Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra Review

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Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra Review
Our Rating:
Key Features:

Auto empties, refills water, and cleans mop at the dock

Reactive AI obstacle avoidance system

5100 Pa of suction power

Advanced mopping functionality

A truly automated Robot Vacuum and Mopping System

Roborock has done it again. Not only did they improve on an already great robot vacuum, but they’ve also smashed most of the competition out of the ballpark with the S7 MaxV Ultra.

I have been using this system for months now, and I would not hesitate to go out and spend my hard-earned cash on buying this model. It is a massive step up from any other robot vacuum cleaners that I have tried previously.

From the easy-to-use app and auto wash to the empty and refill dock, the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra does an impeccable job of cleaning a floor and does it almost fully autonomously. Moreover, it is more advanced and efficient than the competition.

Review Criteria Ratings

Cleaning Power5/5
Battery Life5/5
Smartphone App4.5/5


  • Sonic mopping works really well
  • As close to an autonomous cleaning robot as possible
  • Obstacle avoidance is top notch
  • Powerful suction power


  • Cost may be prohibitive to some
  • Large dock footprint
  • Auto-empty dock is very noisy
  • Auto-empty dock will not work on carpet floor

Should You Buy It?

If you have the funds and the room for the S7 MaxV Ultra, then it is definitely worth every penny.

This is a truly automated mopping and vacuuming robot that will genuinely save you hours of time, and I would not hesitate to buy this unit again if I needed to replace it.

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Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra Overview

Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra in box

The S7 MaxV Ultra (long name I know) is one of the latest offerings from Roborock. The S7 MaxV Ultra is a more powerful version boasting 5,100 A of suction as opposed to the 2,500 pA that the plain old S7 featured.

But the real hero of this model is the “Empty Wash Fill Dock.” This dock brings this model as close to being truly automated as possible for now. It auto-empties the dust bin, refills the mopping water, and cleans the mopping pad – all without you needing to do anything beyond making sure the dock is filled with water and has space for the waste it removes.

How The Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra Performs

Roborock sent me the S7 MaxV Ultra to try out a few months ago, and I have been using it daily ever since.

In fact, if this unit broke down now and needed to be replaced, I would not hesitate to go out and buy one at full price – that is how good this robotic vacuum is.

Cleaning Power

The S7 MaxV Ultra features a rubber “floating brush” that allows the robot to effectively clean and vacuum any floor type you can throw at it.


s7 maxv bottom view

The brush design ensures minimizes hair tangles (although you still get them occasionally) and really gives carpet floors a deep clean.

The robot’s 5,100 Pa of suction power is broken up into 5 different power levels that can be set in the app.

The S7 MaxV Ultra makes quick work of almost any debris on the hard floors. You can even set it to automatically ramp the power up when it detects carpet to really give them a deep clean.

The vacuum functionality on the unit is also quiet, with its noise output ranging from 55-68db. However, I would note that the sound emitting from the auto-empty feature on the dock is quite loud, so you still need to factor this in when using the robot.

My only complaint with the vacuuming side of things (and this is common to most robot vacuums) is that despite the best efforts of the designers to reduce areas like corners being missed, they do leave patches in these areas that you will need to go around with a hand vacuum and clean every so often.


Many robot vacuums with mopping functionality simply drag a damp cloth across the floor, but this is not true with the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra. As a matter if fact, this Roborock model offers a unique scrubbing action.

The combination of the sonic mopping, the auto refill and pad clean, and the “Vibra’Rise” technology makes this robot the best mopping model we have tried to date. It’s so good, since I have been using it, I have not had to mop our tiled areas at all manually.

The sonic mopping feature vibrates parts of the mopping pad up to an amazing 3,000 times per minute. This combines with the VibraRise technology, which automatically lifts the mopping pad when not required or lowers it down and actually places downward pressure on it.

This results in a scrubbing action that can remove even dried food from the floor.

