How To Remove Mold From The Shower – Quickly and Easily

No matter how often you clean your shower, it is likely that at some point (especially during the colder months) you have noticed some mold growing. And once it start’s growing, it doesn’t take long before it seems to be in every crack and crevice!

shower mold

If you find yourself in this situation, then there is no need to stress. There are some relatively easy ways to remove mold from your shower area.

Read on to find out how…

How To Get Rid Of Black Mold In The Shower

Removing most mold from the shower recess is actually pretty easy. The drain hole/plug hole one of the most common spots for mold to grow, take a look at the pic below for a before and after pic.

remove black mold in shower

See what I mean? Full of mold….but how did we get rid of it? Thankfully – the steps are pretty simple.

But first, some safety points:

  • When using bleach always make sure you have adequate ventilation and wear a respirator
  • Wear gloves
  • Wear old clothes – if you splash bleach on your clothes it leaves spots where the color is severely faded

For more info on safety when using bleach, see this page.

Now for the steps:

  1. Mix a solution of 1 part bleach to 2 parts water (it doesn’t have to be exactly measured)
  2. Spray the mold affected areas and let it sit for 5-10 minutes
  3. The mold may have started to fade away. Take a course brush and clean out the plug hole as much as you can
  4. You may need to use a smaller brush such as an old toothbrush to get into all the small spots
  5. Rinse off the dirty water/bleach and there you have it nice and clean!

Are your bathroom floors dirty? See our best steam mop article for an easy way to keep them clean.

How To Remove Mold From Shower Grout

Shower grout is particularly susceptible to mold due to the fact that it is porous and holds water for longer. For this reason, you will often see mold growth in grout before anywhere else.

The procedure to get rid of this pesky mold on shower walls is very similar to the method I mentioned above.

If your grout is colored, then steer clear of bleach as it can cause the color to fade and go for one of the alternative solutions for cleaning mold at the end of this article.

  1. Grab your bleach solution we mixed up earlier in the spray bottle (1 part bleach to 2 parts water)
  2. Spray the bleach solution onto the mold affected grout. If you have the time, then spray all the grout in the shower
  3. Take your nylon brush and scrub the mold from the shower grout
  4. Rinse off with clean water

How To Remove Mold From Shower Caulk

how to remove mold from shower caulk
Mold on shower caulk can be a little more difficult to remove sometimes, so the procedure is slightly different.

To remove mold from shower caulking you will need:

  • A small bowl or similar to mix a solution in
  • Some bleach
  • Baking soda
  • Plastic wrap (the stuff from your kitchen is fine)
  • A disposable paint brush

Once you have your items, use the following steps to remove mold from shower caulk:

  1. Put some baking soda in your bowl and slowly add small amounts of bleach until you have a paste-like substance (make more than you need, you don’t want to run out and this is cheap stuff)
  2. Grab the paint brush and use it to apply the paste to the mold
  3. Use the plastic wrap to cover the paste on the mold – this may be a bit difficult depending on the location – just do what you can
  4. Leave it to sit for at least 1 – 2 hours
  5. Remove the plastic covering and clean off the paste (which may have dried out). If your mold is gone then you are done. If the mold is still there then start again

Natural Options For Removing Mold (Bleach Free)

bathroom mold removal

Bleach is great for removing mold, but to be honest – it isn’t the greatest stuff to expose yourself too. So for those of you that prefer more natural options for removing mold then you can try substituting bleach for any of the following.

White Vinegar: Vinegar is a great natural cleaner and is known to kill most varieties of mold. It can be applied as straight vinegar or diluted slightly if the smell is too strong for you.

Baking Soda: Mix baking soda with small amounts of water to form a paste and let it sit on the mold affected area for 10 – 20 minutes. Then use a bit of elbow grease and a nylon brush to scrub that mold out of existence! If you want to make a stronger paste, then use vinegar instead of water – just don’t use too much vinegar as this is also the method to make the famous model volcano.

How To Remove Mold From Shower Curtains

Shower curtains made from plastic or PEVA often stay damp for long periods of time and thus, are mold loves to grow there.

Luckily, it is reasonably easy to get rid of:

Method 1: Baking Soda + Vinegar

  1. Remove the shower curtain
  2. Throw it into your washing machine along with some bath towels – they stop it from crinkling and actually act like scrubbing sponges
  3. Add 1/2 a cup of baking soda and your normal laundry detergent and start the cycle
  4. When the washing machine gets to the rinse cucle add 1/2 a cup of vinegar
  5. Hand the curtain out on the line to dry

If you find that you still have some mold on your shower curtain, then you can try again. Because the curtain is made of plastic and blocks water, it may simply have been because the solution did not really get onto all parts of the curtain.

If you have tried this method a couple of times (or if you just want to use the strongest method the first time), then move onto the bleach method.

Read our guide on non-toxic shower curtains.

Method 2: Bleach

  1. Once again put the curtain into your washing machine with some bath towels
  2. Grab a bucket and mix up a solution of 1/2 cup of bleach and 1/4 cup of your normal laundry detergent
  3. Fill the rest of the bucket with water – but do NOT add it to the washing machine yet.
  4. Start the wash cycle and once the washing machine has filled with water add your bleach solution (this is to make sure you don’t ruin your towels!)
  5. When the cycle is finished hand the curtain out on the line

You may need to do this twice to make sure the curtain is fully clean.

If you still find you have some mold left – then you may need to lay the curtain out on a large flat surface and scrub it off.

Learn More About Mold

Learn more about mold in the following articles:



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2 thoughts on “How To Remove Mold From The Shower – Quickly and Easily”

  1. “Throw (your shower curtain) into your washing machine along with some bath towels (apparently they stop it from crinkling)”

    It’s not just to stop the crinkling: the towels will act as scrubby sponges on the curtain, cleaning it off with zero elbow grease on your part!

    Great tips, btw, thanks for sharing!

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