Roborock H7 Cordless Vacuum Review

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Roborock H7 Cordless Vacuum

Our Rating:

Key Features:

Powerful 160 AW Suction

Impressive 90-minute Battery Life

Magnetic Attachments and MagSafe Dock

Fast Charging

A Multifunctional Vac that Combines Power With an Impressive Battery Life

The Roborock H7 is the newest addition to Roborock’s current lineup of cordless stick vacuums. 

Unlike its H6 predecessor, the H7 has more suction power (160AW to be more precise) to lift even the tiniest debris and dirt. Plus, the pre-bundled attachments can now magnetically attach to the dock for quick accessibility and effortless out-of-the-way storage.

Roborock has also ingeniously outfitted its newest cordless stick vac with longer battery life. When put to the test, it can run up to 90 minutes on the lowest setting (Eco Mode). If you run out of battery mid-cleaning, the fast charging dock can fully charge the H7 in just 2.5 hours. 

Although it doesn’t have smart functions, it does have a 1.3-inch OLED screen that conveniently displays battery life and how much time you have left to vacuum. A handy feature that you wouldn’t find in other cordless vacuums with the same mid-range price point. 

While the 0.5 liter dustbin design leaves much to be said, you can’t go wrong with its airtight prowess and efficient HEPA filter—a much welcome feature for those who have pets and children at home.

Review Criteria Ratings

Cleaning Power4/5
Battery Life4.5/5


  • Powerful 160 AW suction that can efficiently remove stubborn pet fur
  • Incredibly lightweight and easy to handle
  • Efficient HEPA filter that can filter up 0.3 microns
  • Reusable and washable dust bags 
  • Cheaper than its competitors like Dyson 
  • Multiple bristle attachment for flexible cleaning options 
  • MagBase dock for easier fitment of attachments
  • Support fast charging through its dock


  • Prone to overheating when set on the highest power mode
  • Limited cleaning time when set above Eco Mode
  • Mop attachment is sold separately
  • Dustbin design might be too small for larger homes
  • No option to disable Carpet Sensing Mode

Should You Buy It?

If you’re in the market for a lightweight cordless vacuum that has an impressive suction power and long battery life, then the Roborock H7 is right for you. Its multiple attachment inclusions, three cleaning modes, and option to go bagged or bagless can rival even the most expensive vacuums in the market.

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Product Overview

Roborock H7 Box Contents

What I love the most about the Roborock H7 is its powerful 160 AW suction encased in a lightweight build. It effectively removed pet hair and dirt without leaving any debris from various textured and stubborn surfaces – a large feat for something that weighs only 3.2lbs. 

It comes with three modes: Eco Mode (lowest power setting), Standard Mode, and Max Mode (highest power setting). 

The Eco Mode does efficient cleaning and can make the Roborock last an impressive 90 minutes of active use. If set to Standard Mode, you have extra cleaning power but only half (45 minutes) of runtime, which is still remarkable compared to cheaper cordless vacuums.

On the other hand, Max Mode gives you all the power that you need to remove even the most deep-seated dirt and debris from your carpets but at a significantly shorter 8-minute runtime. 

As for noise levels, Roborock has conveniently placed four essential parts to keep noise minimal. (depending on the power setting). It includes a Noise Reduction Layer, Polypropylene Baffles, Sound Capturing Cavity, and a Resonance Isolating Silicone. 

In fact, when I measured its noise levels, the Roborock H7 astonishingly only reached 69.2dB on Eco, 71.3dB on Standard, and 77.5db on Max. Almost similar to the Dyson V10, which recorded around 77-78dB on Max Mode. 

Another great feature of the Roborock H7 is its slew of accessories. It comes pre-bundled with a dusting brush, crevice tool, flex tube, carpet brush, and a motorized mini-brush. These are magnetic and instantly connect to the MagSafe dock and body for easy switching and storage. 

The dock is equipped with a built-in fast charging port that can recharge the Roborock H7 in just 2.5 hours. A much welcome feature for those that don’t want to fuss around for cords and battery life. Furthermore, it includes a handy OLED screen that displays battery life, modes, and even how much time you have left to clean. 

