Roborock S8 Pro Ultra Review – Hands On Testing

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Roborock S8 Ultra Pro being reviewed

Our Rating:

Key Features:

Auto Emptying, cleaning and mop drying

Dual roller and dual scrubbing mop system

Advanced reactive 3d obstacle avoidance + LiDAR navigation

Highly customizable cleaning settings from app

A Highly Customizable and Efficient Robot Vacuum with Impressive Navigation and Cleaning Performance.

The Roborock S8 Pro Ultra is an excellent robot vacuum that delivers efficient cleaning and impressive navigation while requiring minimal maintenance.

It features customizable cleaning modes, room-based scheduling, and voice commands via Alexa and Google Assistant, making it convenient and easy to use.

The vacuum’s exceptional navigation and obstacle avoidance capabilities allow it to avoid obstacles with Reactive 3D Obstacle Avoidance technology. Additionally, the battery life is impressive, allowing for up to 133 minutes of cleaning on a single charge.

In our tests, the Roborock S8 Pro Ultra performed exceptionally well, delivering on its promises of effective cleaning, efficient navigation, and minimal maintenance. With only a few small downsides, this is the best robot vacuum we have tried yet.

However, the $1600 price tag may be prohibitive for some users.

The Roborock S8 Pro Ultra is an ideal choice for busy families, pet owners, and individuals who desire a convenient and efficient cleaning solution for their homes. With its advanced navigation system, powerful suction, and smart home compatibility, this robot vacuum is well-suited for those who are looking for a high-quality, hands-free cleaning experience.

9.6out of 10

Cleaning Power10
Battery Life9.5
Operating Costs9


  • Excellent navigation and obstacle avoidance capabilities
  • Effective mopping system with automatic washing and drying
  • Good battery life with automatic recharging
  • Plenty of cleaning customization options
  • Smart features, including room-based scheduling and voice commands
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Comprehensive and intuitive app interface


  • Finicky mop mount may not be suitable for homes with plush carpeting
  • May miss cables, especially in shadows
  • Dock needs to be placed on a hard surface
  • Lacks remote home monitoring features
  • No camera for remote home monitoring

Should You Buy It?

The Roborock S8 Pro Ultra is a top-of-the-line robot vacuum that offers exceptional cleaning performance, customizable features, and convenient app control. It is particularly suitable for those who want a hands-off cleaning experience and have large homes with hard flooring.

However, the high price tag of $1600 may be prohibitive for some users, and those who require remote home monitoring features may want to consider other options.

If you’re looking for a premium robot vacuum with excellent cleaning power, customizability, and ease of use, the Roborock S8 Pro Ultra is a must have.

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Roborock S8 Pro Ultra Important Specifications

For those of you looking for the most important specifications of the S8 Pro Ultra, refer to the table below. Keep reading for our in depth review.

Suction Power6000 Pa
Speeds3 (silent, standard, powerful)
Dustbin Volume350 ml / 11.83 oz
Battery Size5200 mAh
Battery Life180 minutes
Smart Home ConnectivityAlexa, Google Assistant
Noise Level (low/high)64.5 dB/76.7 dB
Navigation TypeLDS
Cleaning OptionsSweep and Wet Mopping
Size35.3 cm / 13.9 in (width), 9.65 cm / 3.8 in (height)

S8 Pro Ultra Features and Overview

Roborock S8 Ultra Pro Testing

Roborock has recently introduced the S8 Pro Ultra, the latest addition to its flagship S8 robot vacuum series. This high-end robotic vacuum/mop is designed to offer a range of advanced features and performance improvements that make cleaning as automated as possible with current technology.

The S8 Pro Ultra boasts an impressive 6,000Pa of suction power, making it the most powerful robotic vacuum cleaner in Roborock’s range. This feature is ideal for picking up debris, dirt, and dust from carpets, hardwood floors, and other surfaces.

In addition to its superior suction power, the S8 Pro Ultra features a dual brush system that allows for better dirt pickup and fewer hair tangles. The robot vacuum also comes with an upgraded VibraRise mop-lifting system, which automatically lifts the brush rolls by 6mm in mopping-only mode to prevent damage to the robot from cleaning up spills.

One of the most significant upgrades of the S8 Pro Ultra is its built-in hot air mop dryer, a unique feature that helps prevent bacteria buildup and odors. This is a welcome addition that Roborock enthusiasts have been waiting for quite some time.

Another impressive feature of the S8 Pro Ultra is its all-in-one docking station, the RockDock Ultra. The dock supports automatic dustbin emptying, mop washing, hot air mop drying, and water tank refilling. This allows the robot to work autonomously for an extended period, which means less time and effort for the homeowner.

