AirOasis iAdaptAir Air Purifier Review – A Hands On Test

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AirOasis iAdaptAir Air Purifier

Our Rating:

Key Features:

HEPA filter

UV purification

Ozone-free dual ionization

WiFi-capable app control

Sleek, Effective Home Air Purifier You Can Control with Your Phone

The AirOasis iAdaptAir Air Purifier brings home purification into the twenty-first century without compromising performance.

This sleek stand-up unit uses a powerful HEPA filter, UV purification, and ozone-free ionization to clean and freshen the air in your home. With multiple settings and a ton of functionality, you can easily tailor this purifier to your needs. 

Add all that to the fact that this unit connects to wifi and is fully controllable from your smartphone, and you’ve got an impressively effective and useful air purifier for your home.

Review Criteria Ratings

Air Purifying Performance5/5
Build Quality4/5
Maintenance and Upkeep4.5/5
Operating Costs3/5


  • HEPA filter
  • Ozone-free dual ionization
  • UV lights for pathogen purification
  • Wifi capable, app control
  • Simple, sleek design
  • Very quiet


  • Phone app could use some improvement
  • Better suited for smaller rooms than marketed

Should You Buy It?

Whether you are looking for powerful air purification, odor control, or just a high-tech replacement for your typical purifier, the AirOasis iAdaptAir is your answer. Definitely worth the purchase!

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AirOasis iAdaptAir Air Purifier Overview

AirOasis has been providing exceptional air purifiers to large commercial facilities including hospitals, schools, and government buildings for 15 years. In the home purifying realm, they offer two effective air-purifying solutions.

The IconicAir UV purifier is made specifically to target pathogens in the home, including viruses, bacteria, and mold. The iAdaptAir unit does all this while filtering allergens, odors, and VOCs. It is available in three sizes, all of which use the same basic technology and control board.

The small unit is advertised for spaces as large as 250 sq ft, the medium for 550 sq ft, and the large for up to 850 sq ft.

All sizes include wifi connectivity, smartphone app control, three fan speeds, three cleaning modes, a timer function, and a smart-run function. Each unit can be run in standard purifying mode, with the UV lights on for increased pathogen purification, and/or in ionization mode for odor reduction. Unlike many home ionizers, this purifier does not produce harmful ozone.

All AirOasis units come with a lifetime warranty and excellent customer service.

I had the chance to test out the iAdaptAir large home purifier in my own house. Overall, I was very impressed with this unit. 

Keep reading to see my full AirOasis iAdaptAir Air Purifier review and to find out where this unit excels and where it has room for improvement.

Air Purifying Performance

iAdapatAir purifier with its top front panel removed

The iAdaptAir Purifier uses three separate modes to provide exceptional air purifying performance in the home.

First, the HEPA-grade filter pulls 99.7% of particles over 0.3 microns from the air. Allergens, dust, pathogens, and other impurities are easily caught and held in this filter. It also includes a carbon layer to neutralize VOCs and odors.

The UV operating mode illuminates the internal UV lights to kill pathogens and mold. This added layer of protection helps neutralize tiny viruses and spores that could otherwise slip through the filter. Like other quality UV air purifiers, this one is an excellent option for those looking to battle seasonal illnesses in the home.

The last run setting activates AHPCO and Bi-Polar ionization. Like ozone ionization, this process negatively charges odor particles in the air to help better capture and secure them. Unlike ozone purifiers, this unit is UL-2998 and CARB certified for putting off zero harmful ozone.

In terms of real-life performance, I was highly impressed with how well this unit was able to clear odors and visible particles from the air after only a few hours of running in my large kitchen/dining area.

The large size unit that I tested is marketed for spaces up to 850 square feet. Going off of the CFM rating, however, shows this unit is probably better suited for spaces around 600 square feet. Still, I found that this purifier truly did live up to the hype in air purifying performance.

Build Quality

top filter access of AirOasis iAdaptAir Air Purifier

The iAdaptAir purifier has a unique design that looks sleek and is (fairly) user-friendly.

The front of the unit features multiple removable, washable plastic air intake panels. The larger the unit, the more panels it has. This upright, narrow build allows the purifier to blend well into the background. 

But the panels themselves are a little difficult to take off and put back, and I felt like the tabs could snap if forced. This was really the only negative I found in the build quality.

A few things worth noting about the build:

  • The base for the large and medium units is packaged in the outer box, separate from the purifier itself. Many Amazon reviews claim no base was included. I’m guessing that it ended up in the recycle bin with the boxes.
  • The filter is accessed through a sliding panel in the top, not through the removable panels on the front. 

Maintenance and Upkeep

Like most purifiers, the control panel on this AirOasis features a filter change light. But this one goes above and beyond by changing colors from green to yellow to red as the filter’s remaining life moves from 75% to 50% to 25%.