But, the best offer of the Roborock H7 is undoubtedly its price point. Compared to Dyson, it provides a more affordable alternative with rivaling capacities and a larger assortment of attachments. 

How It Performs

roborock h7 closeup

Without a doubt, the Roborock H7 is here to impress. After all, combining a featherlight build with powerful suction and versatility is a difficult feat to reach. 

But, does it really deliver all these without comprising other features? 

I was fortunate enough to have the chance to test out the Roborock H7 in my home. Keep reading to see the complete rundown of just how well this cordless stick vac performed when put to use in real life. 

Cleaning Power 

Roborock H7 boasts an impressive 160 AW suction power with a 480-watt motor. When put to the test, it effectively removed dirt without leaving debris, even when set on the lowest setting—a tremendous accomplishment since it is impressively lightweight.

When placed on Eco Mode, it provides a great everyday vacuum that can run a full 90 minutes on a single charge. While it doesn’t completely remove the most stubborn dirt from carpets, it does provide enough suction power to rid your home of pet hair and surface-level dust. 

On the other hand, its Standard Mode surpasses expectations with its cleaning power but almost drains the battery at 50% compared to the lowest setting. Surprisingly, I found that I didn’t have much use for this mode as the Eco Mode provided enough battery life to clean most surfaces effectively. 

On Max Mode, the suction power was incredible. It had enough pull to remove dirt I didn’t even know was present in my couches or carpets. But, I found that the noise levels did significantly increase and the temperature of the vacuum itself. In hindsight, you should only use this setting for spot cleaning. 

Carpet and Hardwood Floors 

roborock h7 floor tool

The 160 AW suction power on the H7 doesn’t disappoint. 

On carpet, it lifts dirt and debris with just one pass. While on hardwood floors, the power is more apparent – albeit the surface is flat. 

Likewise, its multiple attachments came very handy when cleaning different surfaces. Most notably the carpet brush. I found significant cleaning power to remove deep-seated debris and dirt in my carpet in just one pass without using Max Mode. 

It actually filled the dustbin too quickly, and found myself emptying the dust bags pretty frequently. But, considering how well it took to both textured and smooth surfaces, it does the job pretty impressively and without many repetitive back and forth motions. 

Air Filtration 

roborock h7 filter

One of the key features that the Roborock H7 touts is its five-layer HEPA air filtration. It comes built-in with a detachable filter that supposedly boasts an extensive cleaning power of removing allergens, dust mites, and dust particles of up to 0.3 microns in size. 

After a quick 10 minute session of cleaning, I found that the HEPA filter significantly captured small dust and dirt pretty efficiently. Most notably, pet hair that I often see fly around when I use other cordless stick vacs. 

Even with just one pass of the vacuum, my home was left with no visible signs of any pet hair. And probably the best part was that I did this all in Eco Mode. 

I did test it out on Max Mode. And, while it did remove hair faster, the Eco Mode provided ample suction power to remove pet hair even from the most stubborn surfaces. A great feature when you want to remove pet hair from your whole house with one cleaning session instead of staggered ones. 

In addition, the detachable and washable feature of the filter proved to be very handy. In fact, cleaning it took almost no effort – apart from rinsing it and patting it down to dry. 

Battery Life 

h7 battery

There’s nothing better than a cordless vacuum that gives you enough time to clean your entire home on a single charge. After all, nobody wants to spend time going back and forth with recharging, especially when you’re tired or simply want to get cleaning done and over with. 

Roborock H7 is one of the most impressive cordless stick vacs in terms of battery life. It perfectly balances a powerful suction with longer battery life (compared to its predecessors and even the pricier Dyson V10). A feature that makes it the perfect grab-and-go vacuum for its price point. 

Eco Mode

Rated at 90 minutes on Eco Mode by Roborock, I found that it lasted a fair 35 minutes of active use before battery levels hit 70%. I cleaned almost my entire home before noticing that the vacuum was already low in battery. 

