Choosing The Right Pond Liner

Deciding on what pond liner to use when installing a garden pond is an important choice as it will be dependent on 3 things: What type of liner would work best in your Garden, The type of liner that is easier to install for your Garden, and finally, your Budget.

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Deciding Which Pond Liner to Choose

Whether it’s a typical pond liner (flexible pond liner), or a preformed pond liner (shell liner). Each type of pond liner and pond liner material will have its own Pros and Cons.

Use this simple guide to help you decide which one would best suit your Garden.

Typical Pond Liner (Flexible)


  • Flexible, Free-form Nature ensures Versatility
  • Widely Available
  • Generally Lower-Cost


  • Typically not as Strong
  • Installation requires more Planning

Preformed Pond Liner (Shell)


  • Ready-made, Reduces planning time
  • Usually easier to Install
  • Reduced margins of Error


  • Less versatile
  • Typically more Expensive

The Best Pond Liners of Each Type

Choosing a Typical Pond Liner (Flexible)

This is quite a straightforward task. First of all, find out what size of Liner you will require – accounting for length, width, and depth. Also, as a contingency, remember to buy slightly oversize – excess can be trimmed later on.

Many cheap materials are available, however, we strongly advise you purchase a high quality Liner with good thickness and quality. It is worth it in the long run as your pond will be far less likely to puncture or tear.

Remember to budget for a material to Line underneath you’re Pond Liner – to help cushion it against the bare ground. This is typically sand, although it is possible to purchase a dedicated product if you would prefer.

We recommend the Aquascape Pond Liner, it is of high quality – and is available in many different sizes to fit your Gardens plans.

Best Choice
Aquascape EPDM

Recommended Flexible Pond Liner

Aquascape EPDM 45 Mil Rubber Pond Liner

  • 45 mil thickness provides superior durability while maintaining the ability to stretch
  • Exceptional resistance to solar UV, ozone, and oxidation
  • Great for use in ponds, Pondless Waterfalls, and other water features; safe for fish and plants
  • Measures 8 x 10 Feet

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Choosing a Preformed Pond Liner (Shell)

As these ponds are ready-made, it is easier to picture and plan your Pond. This will make it easier to prepare your Garden and should speed up the construction process.

That said, it is paramount you invest in a high-quality Preformed Liner as cheap models can be prone to snapping or cracking.

As with the Typical Pond Liner, be sure to invest in a material to Line underneath your Preformed Pond.

We recommend the Algreen Avonlea Rigid Pond Liner, it is of high quality – and is available in many different sizes to fit your Gardens plans.

Best Choice
Algreen Avonlea Rigid Preformed Pond Liner

Recommended Shell Liner

Algreen Avonlea Rigid Preformed Pond Liner

  • 33 Gallon Rigid Preformed Pond Liner
  • Weather resistant/ durable and UV stable
  • Flat base for stable plant and pump placement
  • Fish and plant safe
  • 33 gallon rigid preformed pond liner

Whatever Pond Liner you choose, be sure to inspect and check it for damage or wear and tear – before installing. It is also worth test-filling it partially, to ensure there are no nasty surprises.

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