You can extend the filter’s life by vacuuming the outer side and by washing or vacuuming the removable plastic intake panels. Beyond that, this unit’s only maintenance is the occasional wipe down with a dust rag.


This unit has a lot of features that make it highly usable. These include:

  • Three operating modes – Standard purify, UV pathogen purify, and ionization for added deodorization.
  • Three fan modes – Low, medium, and high.
  • Sleep mode – Turns off operating lights for dark operation.
  • Control panel lock
  • Timer mode – 2, 4, or 8 hours.
  • Smart auto mode – Automatically adjusts the fan level based on the current air quality.
  • Smartphone app control By scanning the QR code located on the underside of the slide-out filter access panel, you can connect your purifier to the free smartphone app.

Because this unit has wifi connectivity, you can control it from anywhere using the included smartphone app.

The app itself is not highly rated in the App Store, and I can understand why. It is fairly simplistic but, more importantly, lacks the necessary in-app help features to allow for easy setup. Still, I was able to get my purifier connected and to control all features and modes from my phone. 

Smartphone app of AirOasis iAdaptAir Air purifier

The app can also use your purifier’s location to show current air quality reports in your area and adjust the smart auto operations to account for exterior and interior air quality.

Another handy feature of this purifier is how quiet it is. It is advertised as putting out between 25 and 52 dBs between low and high speeds. 

I measured noise outputs between 38dB to 49dB. It wasn’t quite as whisper quiet on low as advertised, but the high setting was impressively hushed with a nice white noise feel. 

Operating Costs

The filter has a run life of between 6 and 12 months, depending on use. For the large purifier, a replacement filter costs about $100 (or $80 per filter if you order in bulk).

The UV lights have a run life of about one year and cost $20 each to replace. The large unit contains four UV lights.

Compared to other purifiers I’ve tried, the maintenance costs of the iAdaptAir purifier are certainly on the lower end, considering its size.

In terms of energy use, this unit is also pretty budget-friendly. According to the marketing material, it runs at 32 watts. On average, this translates to about an extra $2.50 per month if run continuously.

My power usage tests reported a wattage use of just over 40 watts on high with all purification modes active. According to my power usage monitor, the calculated average cost for running this unit on high with all modes active for 24 hours a day came out to just over $3.16 per month. 

Still, not a bad investment for cleaner air.

Alternatives to the AirOasis iAdaptAir

The iAdaptAir is an impressive purifier with many great features. Plus, it is available in three sizes to suit your budget and air purifying needs. But, if you are looking for something a little less expensive or simplistic, there are other options out there.

For an affordable option for use in the bedroom or office, the Okaysou Cayman 608 is a great choice. This small purifier can cycle through the air in a 1,000 square foot room in just one hour. It has a HEPA filter, multiple functions, and is well priced for what you get.

If intense pathogen and allergen purification are what you need, but you’d like it in a more simplistic package, the Envirocleanse UV Purifier is for you. This unit surpasses the AirOasis in overall purifying power, is rated for rooms up to 1,000 square feet, and has a super-simplified control panel.

FeaturesAirOasis iAdapt Air PurifierOkaysou Cayman 608 PurifierEnvirocleanse UV Purifier
Filter and purifying featuresHEPA, UV, dual ionizationHEPAHEPA, UV, cartridge filter
Advertised room rating850 sq ft600 sq ft1,000 sq ft

Things to Consider Before Buying an Air Purifier

Before you can decide on the best air purifier to meet your needs, there are multiple factors worth considering. Here are some of the most important.

  • Filter TypeHEPA and MERV-rated filters have certified purification rates that can be easily understood. Purifiers with non-descript filters may or may not deliver on the purification promises they make.
  • Purification Mode – In addition to the filtering process, some purifiers include extra purification steps, including UV, ozone ionization, and non-ozone ionization. Understanding what each accomplishes and the potential pitfalls are necessary to finding the right purifier for you.
  • Room Coverage – Marketed room size ratings give you a general idea of how powerful a purifier is. But the CFM rating is much more telling of how the unit will actually perform.
  • Features – The most basic purifiers have various fan speeds. Additional features you may find include timers, dark mode, smart auto mode, remote control, and smartphone control.


airoasis iadaptair air purifier review

In today’s world where every new piece of furniture and gadget you buy is only likely to add to the pollutants already seeping into your house from outside, having an air purifier is a must.

For home purification that can take on those VOCs and odors, allergens, germs, and dust with ease, the AirOasis iAdaptAir Air Purifier is worth considering.

This unit is impressively powerful, incredibly capable, and, thanks to the smartphone connectivity and multiple features, a delight to use. It is quiet enough to use in the bedroom and sleek enough to meld with any decor.

To learn more about the uber-functional iAdaptAir, see what sizes are available, or purchase one for yourself, click here.

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