filtration power of these filters combined with the smaller internal fan and side intake vents provides an overall CADR smoke rating of 121.

Okaysou Apollo 630’s side intake

With a CADR like this, I would recommend this purifier for small to medium-sized rooms such as offices and bedrooms. In these environments, the Apollo performs brilliantly, visible particulates in the air within 15 minutes of turning it on.

Overall, I felt the Apollo did a great job handling both odors and larger particulates. I have a neighbor whose cigarette smoke comes through our windows in the morning. I was able to shut the windows and use the purifier to cleanse the smell out of the back bedroom very quickly.

I also tested it on kitchen odors after cooking and dust and hair floating in the air while I was cleaning. In both circumstances, the Apollo quickly cleared the air and left no detectable plastic odors.

Build Quality

Okaysou Apollo 630 disassembled

It’s easy to see that someone put a lot of thought into the build of this purifier.

The design, which features a flat body, side air intakes, and a clean front panel, allows this unit to be placed just about anywhere. The flat profile means it can be set against the wall and the height—not too tall and not too short—means you can put it on the floor or on a counter.

One of my favorite features is the magnetic front panel. Two hook slots hold the bottom of the panel in the right position while two strong magnets along the top keep it closed. When you need to access the filter, simply pull back on the top.

There’s no worry about accidentally snapping plastic tabs and nothing to line up when you put the panel back on. This design is a huge improvement over all the other plastic air purifiers and dehumidifiers I’ve reviewed.

Overall, I was very impressed with the build quality of the Apollo, as well as the attention to detail. My only qualm would be that this model is only available in white, making it harder to match to different kinds of decor.

Maintenance and Upkeep

In terms of maintenance costs, the Apollo also scores impressively high marks.

The detachable pre-filter can be rinsed under cold water to extend its life and help the unit perform better. And the full filter system only needs to be replaced once every 6 to 8 months. Considering the replacements only cost about $40, the maintenance costs of this unit are well below average.

For general upkeep, all you’ll need is a damp rag to wipe the unit down. It is bright white, so any dust or splatter will show easily.


control panel of the Okaysou Apollo 630

This unit doesn’t come with a ton of functionality. It doesn’t have a remote or auto mode, which is a shame, but the simple control panel is perfect for those who want something easy to work with.

On that control panel, you’ll find a timer mode, fan speed selection, filter indicator light, and a display/lights off option. Personally, I believe this last function is a must if you plan to use a purifier in the bedroom. With one click, you can turn off all the lights on the unit without affecting the fan speed.

When the lights are on, a fun rotating wheel light on the front panel illuminates with moving green and blue lights to show you that the unit is working.

Another usability consideration for purifiers is how loud they are. This Apollo is advertised as putting off just 23dB. My own tests found this rating to be a little optimistic, but at 32dB on sleep mode, it is still very quiet.

On high, the unit puts off closer to 57dB, which is a little loud but not bad for a settling you likely won’t be using as often as the others.

As I mentioned above, this unit is not quite powerful enough to be used in large rooms. It is better suited for bedrooms, offices, kitchens, and other areas under 400 square feet. Considering many of the features, such as low noise output and lights-out mode, I feel the designers envisioned it being used in more personal settings anyway.

Operating Costs

In terms of operating costs, this unit is a superstar. On the low setting, it uses just over 30 watts. If you use the purifier for 8 hours a day, every day, this equates to an average of less than a dollar added to your monthly electric bill.

Even on high, the Apollo won’t bankrupt you. At 57 watts on high, you could run it for 8 hours a day every day and only see your bill rise by about $1.50.

Insider trick: If you run the unit in lights-off mode, you’ll use even less electricity!

Okaysou Apollo 630 Alternatives

The Apollo 630 is an all-around great air purifier for use in the bedroom, office, or other small to medium-sized space where noise and lights might be problematic. But if you’re looking for something a little different, there are other options.

For instance, if you need a unit that is better suited for large spaces, AirMax10L is a great option. This model is rated for spaces up to 1,000 square feet and comes with a powerful CADR rating of 250. Plus, it has many of the same great features as the Apollo.

If you need something that’s got a few more useful features, let me introduce you to the AirOasis iAdapt Air. This smart air purifier, which comes in three different sizes to fit any room, has an auto mode function, UV purification, and connects to a smartphone app so you can control it from anywhere.

FeaturesApollo 630Airmax 10L ProiAdapt Air
Filter TypesPre, H13 HEPA, carbonPre, H13 HEPA, carbonHEPA, dual-ionizer, UV-C
CADR12125058 to 237
Best FeatureSimple interface and sleek designBuilt-in smart air quality sensorSmartphone app connectivity


A home air purifier is a must in today’s environment. Having a unit that works effectively without using too much energy or costing a fortune to maintain while fitting in with your life is also a must.

One unit that checks all those boxes and more is the Apollo 630. This sleek purifier is perfect for use in the bedroom or office. It is quiet, energy efficient, easy to maintain, and has just the right features to make it useful and user-friendly.

To learn more about the Okaysou Apollo 630 or purchase one for yourself, click here.

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