While I did have to vacuum a certain area a few more times, the Roborock H7 held almost true to its rated run time. And, the fast charging dock accurately recharged the cordless vacuum within 2.5 hours. 

Standard Mode 

Rated at 45 minutes, I found this mode pretty much stayed within its allotted battery life. I think most people with pets are likely to use this mode as it significantly cleaned and removed pet hair from most of my furniture before the battery levels depleted significantly. 

I would prefer the Eco Mode if you’re thinking of cleaning your entire home, but the Standard Mode balances enough power and battery consumption to clean messes and stray pet hair quickly. 

Max Mode

While the Max Mode does provide the most effective cleaning, it’s probably best left to more big messes that need to be cleaned up pretty fast because the rated 8-minute runtime is a bit limiting. 

During my test, I was able to get at least 6-7 minutes before the battery died down. And since the motor is running faster for more suction power, it came with no surprise that the vacuum is a bit hot to the touch. 

I’d recommend using this only when really needed as Eco Mode and Standard Mode use enough suction to clean even deep-seated dirt and debris.


Apart from battery life, where the Roborock H7 really shines is the balance of flexibility and easy handling it offers. Coupled with conveniently engineered features such as magnetic attachments and reusable dust bags, you can’t go wrong with this nifty cleaning tool. 

Assortment of Accessories 

man using roborock h7 vacuum

Complete with a dusting brush, crevice tool, flex tube, carpet brush, and a motorized mini-brush, the flexible nature of the Roborock H7 can effectively clean just about any nook and cranny in your home. 

One of the most notable attachments I found most useful are the flex tube and carpet brush. 

The flex tube was easy to maneuver and offered enough flexibility to reach difficult crevices without much effort. In contrast, the carpet brush allowed almost instantaneous pick up of deep-seated debris, dirt, and pet hair from textured surfaces, including couches, pillows, and well, carpets. 

Likewise, the crevice tool allowed me to get cobwebs and dirt from the corner of my ceilings without much fuss. Couple this with its lightweight build and long handle, and you can basically clean your entire home from top to bottom. 

Another great feature about these attachments is their magnetic aspect. It makes for quick and easy fitment into the MagSafe dock and relatively no effort storage. A significant factor for those that have small spaces or prefer conveniently quick accessibility. 

Dustbin and Dust Bags

The Roborock H7 features a 500ml dustbin that you can use as a standalone or with a dustbag. If you’re cleaning more dirt accumulated areas like carpets and dust-prone surfaces, you’ll likely find yourself emptying the dustbin a few times.

When full, it was easy to shake off the collected dirt and dust from the bottom of the dust bin; the top half proved to be more difficult. I literally had to reach my hand into the dustbin just to remove the build-up. Fortunately, the Roborock H7 comes with reusable, antimicrobial, and washable dust bags that make emptying easier. 

I don’t recommend filling the dustbin to the max and only using the dust bag to clean up more messier spills or have family members sensitive to allergens. 


With impressive long battery life and powerful suction, you’d think you’re going to sacrifice handling and maneuverability, but that’s not the case. 

At 3.2lbs, using the Roborock H7 didn’t make my arms sore nor prompt me to take a quick break. Even when cleaning the ceilings and walls proves to be effortless! 

Likewise, you can switch from handheld to stick vac with a simple removal or placement of the detachable baton. 

It also comes with an incredibly useful mode called the Sustain Mode that will keep the vacuum running without requiring you to press the trigger. This spares your hand a bit of stress and tension, especially if you’re thinking of deep cleaning your home. 

Dock and Storage

One of the defining features of the Roborock H7 is its dock and storage options – an aspect that is usually overlooked in other cordless stick vacs. It uses a MagSafe dock that makes placing its magnetic attachments a breeze and more. And if that isn’t enough, it also doubles as a charging station when plugged in. 

Since the dock has a metal body, storing the accessories is as easy as attaching them on the vac itself. This is not only space-saving but also a great way to eliminate the possibilities of losing them – a very innovative leap on Roborock’s part. 

There’s also a separately sold wall bracket that keeps the Roborock H7 securely placed onto vertical fixtures. If you have smaller spaces, this exclusive part could really help with generating more space and storage options. 

