lawn soil that is healthy and not compacted

How To Soften Hard Lawn Soil – The Fix and Prevention

Compacted soil kills your lawn slowly while leading to other serious problems such as flooding and nutrient runoff. Here, we’ll show you how to loosen compacted soil so you and your lawn can breathe a little easier.

packaging inclusions of the Lomi Home Composter

Lomi Composter Review – We Gave It a Hands On Test

Home Composting Made So Easy, Anyone Can Do It! If you’ve seen Lomi ads in your newsfeed, you’ve probably thought to yourself, this looks way too good to be true. Well, I am here to tell you that it is true! Lomi Home Composters really are that easy to use and that effective at turning … Read more

compost vs fertilizer

Compost vs. Fertilizer: The Differences Explained

Compost and fertilizer are both important for growing healthy plants at home. Find out what the difference is between these two garden products and how to use each to your advantage.

compost bin filled with weeds

Composting weeds – How To Do It The Right Way

Composting weeds requires using methods that will kill or negate any seeds those weeds might be carrying. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the easiest ways to do this at home to assure weed-free garden beds in the spring.

a gardener laying down mulch

15 Types of Mulch For The Garden and Landscaping

Mulching garden beds helps retain water, slow weed growth, and keep your plants healthier. Here are 15 different types of mulch for your garden and landscaping.

how to speed up composting

How to Speed Up Composting

Don’t wait for several months to get homemade quality compost. You can speed up the composting process by making small changes to your pile. Find out in this article.