DreameTech T10 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review – How Good Is This Stick Vacuum?

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DreameTech T10

Our Rating:

Key Features:

Rechargeable and Cordless

Versatile with multiple attachments

Lightweight and highly maneuverable

20,000 Pa Cleaning Power

A Multi-Function Cordless Vacuum that Can Clean Any Surface

The brilliantly interchangeable DreameTech T10 stick vacuum is twelve tools in one sleek, powerful package. With this vac, you can clean your hardwoods, carpets, stairs, curtains, furniture, and more. Multiple vacuum heads fit on two separate extensions or straight onto the power unit to tackle whatever job you have in mind.

I had a chance to try out this intelligently designed cordless vacuum for myself. After playing around with it for ten minutes, I had already decided to toss my other cordless to the curb.

For a rechargeable vacuum, this thing is impressively powerful on hardwoods and carpets. It won’t rival your top-of-the-line corded vacuum for deep cleaning rugs and thick pile carpet, but it is perfect for that weekly once over. And given how lightweight it is and all the different attachments, this thing is just too versatile and easy to use. It’s hard not to love.

Keep reading to find out how else this vac surprised us and where it fell short in our full DreameTech T10 review.

Review Criteria Ratings

Cleaning Power4/5
Battery Life3.5/5


  • Exceptionally versatile
  • Powerful suction, especially on hard surfaces
  • Lightweight and highly maneuverable
  • Has a sleek and intelligent design
  • Comes with an easy-store docking station


  • Limited battery life on medium and high setting
  • Only penetrates the top layer of carpets

Should You Buy It?

If you are in the market for an effective tool to help you clean your house top to bottom, the DreameTech T10 delivers.

It won’t replace your cord vacuum for deep cleaning carpets, but it will do everything else you’d expect from a vacuum, broom, and dustbuster.

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DreameTech T10 Overview

picture of DreamTeach T10 vacuum

I had a chance to personally test out the DreameTech T10 cordless stick vacuum, the most basic iteration of what has become an increasingly intelligent line of rechargeable vacuum cleaners from this company.

In addition to the T10, DreameTech also sells the upgraded T20 and T30. Each of these more sophisticated vacuums comes with a full-color digital display that tracks battery life and suction power. They also self-adjust suction based on the cleanliness of the floor. The T30 will even track on screen how much dust is being extracted.

The basic T10 vacuum lacks the digital screen and self-adjustment features but retains the highly versatile design and impressive power that really sets these vacuums apart.

Each T10 includes the rechargeable power unit with an attached dust receptacle, an extension rod, and a V-brush vacuum head. In addition to this basic setup, you also get an extension hose, crevice nozzle, 2-in-1 brush, and mini vacuum head. 

DreameTach T10 dust buster mode

You can attach the head directly to the power unit, to the extension rod, or the extension hose, effectively giving you a dozen different tools in one.

Adding to this versatility is the fact that the power unit is so lightweight. The removable battery weighs just a few ounces, and the remaining handle and dust receptacle are perfectly sized for maneuverability.

Despite the undersized battery, this vacuum packs a surprising amount of power. The company boasts an impressive 26 patents just for the motor alone. But that’s not all. With this vacuum’s smart cyclone technology that separates debris based on size, you’ll get up to 20K PA suction force. 

Adding to its cleaning power are two intelligently designed vacuum heads, which hug the floor to focus suction. 

picture of DreamTech T10’s V brush

The large head uses a unique V-shaped brush that resists tangles for more prolonged uninterrupted use. This smart design allows you to use the vacuum on hard floors and carpets without having to change operating modes.

This vacuum includes a generous 1-year warranty and the peace of mind that comes with any DreameTech product.

DreameTech, a company based out of China, was started in 2015. In 2017, the company joined the Xiaomi Ecological Chain–the same company support group that helped bring the Roborock robotic vacuum to the market. 

DreameTech focuses on developing smart household cleaning appliances using aerospace technology for superior performance. They also emphasize the mindful development of its products and encourage its customers to live more mindfully themselves.

