white dust on a woman’s finger

Humidifier Leaving White Dust – What Causes it and How to Fix it

If your humidifier is leaving white dust you need to read this right away. This common issue is not just a problem for your home surfaces, it can have a hugely negative impact on your health. Find out what humidifier dust is, why it’s dangerous, and how to get rid of it.

an ultrasonic humidifier on a table

Where to Put a Humidifier – Tips For Maximum Effectiveness

Proper placement of a humidifier requires considerations beyond the surface type and height. In this helpful guide, we walk through all the different aspects of humidifier placement that need to be considered to avoid damage and make sure your unit works as effectively as possible.

an ultrasonic humidifier releasing a cool, fine mist in the living room

What Is a Humidifier Used For? The Benefits and the Risks Explained

Humidifiers can be very helpful for more than just upping the humidity during the dry winter months. But they can also come with safety risks. In this guide, we look at what humidifiers are used for, their many benefits, and how to avoid the potential risks.

water flowing from the faucet

What Is The Best Water for a Humidifier?

Using the right water in your humidifier is important not just for the appliance but also for your health. In this article, we look at the dangers of using the wrong kind of water and identify the best and safest option for filling your humidifier.

Okaysou Aqua Q6 humidifier and its packaging, manual, remote, and filter on a table

Okaysou Aqua Q6 Humidifier Review – A Hands On Test

The Okaysou Aqua Q6 humidifier features an easy-clean tank, three mist output levels, and a remote control. Read our full hands-on review to see what other benefits this little unit packs and if it’s right for you.