The S8 Pro Ultra supports Wi-Fi and can be controlled via Roborock’s app or voice commands with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. The app is easy to use and lets you view a map of your home, set up no-mop zones, schedule cleanings, and view cleaning history.

box contents of roborock s8 pro ultra
What comes with the Roborock S8 Pro Ultra

How The Roborock S8 Pro Ultra Performs

Since starting Essential Home and Garden back in 2016, I have tested many different models and brands of robotic vacuums. I have used this experience to write the following in depth, non-biased review of the Roborock S8 Pro Ultra.

The New Roller Brush System

roborock s8 pro ultra dual roller riser

Roborock’s S8 Pro Ultra has upgraded its brush system with a dual-roller design, making it more efficient at picking up dirt and reducing hair tangles.

The rubber rollers are particularly good at collecting pet hair on carpets, an area where the S7 MaxV struggled. The dual brushes sit behind a brush guard system to prevent clogs, and their detachable ends make them easy to clean.

The S8 Pro Ultra’s dual-roller brush system promises better cleaning on various surfaces, while minimizing issues with tangling and clogging.

With no bristles to get tangled in, I found that hair and debris can be removed easily from the sides and underneath.

These small details make a big difference, allowing for a smoother experience and saving time.

Vacuuming and Sweeping

The Roborock S8 Pro Ultra boasts impressive suction power, measuring at 6,000 pascals. This makes it highly efficient at cleaning floors, especially when transitioning from carpeted areas to hard floors. My tests showed that the robot detects carpets and immediately adjusts its cleaning settings, lifting the mop, stopping the water flow, and increasing suction power to its maximum level.

You can customize the carpet avoidance mode on the app, and opt for the Ignore mode, so the robot completely avoids cleaning carpets. The Carpet Boost feature is another option to increase suction power while cleaning rugs.

After using the vacuum for a solid week, I found that the S8 Pro Ultra also delivers great vacuuming performance on carpets and hard floors, reaching into corners and along edges with ease. Its powerful suction and advanced cleaning settings ensure that almost nothing is left behind. Overall, the S8 Pro Ultra is a powerful and versatile cleaning machine that delivers exceptional results.


Mop pad and scrubbing system

The mopping capabilities of the S8 Pro Ultra were very impressive. The S8 Pro Ultra is perfect for mopping hard floors such as tile or hardwood.

The robot’s improved mopping system features twice as much vibrational area and water dispersion, and it can wash its mop after cleaning each room, preventing it from spreading dirt on the floor. The mopping is relatively efficient for a daily clean, with the robot delivering 3,000rpm scrubbing while applying a 6N pressure on the floor.

While the mopping performance is great and my floors come up very clean with almost no streaks, the mop plate on the S8 Pro Ultra is not removable, and while I did not have any problems with our medium pile carpet, it could be a problem for some homes with medium- and high-pile carpeting.

The VibraRise 2.0 mopping technology is a standout feature of the S8 Pro Ultra, with sensors that raise the mopping system when it detects that it has moved onto carpet. The robot vacuum cleaner uses a microfiber cloth attached with velcro to the underside of the robot, and it has both a clean and dirty water reservoir in the dock. This system allows the bot to clean and mop, and then return to the dock to change its water, clean its mop, and be ready for the next clean.

The Roborock S8 Pro Ultra is smarter than many other robot vacuum cleaners, as it not only does all this but also dries itself as well. This reduces bacteria growth on the mop pad which in turn, reduces unpleasant smells.

The mopping is not a replacement for proper manual mopping, but it is surprisingly good, delivering impressive results. Overall, the S8 Pro Ultra is an excellent multi-capable device with powerful mopping capabilities.

Self Washing, emptying, Refilling and Drying

roborock s8 ultra pro washing the mop and refilling water

The Roborock S8 Pro Ultra’s auto empty dock is a game-changer. It comes equipped with a self-washing and refilling mop that is capable of drying itself using a built-in hot-air dryer, which eliminates the need for hands-on user involvement.

Additionally, the robot cleaner has a self-emptying dustbin that automatically empties itself, freeing you from the hassle of emptying it manually. The bag in the dock also lasts a surprisingly long time, even when floors are often very dirty.

Another key feature of the S8 Pro Ultra is its automatic mop washing and drying functionality, which ensures that the mop is always clean and odor-free. The auto-drying module is designed to dry the mop cloth after the robot finishes cleaning, preventing any unpleasant odors or mold growth. This feature is important to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of your home.

sy ultrp pro mop washing brush

The S8 Pro Ultra offers a minimal maintenance experience, thanks to the big tanks that hold enough water for large surface cleaning without the need for your intervention. The mop-washing functionality is unmatched in the market, and the dock remains clean, even after several weeks of use. Overall, the auto empty dock is a fantastic convenience feature that takes robotic cleaning to the next level.

