Sedum Varieties You Can Grow As Ground Cover

10 Sedum Varieties You Can Grow As Ground Cover

Sedums are fast, low-growing plants that come in a variety of colors and textures. These characteristics make them excellent choices for groundcovers. Here are 10 sedum varieties you can grow as ground covers in the garden in most climates.

close-up photo of panda plant

How To Grow and Care For a Panda Plant (Kalanchoe tomentos)

The panda plant is a unique succulent with adorably fuzzy leaves and striking black-and-white coloring. Find out how this plant’s uniqueness extends to its care and learn some tips for helping the Kalanchoe tomentos thrive in your home.

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20 Beautiful Flowering Succulents [With Pictures]

Did you know that succulents flower? In this guide, we look at the most common flowering succulents to help you find the right plant to add some living color and beauty to your home decor.

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How To Make Succulent Soil Mix – DIY Recipe and Guide

Succulents require a special type of soil that allows for maximum nutrient absorption while allowing for quick draining and minimal pooling. Save some money by creating this highly specialized potting soil right at home.