When the mopping pad needs cleaning or the water tank needs a refill, the robot will return to the dock and back onto it. The water is then topped up, and the cleaning brush gives the mopping pad scrub and removes the dirty water to the tank on the dock. This ensures that the robot actually cleans the floor instead of just spreading the dirt around.

Auto Empty, Refill and Wash Dock

S7 MaxV Ultra dock

This is where the magic happens that makes this as close to an autonomous cleaning robot as you can get.

We have already described the functionality above, so I will just touch on a few other points here.

Firstly, the dock is quite large – and it does require a significant amount of space around it to allow the robot to maneuver itself to drive up forwards and also to be able to reverse onto the dock.

The dock has three containers that require some attention to keep it functioning.

The dirty water tank will require emptying, whereas the clean water tank will require refilling. How often you should do these tasks will depend on your usage. Luckily, the app will alert you when they need your attention.

I set the mop going almost every day, and I refilled or emptied the tanks about every 3-4 days.

The third container contains a vacuum bag and is for the auto-empty of the dustbin. This bag takes a surprising amount of time to fill. In the months that I have had this unit, I have only had to change the bag once.

My main complaint is that you cannot place the dock on a carpeted floor. This is due to the fact that the vacuum needs to reverse up onto the dock, which it cannot do when placed on a carpeted floor due to the design of the dock and robot.

Depending on the design of your house, this may severely limit where you can place the dock and possibly rule this unit out as a viable robot for your needs.

Battery Life

The 5,200 mAh battery is a standard inclusion for the S7 models. The S7 MaxV Ultra’s programming means it uses all this battery capacity efficiently. The battery life is advertised as being up to 4 hours, but of course, this will depend on the settings you use for your robot.

Suction power, floor type, auto empty/cleaning settings, plus more will all impact how long the battery lasts on your robot.


The S7 MaxV Ultra is equipped with the same smart LIDAR navigation system as the other models. This highly effective system allows the bot to map out your entire floor plan without you having to do more than start the machine. Once the map has been saved, the robot will automatically recognize its location, even if there are changes in the layout.

The S7 MaxV Ultra also features a front-facing camera and AI obstacle avoidance that works quite well.

As the robot navigates around, it uses an AI algorithm to automatically detect possible obstacles (such as power cords, animal feces, and clothes) and navigate around them as required.

My tests showed this to be very effective, and I rarely needed to walk around and pick up the kids’ toys before starting the vacuum. Occasionally it would miss an obstacle and attempt to drive straight over it, but thankfully these incidences are few and far between.

This model of robot vacuum also features lights on the front to light up dark areas to ensure maximum accuracy of the AI obstacle avoidance system.

The mapping system in the S7 MaxV Ultra is quite advanced, and even with drastic changes to the layout of a room, the robot would have no trouble navigating and finding its way around.

Smartphone App

roborock app

The Roborock app is designed for ease of use. Simply connect the robot vacuum to your Wi-Fi, then tap the icon of the vacuum and press “clean” to begin a full clean. From the app, you can also change the cleaning mode, suction level, and scrubbing intensity.

The same basic app is used as in previous models, but there are some advanced features activated for the S7 MaxV Ultra.

As well as a 2D map of your house, the app creates a 3D map that looks very futuristic but, if you ask me, has no real value.

The real value of the app comes from:

  • The ability to set separate rooms
    • Allows you to set the power and water usage for each area
    • Allows you to clean a single room at a time
  • The ability to add different zones
    • Can tell the unit to clean a particular zone
    • Can set no-clean and no-mop zones
  • Automatically determines the most efficient cleaning route depending on floor type, auto empty/clean settings and dirt levels
  • Pin n Go
    • Allows for emergency spot cleaning of spills
  • Maintenance reminders
    • Filter, sensor, and brush cleaning
    • Battery power left
  • Remote control
    • Ability to manually control the vac
  • Set voice language and volume
  • Set cleaning schedules
  • Set DND mode
    • The do not disturb mode allows you to restrict when the vacuum will automatically run

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