The T10 vacuum is just one of the many DreameTech products that perfectly captures the company’s mission – using high-tech engineering to produce home-cleaning products that are great for the customer and the planet.

This cordless stick vacuum is powerful without being bulky, heavy, or an energy drain. The wide range of attachments and versatile functionality will help keep your house cleaner without the need for chemicals and save you time so you can spend more of it doing the things you love.

How the DreameTech T10 Performs

I was fortunate enough to receive the DreameTech T10 after a long weekend spent with company and doing a lot of yard work. All those extra bodies—including some dogs—combined with a lot of mud and dirt being tracked through the house, set up the perfect environment for testing out this vacuum.

Keep reading to find out where the T10 surpassed expectations and where it could use some improvement.

Cleaning Power

Cleaning Power

The DreameTech T10 gets its suction power from two sources. The first is the patented motor with a specially designed dust collection system to maximize suction. The second is the design of the vacuum head opening, which is low to the ground to help focus the pull for enhanced suction.

According to the marketing information, the T10 boasts 120 AW and 20,000 Pa of suction power. It is on par with most quality cordless vacuums. But this suction rating is about half the average rating of industry-leading cord vacuums. Most Shark vacuums, for instance, have a suction rating of around 270 AW.

Less suction is often the price you pay for the ease of use that comes with a cordless vacuum. So as long as your vacuum offers enough power for an effective clean, this is usually a fair trade to make. So how did the T10 perform?

I tested this vacuum on carpet, hardwood and used the attachments on various other surfaces to find out.


DreamTech T10 vs Shark

Because the brush on the T10 is constantly turning, there is no specialty setting for carpet. However, if you deal with anything thicker than a rubber-backed kitchen mat, I would advise setting it at the highest speed. Anything less, and you will be disappointed.

In this setting, this vacuum seemed to perform reasonably well on carpet. The carpet looked visibly clean on the surface, and the dustbin was convincingly full after a single pass. But when I did a second pass with my corded Shark vacuum, it became clear just how much that missing suction power affects how well this vacuum cleans carpets.

medium pile test comparison DreamTeach T10 vs Shark

I was able to pull up as much, if not a little more, hair and dust using the Shark for my second pass. I did this double-vacuum test on medium-pile and low-pile carpets and got similar results with each.

This outcome was a little disappointing but not at all unexpected. It takes a lot of suction power to clean deep into carpets, and I have yet to meet a cordless vacuum that can accomplish the task as well as a corded one.

And considering the T10 does a decent job of picking up debris and dirt on the surface and making the carpet look clean, it still makes a decent tool to keep on hand for touch-up cleans in between deeper cleanings.

Hard Flooring

hardwood cleaning performance of DreamTeach T10

Where the T10 did perform exceptionally well was on hard surfaces.

To test its cleaning power in this arena, I started by vacuuming the hardwood in my kitchen. I then did a second pass with the broom to see what debris was left behind. What I found was surprisingly little.

There was a twig that clearly was too large to fit under the vacuum head and a few larger crumbs that had likely been hiding in corners and other crevices that all vacuums would struggle to reach.

But overall, I was very impressed with how well this vacuum cleaned hard floors, even when set to medium power.

Much of this performance has to do with how tightly the vacuum head opening hugs the floor. While this does mean larger debris will be pushed around instead of sucked in, it adds a substantial amount of extra suction.

Additionally, this vacuum has an incredibly low clearance and a highly maneuverable head. These two facts combined meant that it was able to reach just about everywhere the broom could. If you are willing to get low, this vacuum has a more extended reach to get under furniture than a broom since it continues to work even when parallel with the floor.

Other Surfaces

While the effectiveness of the vacuum head was underwhelming on most carpets, there was one carpeted surface that it proved more effective on than my powerful corded vacuum. And that was on lightweight area rugs.

