Enviroklenz Mobile UV Air Purifier Review

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Enviroklenz UV Model Air Purifier

Our Rating:

Key Features:

Industrial-grade air filtration, absorbs 99.9% of viruses and bacteria

Upkeep is relatively minimal

Odorless, sturdy, and easily moveable

Elegantly designed to easily match your home decor

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Highly Effective Air Purifier for Homeowners Serious About Clean Air

The Enviroklenz UV Model Air Purifier was designed for powerful purification of everything from viruses to noxious fumes. The technology for their filtration system was developed for (and is still used) by the US military to destroy toxic chemicals used in warfare and those produced by industrial processes. 

So, if you are wondering if this purifier will be enough to get rid of that burnt fish smell or remove pollen from the air, the answer is… absolutely!

Using a patented earth-mineral powered cartridge, a powerful true HEPA filter, and pathogen destroying UV-C lights, this Enviroklenz model brings industrial-grade air filtration right into your home. If that’s what you’re looking for, then this purifier delivers. 

What won’t you get? An elegant, quiet purifier that matches your home decor. 

This is a powerful machine that looks and sounds the part. For those wanting casual air purification to freshen up the home, those pitfalls may be a deal-breaker. But, if you have health conditions, sensitivities, or are living in a polluted area, its drawbacks are worth overlooking.

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Review Criteria Ratings

Air Purifying Performance5/5
Build Quality5/5
Maintenance and Upkeep4/5
Operating Costs3/5


  • Powerful air filtration
  • Virus, bacteria, and mold neutralization
  • Durable construction with wheels
  • Zero off-gassing
  • Covers rooms up to 1,000 sq ft


  • Looks like an industrial unit
  • Loud
  • No indicator lights for filter or cartridge life
  • No timer or extra features
  • Not Energy Star rated

Should You Buy It?

If you have severe sensitivities to airborne chemicals and irritants or live with a compromised immune system, this is the only purifier worth looking at.

If what you are after is more of a set-it-and-forget-it home air freshening system, move along.

This machine is way more than you need.

Also Available on Amazon

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Air Purifying Performance

enviroklenz air purifier

Air purifying performance is where the Enviroklenz UV Model (Air System Plus) truly shined. You can tell what this purifier was made to do just by looking at it. The inner compartment and air intake vents are massive. And, even on low, you can feel the air being forced out of the unit.

This model utilizes three different methods to assure maximum purification in all categories.

  • Cartridge Filter – This thin filter, bolstered with a patented mix of earth minerals, catches hair and large debris while absorbing 99.9% of viruses and bacteria.
  • UV-C Lights – This pair of blue lights shines at a specific wavelength known to neutralize pathogens and mold without creating harmful ozone.
  • HEPA Filter – The oversized HEPA filter (about 4 inches thick) catches any remaining allergens, dust, dander, and microparticles.

Most quality air purifiers utilize a HEPA filter and some type of pre-filter or carbon filter. This model goes beyond that with their earth-mineral-enhanced cartridge that attracts and neutralizes microscopic pathogens and pollutants.

Enviroklenz UV Model Air Purifier performance results from Intertek
VOC test from Intertek, a third-party Total Quality Assurance provider

The UV-C lights are another upgrade you won’t find in most filtration units, even Ozonators. These specialized blue lights put out a controlled wavelength of 253.7nm that targets pathogens without creating any harmful by-products. This makes the UV Model safer for use around children and pets than a typical Ozonator. The unit also contains a built-in kill switch that deactivates the lights and motor if you remove the back panel. This feature prevents UV exposure.

Real-Life Results

Setting up all of these high-tech features was a snap. It took less than five minutes and only required glancing at an easily decipherable set of graphics.

The guide recommends running the unit for 24 to 48 hours on low to allow it to acclimate to your home. We started this before bed and already noticed a difference in the air quality when we woke up; it smelled like… nothing!

Unlike other units that use fragrances or ozone to force fresh-smelling air into your room, this unit only neutralizes odors, leaving you with fresh air that smells the way it naturally should, which is, apparently, like nothing at all.

After the initial “acclimation period,” we used the unit only after specific odorous issues arose. The most notable of these was during a problematic meal-prep that left the kitchen smelling like burnt spices. I turned the unit on high, and by the time dinner was finished and cleaned up, you would have never known we had cooked anything at all.

The UV Model performed just as well for all our other odor tests.

While I can’t speak to the effectiveness of this purifier to remove pathogens or allergens from the air, I can say it effectively reduces smoke and odors and certainly made my house “feel” cleaner. 

Maintenance and Upkeep

enviroklenz Maintenance And Upkeep

Like all air purifiers, you will need to replace the UV model’s filters periodically.

According to the manufacturer, you should change the cartridge about once every six months. It will cost you $99 per cartridge or $79 with the auto-replacement program.

As for the UV-C lights, they will last between 18 months and two years with everyday use. Two convenient indicator lights on the front of the unit will tell you when either of these bulbs has burnt out. This set will cost you $40 per order or $32 with the auto-replacement program.

The HEPA filter will last for two years, with a new one costing $150 for a single order or $120 with the auto-replacement program.

That’s a total cost of about $600 for maintenance every two years. Running this purifier is not cheap. But if you suffer from respiratory ailments or other conditions aggravated by environmental pollutants and pathogens, this is a small price to pay for something that works.

enviroklenz replaceable parts

Beyond the cost of maintenance, the upkeep on this item is relatively minimal. You should periodically wipe down the vents and surfaces, but otherwise, this machine is an easy keeper.

