a commercial greenhouse with the windows open

How to Cool a Greenhouse in Summer

Greenhouses are designed to capture the sun’s power, but what do you do when that sun is driving up temperatures to deadly levels? Here, we look at 11 ways to cool a greenhouse using natural and artificial methods.

A small greenhouse in the backyard

The Best Small Greenhouse – Mini Greenhouses For Your Garden

You don’t have to have a ton of space to reap the benefits of a greenhouse. Mini greenhouses can help extend your seasons and protect your plants even when you don’t have a lot of yard to spare. Here are the best small greenhouses for the tightest quarters.

cold frame with plants

What a Cold Frame Is and How to Use It

Using a cold frame ensures that your plants and flowers have a warm microclimate to grow and thrive. It also has other uses, like warming the soil and hardening off seedlings. Find out what a cold frame is and more in our guide.