Vacuuming lightweight rugs can be challenging because the corners often get lifted and sucked into the vacuum. Because the T10 has multiple speed settings, it was easy to avoid this. By vacuuming the bulk of the rug on medium and then switching to low around the edges, I was able to quickly get the rug clean without it moving around and lifting.

Of course, with so many extra attachments, this vacuum is not only for floor cleaning. I was able to effortlessly clean my wood stairs, dust tabletops, clean vents, and a lot more.

In each situation I tried them in, these attachments performed as well as or better than expected. The only complaint I have is that the output vents on the power unit point straight to the side. This meant that, when working with the attachments connected directly to the power supply, a lot of what I was trying to vacuum up got blown around before I could get to it.

Overall, though, I was pleasantly impressed with this vacuum’s cleaning power. I plan to use it exclusively for cleaning my hardwood floors and stairs. And I see no problem breaking it out for those touch-up carpet cleans in-between deeper cleans done with my corded vacuum.

Battery Life

hardwood cleaning performance of DreamTeach T10

Battery life is definitely one area where this product fell a little short. But, considering how small and lightweight the battery is, this wasn’t entirely surprising.

The unit is advertised as having a 60-minute battery life. But this only holds true if you use it exclusively in eco/low mode. I only found this mode useful for vacuuming the edges of lightweight area rugs and using the attachments on furniture.

I had the speed set to medium for most tasks and would occasionally throttle up to high to clean larger, heavier area rugs. In my house, which is predominantly hard flooring, I was able to get an average of 23 minutes of battery life out of the vacuum before it died. This translated to about half the house getting done for each charge.

Considering that it takes a long 3.5 hours to recharge the battery, this may not be an acceptable runtime for those with larger houses or who like to do all their cleaning at once. But if you tend to focus only on one room at a time or plan to use your stick vac more to spot clean, the battery life will probably be adequate.


Where the DreameTech T10 truly shines is in the realm of usability. With so many attachments, such a lightweight build, and all the different settings, there is no limit to how you can put this nifty stick vacuum to use.

Out of the Box

packaging of the DreameTech T10

When I first unboxed this new vacuum, I didn’t know a lot about it, which led to me feeling a little overwhelmed by all the parts and pieces I was pulling out of the package. But once I realized that most of what I was seeing were extra attachments, I quickly understood just how easy this thing is to use.

contents of DreameTech T10

Straight out of the box, the unit had about a ten-minute charge on it, which was enough for me to play around with the various heads and extensions.

In addition to all these pieces, the unit also comes with a handy docking station. The power unit fits nicely into the dock for charging, and there are places to store all the various attachments, so nothing gets misplaced.

Different Attachments

different attachment heads of DreameTech T10 vacuum

With all the different heads and extensions this product comes with, there are seemingly endless ways you could put it together to get different tools. You can attach each head straight to the power unit, the extension rod, or the flexible hose extension.

I’ve estimated about a dozen different options depending on how you mix and match. Some configurations, obviously, are more useful than others, but you never know what you might find will work best for your home.

All of this is to say; this vacuum is highly usable. It quickly takes the place of a broom, a duster, a handheld vacuum and works well enough on most surfaces to compete with your corded vacuum.

Different Settings

control settings of DreameTech T10

Unlike the T20 and T30, the T10 has relatively few settings, but it still has more going on than most vacuums. There are three speeds you can toggle between: eco, medium, and turbo. After years of suffering through vacuums with only two modes–carpet and hard floor–I really enjoyed this feature.

The only other setting on the vacuum is a lock function. Pressing this button locks the vacuum into the power-on mode, which means you no longer have to hold the trigger down to keep the unit running. To power it off, all you need to do is tap the trigger again.

The trigger, I have to point out, is very sensitive. Even the slightest nudge will kick the unit on or off. It wasn’t a huge deal, but it did affect how I had to hold the vacuum to keep my fingers well away from the trigger. Still, I found the handle comfortable enough, no matter how I positioned my hand.


DreameTech T10 vacuum with attachment

There is no question about the ingenious design of this vacuum – both in how it works and how it all fits together. I get the impression that the same dedication also went into the manufacturing of the unit.

