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Keep Your Garden Shed Safe from Burglars

garden shed securityIt seems, these days, no backyard or garden is complete without a garden shed. As an essential storage solution for homeowners, a garden shed can be used for tidying away everything from bikes to lawnmowers, and from gardening equipment to children’s outdoor toys. They can be used to house other household items of value, and can even be used as an extension of your home – as a guest house for friends and family who visit, or yourself as a self-contained outdoor space to escape to and unwind.

However, it’s important to note that due to its outdoor location, a garden shed can often be in a compromising and unsafe position. Garden sheds can easily be targets for thieves and intruders, particularly if they are easily visible from the street. As most homeowners tend to put more importance on securing their residential home, garden sheds often get forgotten, and therefore they face a greater chance of theft. Just like your home, it is important to ensure your garden shed is secured properly from the outside-in, to deter thieves and keep your personal goods yours.

Garden Shed Security Tips

Visibility and Placement
garden shed securityThe best advice any homeowner could receive on home safety is prevention. Ensuring measures are put in place to stop theft from happening in the first place is key to keeping your property safe. For example, it’s never a wise idea to place your garden shed in a location which is easily visible to passers-by.

Keep it out of view by placing it in a secluded area of your garden so if someone does happen to walk by, they will not notice it. You could install fencing or tall vegetation around the perimeter of your property to help hide your shed from plain sight, and this can be done with the help of a landscape gardener or fencing specialist. Just note these installations should not be positioned too close to the shed or they could potentially work against you and your safety.

By installing a fence or tall trees, you are making it more difficult for burglars to enter your property. It’s important to keep in mind that you should be able to observe your shed from all sides – particularly so it doesn’t give anyone an opportunity to lurk behind it. Another thing to consider is the number of windows built into your shed. Here, less is more as you don’t want to draw unnecessary attention to what is stored inside, so keep your windows to a minimum.


Safety Devices
Irrespective of your budget, there are a wide number of devices that you can install to ensure your shed stays safe from intruders. As stated above, prevention is key. Your first, and most affordable, set of defences is a simple strong lock and key combination. The lock should be robust enough to prevent a door from being knocked down with a hard kick. You also want to ensure the screws used to build your shed are not easily removable. If they cannot be removed, then better.

With the help of modern-day technology, you have several safety options including CCTV cameras, motion sensors and alarm systems. CCTV is an excellent theft deterrent and will make any criminal think twice about breaking and entering. Although costly to install, CCTV cameras are great for gathering incriminating evidence, including identification of the offender. This was very much proven in the aftermath of the 2011 London riots, where CCTV footage led to the arrest of more than 5000 criminal offendors.

garden shed security tipsWith a residential alarm system, you are adding additional piece of mind to your home’s safety. Primarily motion-activated, alarms tend to be connected to windows or entryways including doors. To set the alarm you enter a numerical code, and to disable the alarm you re-enter that same numerical code. If you fail to enter the numerical code whilst the alarm is set, the alarm will trigger and will automatically send for the police or other security professionals to visit and investigate the cause of the alarm.

Motion sensors, or motion detectors, work by detecting movement in an area. If a motion sensor is tripped, a signal is sent to your home’s alarm panel which is connected to a monitoring centre, and thereby alerts the monitoring centre that there is a potential intruder on your premises. Motion sensors work together with residential alarm systems and together can form a powerful defensive unit-even the threat of one was found to have deterred 60% of criminals polled in an anonymous survey in the USA.


Whilst there is no definitive solution to keeping your possessions safe and out of the hands of burglars, it’s always wise to take preventive steps to avoid theft from happening in the first place. The main takeaways are to make your space as uninteresting as possible for thieves. By making it difficult to enter your premises and by securing your property with many common, yet highly effective, safety devices, you will be in a better position to persuade offenders from targeting you. Always remember to keep your valuables locked away and out of sight of prying eyes, and to ensure complete peace of mind, install a few technically-aided security devices to guarantee you have the best defence possible.

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