The 5 Best Quiet Fans of 2017

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best quiet fans

best tower fanIt is a well known fact that average temperatures are going up, and this means that those stinking hot days are coming thicker and faster than ever before. So now, more than ever it is important to have a good fan to help keep you comfortable when the mercury soars! Yep fans are great, but that buzzing/whirring sound that they make? Not so great. Choosing a quiet fan is hard to do sometimes, as you can’t always turn them on at the store before you spend your hard earned cash – and when you can, it’s too noisy to hear them anyway! So we have done the hard work for you and put together the ultimate list of the best quiet fans.

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The Best Quiet Fan – What We Look For

When testing for our list of the best quiet fans we look for the following qualities.

Noise Level: Pretty obvious that this would be one of the main criteria hey? The noise level of a fan is actually quite hard to quantify, yes you can take a dB reading, but because fans are generally fairly quiet anyway it really depends on the environment you are in. For example: if you test a fan in a department store then of course it is going to sound quiet, but when you take the same fan home and turn it on that night when it is dead quiet the exact same fan can sound like a fighter jet is taking off in your room. So we test each fan in a number of environments and make a judgement from there.

Foot Print: It is actually quiet easy for manufacturers to make a quiet fan, just make it huge with big blades. But that is not always practical, so the space that the fan takes up in a room is taken into account.

Speed Settings: Have you ever had one of those fans where it has 3 speed settings? ‘Fast’, ‘bloody fast’ and ‘is that a hurricane?’ Yeah I have too and I hate them, the speed settings that they have preset never seem to be right for me. So it stands to reason that fans with more speed settings offer a greater level of control and thus; a greater level of comfort.

Extra Features: We also look at any additional features that the fan might have and how well they work. Common features include shut off timers and remote controls.

Our Top Pick

In a hurry and want the best? Well you can't go past the Rowenta VU2531 Turbo Silence Oscillating Table Fan. Featuring good strong air movement, and a maximum noise level of 55 decibels this fan is sure to impress.

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Rowenta VU2531 Turbo Silence Oscillating 12-Inch Table Fan

best quiet fans for bedroom

Price: check price
Perfect for: Anyone who doesn’t have the space for a pedestal or tower fan

When you haven’t got room for a pedestal or tower fan, then you can probably find a spot on a flat surface for a table fan. The Rowenta VU2531 rates at the top of our list for the best quiet fans with good reason.

At a maximum noise level of 55 dB (about the background noise of a quiet suburb), the Rowenta VU2531 is a nice and quiet fan that even the fussiest of sleepers won’t have a problem with.

The main features include:

  • 4 way speed controller
  • 5 bladed fan for super quiet cooling
  • Noise range of 38 – 55 dB
  • Moves 1,695 cubic feet of air per minute

The 12 inch size means it moves a decent amount of air, while still keeping a fairly small footprint. It fits neatly on a coffee table, tall boy or book case.

Having the fourth speed setting gives you fine control of the fan speed, getting a comfortable amount of air movement is easy with the Rowenta VU2531 table fan.

Available from many online stores including Amazon, this fan is not too hard to get your hands on.

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Honeywell HY-280 Quiet set Tower Fan

best quiet room fan

Price: check price
Perfect for: Smaller rooms where a floor standing fan is preferred.

I remember the first tower fan I owned, I never used it when I was sleeping because it sounded like someone had started up a rotary engine in my bedroom. Well this certainly is not the case with the Honeywell HY-280 tower fan, this is one of the quietest tower fans I have ever heard.

The Honeywell HY-280’s features include:

  • 8 speed levels
  • Digital display with adjustable thermostat
  • Shut off timer
  • Remote control

I love the shut off timer on this fan, you can set it before you go to bed and the fan will automatically switch itself off when the preset amount of time has elapsed so you don’t wake up cold in the early hours of the morning. You will have no trouble falling asleep with the HY-28o in your room as it is whisper quiet and the oscillating function works well and easily fills even larger rooms with moving air.

This fan has a tiny foot print and easily sits in a corner or packs away into a closet.

The Honeywell HY-280 is available from Amazon.

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Rowenta VU5551 Turbo Silence Oscillating 16-Inch Stand Fan

best fan

Price: check price
Perfect for: A lounge room or large bedroom

16 inches of silent, cool bliss – that’s what the Rowenta VU5551 stand fan is, this baby knows how to more air, and it knows how to do it quietly.

The Rowenta VU5551 Features:

  • 4 way speed control
  • 16″ 5 bladed fan for super quiet cooling
  • Moves up to 1695 cubic feet of air per minute
  • Maximum noise level of 57dB (about the noise level in a standard library)
  • Height adjustable (42 – 54 inches)
  • Remote control

You do pay a bit of a premium for this fan but that is because this fan is seriously well built, it’s German heritage shows and there has been serious work go into the design of the VU5551.

The stands base is nice and wide so it does not knock over easily if you have small children around and the height adjust-ability means you can move the controls up out of reach of babies and toddlers.

The Rowenta VU5551 really is a very quiet fan and it is top quality. If you are after a pedestal fan then be sure this one is on your list of those to check out.

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Honeywell HTF210B Quiet Set Table Fan

best quiet fans

Price: check price
Perfect For: A bedside table, office desk or a motel room.

Some of us just want a small fan to sit next to the bed for those hot nights where we just cant get comfortable. The Honeywell HTF210B table fan is perfect for this, it is small, easy to move around and is nice and quite.

Notable features:

  • 4 way speed control
  • Auto shut off timer
  • Oscillation
  • DC motor for efficient energy use and safety

The size of the HTF210B is almost unbelievably small, you would not think that a fan of this size could move a decent amount of air – but it does! Honeywell have put a lot of time into the research and design of their fans and it really shows here.

The DC motor is great, the fan is much more efficient than one with an AC motor and it is also surprisingly quiet for its size.

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Lasko 2554 42-Inch Wind Curve Tower Fan

best tower fanPrice: check price
Perfect for: A home lounge room or office space

While the Lasko 3554 tower fan may not be the quietest fan on our list, it does fairly well for the amount of air it moves – which is a lot! It’s size and power makes it suitable for a much larger space than most of the others on or best quiet fans list so if you are trying to cool a big room – give this a try.

The Lasko 5445 features:

  • 3 way speed control
  • Air ionizer
  • Auto shut off timer
  • Remote control

This fan is a #1 best seller for a reason, it really packs a punch and is relatively quiet for its size. It stands up nice and sturdy and you will safe with it even around your toddlers, the tower style also will give you some peace of mind as little fingers can’t get to the blades.

Whether you prefer a modern look or are a fan of the older styles of decorating, the Lasko 2554 tower fan has been designed with style in mind and it will not look out of place in your home.

From what we have read, this fan will go for years without giving you any problems. It is well built and manufactured from quality parts and materials.

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The Best Quiet Fans

So there you have it, our pick of the best quiet fans available today. All of these fans are available on Amazon along with many more – head on over and check out the full range.

There are many other very good fans available but we couldn’t list them all. Do you have a fan in mind that we didn’t list here? Let us know in the comments!

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