Smart Display 

Roborock h7 LCD

While the OLED screen is basic, to say the least, it was handy not having to guess how much cleaning time I had left. Plus, I didn’t have to fuss around with the setup. All I needed to do was turn it on, and it automatically displays run time left, power mode, and whether or not the trigger lock is active. 


Lightweight doesn’t mean at the expense of build quality. Just like premium vacuums, Roborock H7 features a hard plastic build to keep the weight manageable. 

Its short body made it easier to get the accessories closer to low surfaces like couches and carpets. At the same time, its extendable handle made cleaning high areas like ceilings pretty straightforward. 

The multiple brush attachments and reusable dust bags make it a pretty versatile vacuum for its price point. I found that I had a use for all the attachments and the magnetic feature on them proved to be very handy when I wanted to switch them around. It is also convenient in terms of storage, as all I needed to was stick them to the vacuum. 


If you’re looking for a more versatile and lightweight vacuum that doesn’t sacrifice suction power, then the Roborock H7 is absolutely worth considering. However, if you are looking for a more budget-friendly alternative, you may want to consider the Dreamtech T10

This vac offers the same benefits as the H7, but with less suction power and without a handy LED screen. Another alternative is the Dyson V10. It has the same features as the Roborock H7 but with an added flexi nozzle. However, it does have less power suction and runs at a maximum rated run time of 60 minutes. Also, the price is higher than the H7.

FeatureRoborock H7Dreamtech T10Dyson V10
Suction PowerPA not advertised
160 AW
20,000 PaPA not advertised
150 AW
Attachment Included1 nozzle, 3 vacuum heads, 2 extensions3 nozzles, 2 vacuum heads, 2 extensions2 nozzles, 3 vacuum heads, 2 extensions

Things to consider before buying

Compared to traditional vacuums, cordless stick vacs are more maneuverable and easier to store, use, and handle. But, before you hop onto your favorite online shopping site or your nearest home depot, there are a few things you should consider to determine which cordless vacuum you should opt for – or even if these types of vacuums are the right fit for your home. 

Listed down below are the key aspects you should take into consideration to help you narrow down your search and avoid spending on costly mistakes:

  • Surfaces in your home – Different vacuums often specialize in different types of surfaces. That’s why it’s pertinent to check what the predominant flooring in your home is. As a general tip, cordless stick vacs usually work better with thin rugs and hardwood floors. A quick research should do the job if you need something more specific. 
  • The size of your home – Not all vacuums come with the same dustbin size. While cordless vacs generally have smaller dustbins than traditional ones, a quick check of their liter capacity could help reduce the constant emptying of dustbins. The same goes for rated run times. After all, you don’t want to purchase a cordless vac only for you to recharge multiple times just to get your whole home clean. 
  • Functionality and attachments – All homes are different and likely to require different functionality for efficient vacuuming. If you live in a small apartment, you may want to opt for a vacuum that doubles as a mop to save storage. Likewise, checking the attachments included with these vacuums is pertinent to reaching difficult areas around your home, especially for those with many crevices that accumulate dust. 
  • Budget – Let’s not forget that one of the biggest things you have to consider is budget. Cordless stick vacs usually cost way more than traditional ones. If you’re sticking to a strict budget, then opting for traditional ones with more functionality at a lower price point may do you good in the long run. After all, functionality is more important than convenience at the end of the day. 


Cordless vacuums are a great and undoubtedly convenient way to clean your home from top to bottom. They provide unrestricted movement, generous storage options, and even a whole host of smart functions (depending on the model). 

To its core, the Roborock H7 is a great mid-range cordless vac that offers functionality and convenience that you typically see on more premium models. Likewise, its price point is well – if not overly – justified by the features it provides. And, let’s not forget its sturdy build and inclusion of dustbags that make this cordless stick vac that much more practical. 

You can also buy separate parts that make it perfect for long-term use and storage. After all, investing in the base model is one thing, but having the option to expand your current cleaning tool to more diverse functionalities is always a welcome one. 

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