How To Care for Tiger Tooth Aloe (Aloe juvenna)

a photo of tiger tooth

Don’t let its name, its tooth-shaped leaves, or the row of tiny tooth-like spines running along the edge of each leaf fool you. Tiger tooth aloe is a real pussycat of a plant. Its spikes are softer than they look, and as far as daily care is concerned, this plant is as independent as a … Read more

The Best Indoor Succulents – 12 Varieties That Will Thrive in Your Home

best indoor succulents

Succulents are an amazingly diverse category of plants. The word “succulent” doesn’t refer to a particular family of plants; it refers to a wide variety of different families of plants that evolved to have fleshy leaves that store a lot of water, to help them survive droughts and other harsh environmental conditions. That adaptation also … Read more

10 Sedum Varieties You Can Grow As Ground Cover

Sedum Varieties You Can Grow As Ground Cover

Succulents might not be the first plants that come to mind when you’re considering ground cover options, but regardless of your specific needs there’s a good chance there’s a Sedum that will work for you. Sedums come in a wide variety of attractive colors, often produce flowers, have a good spreading habit, require minimal maintenance, … Read more

How To Grow and Care For a Panda Plant (Kalanchoe tomentos)

close-up photo of panda plant

It isn’t as strange as it seems that the panda plant—a bushy perennial succulent from Madagascar—is named after an animal from China. Kalanchoe tomentos got its nickname from its chubby paw-shaped leaves, which are covered in a light velvety fur, and studded along the edge with reddish brown claws. Unlike pandas, panda plants can be … Read more

How To Care For and Grow Easter Cactus (Spring Cactus)

easter cactus in a white flower pot

There’s a good reason holiday cacti are among the most popular succulents. Easter cacti (a.k.a. spring cacti) are relatively easy and undemanding houseplants, non-toxic to pets and small children, and if cared for properly, produce a dazzling array of flowers that brighten up the months when most plants look drab. Holiday cacti (so named because … Read more

20 Beautiful Flowering Succulents [With Pictures]

flowering succulents

Succulents are beloved as houseplants not only because of their interesting foliage but also for their flowers – although it is usually small or less interesting than the leaves. You’ll also need patience as many succulents do not flower until they reach maturity.   Some may even need to be coaxed to flower under the … Read more

How To Make Succulent Soil Mix – DIY Recipe and Guide

succulent soil mix, container, and succulents on a table

While many other houseplants are content with commercially available potting soil, succulents want excellent drainage, better than you’ll find in any pre-mixed product from the store. Making your own potting mix is easy, saves you money, and grows robust succulents quickly, free from pests and disease. Beyond providing the basics (sun and water), there is … Read more

How to Grow the String of Dolphins Plant

string of dolphins plant in a white ceramic pot

Visual illusions, anything from shadow puppets to the art of M.C. Escher, have an entrancing quality. Many plant lovers enjoy the visual pun-play involved in raising plants that mimic other plants or animals, such as string of pearls (a.k.a. string of peas), Psychotria elata (a.k.a. hooker’s lips), or Orchis italica (the naked man orchid). If … Read more

Lithops Succulent: How To Grow Living Stone Plants

Close up picture of lithops in different colors

In the 1970s, a man named Gary Dahl became a millionaire selling Pet Rocks. This “toy” was literally a smooth gray stone that came nestled into a straw bed inside a cardboard box perforated with “breathing holes,” along with a 32-page tongue-in-cheek instruction manual for its proper care and feeding. While the original Pet Rock … Read more

How To Fertilize Succulents – When, How Much and How

a gardener fertilizing succulents

It can be just as difficult to figure out how to feed your succulents as it is to decide how to feed yourself. If you’ve researched succulents, you’ve probably come across opinions ranging from “succulents never need to be fertilized” to “fertilize with Miracle Grow monthly” and everything in between.  In this article, we’ll explain … Read more

Hens and Chicks Plant: How to Grow and Care For

a picture of hens and chicks plant

Since the 1980s, a hens and chicks plant has been growing on an old tree stump in my grandmother’s flower bed in Indiana, USDA zone 6. It has survived forty years or more despite annual snowstorms, without any maintenance, fertilizer, or even soil to grow in.  Sempervivum is just as attractive as it is resilient, … Read more

How to Grow & Care for String of Pearls Plant (Curio rowleyanus)

a pot of curio rowleyanus or string of pearls

Don’t eat these peas! The succulent known as string of pearls—otherwise known as string of beads or string of peas, for obvious reasons once you’ve seen it—is poisonous. However, in a pet and toddler-free household string of pearls makes an ideal houseplant.  The long trailing stems festooned with round green leaves that look just like … Read more

What To Do With Succulents Growing Tall – Leggy Succulents

succulents growing tall

Does your succulent look like an adolescent—tall, gangly, and awkward, with limbs that look thin as toothpicks? Does it resemble a Charlie Brown Christmas tree more than it does than the bushy succulent you brought home from the store? What did you do wrong? The simple answer is that your succulent is leggy (or, in … Read more

Mother of Thousands – Kalanchoe daigremontiana Care and Growing Guide

Mother of Thousands succulent on top of a wooden table

Many people have a love-hate relationship with their mother, so it makes sense that Mother of Thousands, Kalanchoe daigremontiana, is considered both a charming and beloved houseplant and a toxic invasive weed. Its bluish-green foliage is eye-catching, mainly because it grows dozens of adorable baby plantlets along the edges of its leaves. Once they fall … Read more

How To Grow Bear Paw Succulents – Cotyledon Tomentosa

close-up picture of a Cotyledon Tomentosa

Bear Paw, Cotyledon tomentosa, is an adorable and easy to grow succulent known for its chubby, hairy paws with ridges at the tip reminiscent of little claws. It can also produce small bell-shaped flowers that vary in color from yellow-green to red-orange.  But how do you grow and care for this succulent? If you aren’t … Read more

Why Is My Succulent Dying? How To Revive a Dying Succulent

a woman holding a cactus with root rot

There’s a common misconception that succulents are idiot-proof. Succulents are mostly low maintenance and resilient to neglect, but that doesn’t make them immortal. Growing a plant from a semi-desert and in a north-facing window in Wisconsin is asking a lot. So if your succulent is wilting, discolored, or covered in bugs, don’t take it personally; … Read more

A Guide To Choosing The Best Pot For Your Succulents

different pots on a shelf

There is no one perfect succulent pot. The truth is most pots and planters will work, but there are advantages and disadvantages to each. Different kinds of pots will create slightly different care needs for your succulents (for example, affecting how often you water). This guide will help you choose the best pot for your … Read more