Battery Life

Battery life is another criteria where The Roborock S8 Pro Ultra excels, thanks to its 5,200mAh lithium-ion battery that can last up to 133 minutes on a single charge. For those who prefer a quieter cleaning mode, the robot can last up to 180 minutes. Even if it runs low on battery during cleaning, it automatically returns to its dock to recharge and then resumes cleaning, making it a hassle-free cleaning option for large spaces.

This vacuum’s battery life is impressive, as it can cover up to 3,230 square feet on a single charge according to the specs. Although running the vacuum at maximum settings reduces its cleaning time, it still provides over an hour of cleaning, which is still impressive.

For my house, I had the robot set on higher suction and scrubbing settings. It took the robot 145 minutes to clean 1173 square feet with one charge-up during the process.

Navigation and Obstacle Avoidance

sensors on roborock s8 pro ultra

The S8 Pro Ultra is a robot vacuum that excels in navigation and obstacle avoidance, ensuring it cleans your home without any hassle.

It features a LiDAR Navigation system that scans your home as it cleans, avoiding obstacles and rerouting around them if needed. Its Reactive 3D Obstacle Avoidance technology allows it to identify and bypass 42 types of objects as small as 1.97 by 1.18 inches, including cords, pet waste, and clothes.

During my testing, the S8 Pro Ultra never got stuck, brilliantly avoiding cables, shoes, curtains, and other obstacles. The robot also managed to get out of tricky situations, especially when cleaning under chairs and stools.

I did notice that it couldn’t detect small toys such as cars, but this is to be expected since they are so low and hard to detect.

Furthermore, the robot’s quick mapping feature creates a comprehensive map of your house with minimal effort and in a very quick amount of time.

The robot can also cope with obstacles thrown in its path, even if they’re different on a day-to-day basis. For instance, if toys, shoes, clothes, or other items are on the floor one day, but not the next, it’ll account for that as it cleans and actively avoid these issues. Thanks to its good obstacle avoidance and navigation capabilities, the S8 Pro Ultra can clean a room without bumping into furniture or getting stuck on tricky objects.

Usability and Maintenance

dirty water container roborock s8 pro ultra

With various cleaning modes, suction power levels, and mop intensity options, it’s easy to customize the robot’s cleaning routine to your needs. The robot also boasts smart features, such as room-based scheduling, one-tap cleaning routines, and voice commands via Alexa and Google Assistant. The obstacle avoidance technology and accurate cleaning progress tracking are also impressive.

However, one downside to the S8 Pro Ultra is that the dock needs to be placed on a hard surface, which may be problematic for homes without one. A floor protection mat can solve this problem, though it’s not an ideal solution.

In terms of maintenance, the S8 Pro Ultra requires minimal upkeep. Hair may tangle around the brushroll, but it’s easy to clean thanks to the brushrolls’ design. The robot also features an automatic maintenance system on the dock that washes, refills, empties, and dries the robot vacuum, reducing the need for daily maintenance.

Additionally, the self-emptying and self-washing dock can hold up to 2.5 liters of dirt and 3 liters of water, respectively, with a self-drying system to prevent odors. Overall, the Roborock S8 Pro Ultra is user-friendly and low-maintenance.

App and Connectivity

Roborock App app features

The Roborock S8 Pro Ultra can be controlled via voice commands from your smart device, making it more convenient for users. The device works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing for easy voice control.

However, it lacks the ability to remotely monitor your home through the onboard cameras, which may be a drawback for some users.

The Roborock app offers a comprehensive and user-friendly interface for controlling the S8 Pro Ultra. Users can label and set zones for customized cleaning, schedule cleaning sessions, adjust suction power and water flow settings, access device settings and configuration, and more. The app also creates a 3D map of the cleaning area, marking objects recognized by the robot during cleaning.

The app is intuitive, offering cleaning tracking and settings adjustments from anywhere. Users can initiate a self-empty, wash, and dry cycle and set quiet periods when the vacuum should not operate. The app also provides a detailed overview of past cleaning sessions and displays the lifespan of various components, helping users anticipate when to replace parts.

Overall, the Roborock app and voice control integration offer a convenient and user-friendly way to control the S8 Pro Ultra robot vacuum cleaner. While it may lack remote home monitoring features, the app’s customizable settings, and detailed reports make it a great choice for those looking highly customizable, while still being a mostly hands-off cleaning experience.

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