All the separate pieces feel solid and durable. The connection points are well made and attach in a way that means they aren’t likely to snap or get jammed. All the moving parts appear durable as well. I continue to be incredibly impressed with the V-shaped brush on the main vacuum head, which still has yet to get a single hair or thread wrapped around it.

This vacuum is a little high in price compared to other stick vacuums out there, but given all the functions and its quality, the price tag seems fair. That price does include a 1-year warranty, as well.


DreameTech T10 with an empty dustbin

The T10 seems like it will be fairly easy to maintain over the long run.

The dustbin is easy to empty – you only have to open the bottom. You can also completely detach it from the power unit and take it apart to clean all the inner workings. Similarly, you can remove the vacuum heads’ brushes by turning a knob.

The dust cup has a rather small capacity, meaning you’ll have to empty it frequently. While cleaning my house after a filthy weekend of working in the yard with multiple extra pets and people, I had to dump the dust cup about twice per battery life.

Beyond this frequent maintenance, the manual also recommends cleaning the dust cup every month, the prefilter every three months, and the cyclone system twice a year. The HEPA filter is also easily washable with water and should be cleaned every 4 to 6 months.


If you are looking for a well-made, versatile cordless stick vacuum at a higher price, the DreameTech T10 is absolutely worth considering. But if you need something that can tackle your carpets almost as well as a corded vac, you may want to consider the Dyson V8 instead.

This vac offers much of the same benefits as the T10 but with a similar suction power rating of 115 AW. It also has a longer battery runtime at about 40 minutes in max mode. The downside? It is about twice the price of the T10.

If the price of the T10 already had you balking, then you may want to consider the Dibea D18 stick vac. This cordless vacuum is about one-third the price of the T10. It isn’t as powerful as either of the above options but works well enough for hard flooring and low-pile carpets. It does come with fewer accessories as well.

FeaturesDreameTech T10Dyson V8Dibea D18
Cleaning power20,000 PaPA not advertised
115 AW
9,000 Pa
Attachments included3 nozzles, 2 vacuum heads, 2 extensions2 nozzles, 2 vacuum heads, 2 extensions3 nozzles, 1 vacuum head, 1 extension

Things to Consider Before Buying

Cordless stick vacuums are more maneuverable and easier to use than traditional vacuums, but they often aren’t as powerful. Before you invest in a new stick vac, there are a few things you should consider to determine if a cordless vacuum is right for your needs and to help you narrow down your search.

  • Carpets or hard floors – Consider what the predominant flooring type is in your home. If it is a thick pile carpet, a cordless vacuum isn’t likely to get the job done. But if it is mostly hardwood and thin rugs, a stick vac could be the better choice.
  • Size of your home – Cordless vacs run on batteries with varying run times. If you have an extra-large home, you will need a long-lasting battery. But even the top vacs on the market may not offer enough run time to finish your home in one sweep.
  • Functionality – Do you need your vacuum just to be a vacuum cleaner, or do you want it to sweep, dust, and everything in between? Many stick vacuums come with multiple attachments to tackle any project.
  • Budget – If your budget is on the lower end, you are better off investing in a low-priced corded vac than a cordless one. But if you can afford something a little more expensive, you’ll have cordless options that are almost as good as similar priced corded vacs.


Cordless stick vacuums give you the ability to clean your home from top to bottom with untethered efficiency, but they are only worth it if they can deliver an effective clean. The DreameTech T10 is highly functional, impressively powerful, and built to a quality that matches the price.

This cordless vacuum is perfect for cleaning hard surfaces from the floor to the ceiling. While it doesn’t match quality corded vacuums in carpet cleaning potential, it does enough to get the job done between deeper cleans. And with multiple speed settings and a dozen different configurations, I have no doubt you’ll find many uses for this versatile vacuum for years to come.

Click here to learn more about what makes the DreameTech T10 so much fun to use or to buy one for yourself today.

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