Our Favorite DIY Terrarium Kits – Make Your Own Tiny Garden

A Terrarium kit allows anybody to create your own tiny ecosystem in your own home – indoors. These self-contained gardens are usually displayed in a glass container and can be either sat on a bench or hung from an appropriate location – depending on your terrarium.

Terrarium kits usually contain either air plants or succulents – both are very easy to setup and care for and can even survive being forgotten about for a week or two!

It should be noted that recently, terrarium kits that contain everything you need in one package are becoming harder and harder to get. So we are now advising that you get your terrarium container and the other items required separately. But don’t worry, we have you covered and will tell you what you need.

best diy terrarium kits

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The Best DIY Terrarium Kits

While some terrarium kits will come with everything you need to get your self-contained ecosystem up and running, others will require a few extra bits and pieces.

The essential things you will need for your living terrarium include:

  • Glass terrarium globe/container and stand or hanger
  • Plants – usually air plants, moss or succulents
  • Rocks for the base
  • Decorative items – usually rocks, geode crystals or man-made decorations

With so many different terrarium kits available, it is often hard to know which one to choose to suit your requirements and budget. Well, we have done a lot of the research for you and have come up with a list to help you choose the best DIY terrarium kit that is ideal for you.

NCYP Geometric Terrarium

geometric plant terrarium

Perfect for
Sitting on your desk at work, but be prepared for everyone to ask you where you got it!

What You Need:

This product is the Terrarium only. You will also need a few other items if you wish to put together a functioning, living terrarium.

Our Review:

This elegant glass terrarium will look at home in any environment. Its geometric shape means it will fit in with a modern setting, or a more traditional look.

It’s ideal to sit on your desk at work, on a shelf at home, or in the bedroom.

If you need that special gift for someone who has everything, then this fantastic looking unique terrarium may be just what you need.

You will just need to be aware that there are very small gaps between the frame and the glass in this terrarium. This is by design so that your plants don’t suffer from rot, but it can cause a small amount of water/soil leakage if you move the unit around a bit.

While the plants and decorations are not included with the items itself, you do get a cute little owl that comes with it for decorating the enclosure with.

Where to buy it:

The Geometric Terrarium is available from Amazon.

Creativity For Kids Fairy Garden Kit

fairy garden kit

Perfect for:
Teaching kids the basics of a garden while also creating an amazing decoration.

Kit Contents:

  • 11″ Fairy garden dish
  • Wheatgrass and bean mixture seeds
  • Potting soil
  • Flower fairy Hannah
  • Resin fairy house
  • 2 x Resin toadstools
  • Sparkling gems
  • Glittery pixie dust
  • 2 x Tulle butterflies
  • Fabric flower bouquet
  • Glass opti-stones
  • Purple gravel
  • Pain brush and six acrylic paints

Our Review:

Wow, talk about a kit that includes absolutely everything! From the growing dish to the seeds to the paints to decorate it – this kit includes everything your kids will need to grow their own indoor garden.

Designed especially for kids, the Faber Castell Fairy Garden Kit is sure to keep your kits entertained while they set up and decorate this amazing looking self-contained garden.

The plants grow amazingly easy and it is a great way to teach your children the basics of how a garden works. Your kids will be rushing to the fairy garden each day to see how much it has grown.

This terrarium is highly recommended for kids.

Where to buy it:

The Faber Castell Fairy Gardens Kit is available from Amazon.

TerraGreen Creations Complete Terrarium Kit

Terragreen creations terrarium kit

Perfect for:
Anyone who wants a kit that guides them, but leaves room for your creativity to shine.

Kit Contents:

  • Organic succulent soil mix
  • Sheet moss
  • Activated charcoal
  • Pea gravel
  • Polished river pebbles
  • Choice of 3 glass terrarium sizes:  5″, 5.5″ and 8″

Our Review:

This is a great kit for anyone who is just starting out with Terrariums, but doesn’t want the full-on “hand holding” experience.

It comes with all the basics you need but leaves it up to you to find a suitable succulent or whatever other plant takes your fancy.

Taking only 10 minutes to assemble and get ready for a plant, it is one of the quickest kits to put together we looked at.

Where to buy it:

The TerraGreen Creations Kit is Available from Amazon.

Shop Succulents Mason Jar Terrarium Kit

Mason Jar Terrarium Kit

Perfect for:
A centre piece for a table at a wedding or event.

Kit Contents:

  • 1 x succulent plant
  • Green forest moss
  • Potting soil
  • Orchid bark
  • Decorative stones

Our Review:

There are two hot trends right now – mason jars and succulents. What happens when we combine the two? We get a mason jar succulent terrarium!

Shop Succulents has put together a kit that comes with everything you need to get this little eco system up and running.

It also comes in 3 distinct types:

  • Beach style
  • Woodland style
  • Whimsical style

If you are looking for table centrepieces for an event, a wedding or for some cost effective yet original door prizes – then this may be the perfect solution!

Easy to put together, easy to care for and they look great – give it a go!

Where to buy it:

The Mason Jar Terrarium Kit is Available from Amazon.

Faber Castell Grow n’ Glow Terrarium Kit

Creativity For Kids Grow n Glow Terrarium

Perfect for:
A young child’s bedroom

Kit Contents:

  • 5″ plastic jar terrarium & decorative lid
  • Potting mix
  • Organic chia and wheat grass seeds
  • Garden Figurines
  • Decorative sand
  • River stones
  • Plant mister
  • Glow in the dark stickers

Our Review:

Faber Castell have done it again with the Grow n Glow DIY Terrarium Kit. This kit is perfect for even a young child’s room thanks to the plastic jar which will not break into dangerous sharp pieces if accidentally knocked onto the floor.

This Terrarium kit will teach kids what plants require to grow, and they can see the fruits of their work in just a few days as the chia and wheat grass seeds grow incredibly quickly.

And don’t forget the glow part! The kit includes glow in the dark stickers which will fill your children with wonder when it gets dark and send their imagination running wild.

Where to buy it:

The Faber Castell Glow n Grow DIY Terrarium Kit is available from Amazon.

What Makes A Good Terrarium Kit?

When assessing each kit we look at a number of different factors to decide if they make the cut for our list.

Is it an all in one kit?

We look at if everything is included in the kit that you need to get up and going without purchasing anything else. Some kits that are not all in one do make the list, but most are all-inclusive.

What type and number of plants included

For this criteria we look at the type of plants included, if there are suitable for a low maintenance terrarium and the number of plants included.

The size and quality of the globe/container

We do look at the size of the globe, but bigger is not always better. Some DIY Terrariums are designed to take up less room, so smaller globes can also rate highly.

Is a stand/hanger included?

Not all Terrarium kits include a stand or a hanger, but it is nice to have the option. Some also actually require a stand as the globe/container would not stand upright without it!

Ease of use

Are the instructions easy to follow and is the Terrarium easy to set up and keep alive?

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