Operating Costs

Buying replacement filters for this purifier isn’t the only thing that is going to cost you.

Because the UV Model is not Energy Star Certified or outfitted with any other power-saving features, it does cost a bit more to run than other units.

You can expect to pay about $10 per month to run this purifier on a regular basis. Using the purifier without the UV lights turned on will save some money but will not make a huge difference in overall costs.

Build Quality

enviroklenz uv air purifier build quality

In major contrast with most home air purifiers, the Enviroklenz models utilize very little plastic, a feature that I really like.

The outer shell is made of powder-coated metal that can stand up to the bumps and dings of everyday living. It has a nice slick surface that is easy to clean with just a wet rag. The inner filter shelves and tags are also metal, so no worrying about parts breaking off or wearing down.

The back panel, which slides easily in and out for maintenance, is also made entirely of metal. Even the HEPA is encased in metal, and both it and the cartridge are lined with diamond lath to help them keep their integrity no matter what you (or the mailman) throw at them.

At 38 pounds, this purifier is definitely sturdy. Thankfully, it comes with four easy-roll wheels on the bottom so you can maneuver it around as needed.

The Enviroklenz UV Model is nothing if not durable. It’s also made in the USA and comes with a 5-year warranty just if something does manage to break.


enviroklenz control panel

In terms of ease of use, this purifier really could not get any simpler.

The control panel features one knob that controls the fan output and one switch that turns the UV-C lights on. Beyond that, there are two indicator lights for the bulbs and a power indicator light. The purifier comes with a nice, detailed instruction manual, but you won’t need that to figure out how to operate it.

This no-frills setup is nice in some ways but also leaves a lot to be desired.

There is no timer or remote control. And the fan settings are limited to whisper, low, medium, and high. The unit also lacks any type of indicator light to remind you when it is time to change the various filters.

Depending on how sensitive you are, there may also be some limitations to using this purifier around the house.

Even on “whisper” mode, it puts out a good deal of noise–about 54 decibels, a bit louder than your refrigerator. At the highest setting, it reaches 62 decibels, which is about as loud as an air conditioning unit running 100 feet away. It’s a nice, white noise sound, but you will definitely notice it.

In addition to the noise factor, the control panel features a power indicator light that stays illuminated while the unit is plugged in, even if it is turned off. For me, this would be a bigger problem than the noise for using this unit in the bedroom while I slept.

Overall, the Enviroklenz UV Model is super easy to use but lacks many features that some customers may want. It is also a bit noisy and has a bright light on the front, limiting when and where you want to use it.


The Enviroklenz UV Model is an excellent choice if your biggest concern is effective air cleaning. Still, if you are equally interested in finding a unit that looks good in your home, we recommend the Alen BreatheSmart 75i Air Purifier

This sleek and stylish machine packs similar purifying capabilities (when purchased with the most advanced filter system) as the UV Model, but with a look more people will appreciate. And it comes in 9 different front panel finishes to match it to your home’s aesthetic. 

If what you’re really after is an air purifier that you can run continuously without wasting a lot of energy or one that is quieter than the UV Model, the AirMax 10L Pro Smart Air Purifier is worth a look.

This model effectively purifies medium spaces and comes with an eco-mode option that uses less energy and runs at just 24 decibels. The AirMax is Energy Star Certified and has a sleeker look than the UV Model.

FeaturesEnviroKlenz UV ModelAlen BreatheSmartAirMax 10L Pro
Decibel Range54 to 6225 to 4924 to 51
Purifying Power99.9% of pathogens plus odors, allergens, toxic chemicals, and more99.99% of allergens plus pathogens odors, and smoke (when used with highest grade filters)99.97% of pollutants plus allergens, odors, and harmful gases
Extra FeaturesUV-C lights for extra pathogen eradication9 color options, Energy Star Certified, timer, auto-modeEco-mode, auto-mode, child lock, Energy Star Certified

Things to Consider Before Buying

There are a lot of reasons to consider getting an air purifier. 

Simple, low-cost units can help remove lingering odors and freshen up your home. More advanced (and pricey) units can go a long way to improve air quality. They can neutralize harmful VOCs and pollutants, kill pathogens, and remove allergens.

The type of product you should buy is largely determined by what exactly you want to use it for. A small, low-quality purifier will not be enough for someone with allergies, asthma, or other health issues. Similarly, a super-powerful purifier will be too much for the casual user who just wants a fresher-smelling home.

But your intended use isn’t the only thing that should go into your decision to buy a new air purifier. Here are a few more things to consider to help you narrow down your search.


If you suffer from allergies, asthma, or are otherwise highly sensitive to airborne pollutants and pathogens, you need an air purifier built for one purpose: to effectively clean the air in your home. The Enviroklenz UV Model Air Purifier can definitely get that done.

Thanks to a military-grade air cartridge, pathogen-killing UV-C lights, and a monster HEPA filter, the Enviroklenz purifier makes quick work of odors and pathogens to leave your home smelling fresh and feeling cleaner. And it does so in a way that truly leaves the air healthier without relying on fragrances or questionable purifying practices.

This is a big, powerful machine that certainly looks and sounds the part. But if that is what you need to keep yourself and your home healthy, then this is the only purifier worth considering.

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