Grelife 24″ Space Heater Review

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Grelife 24" space heater

Our Rating:

Key Features:

Uses PTC heating technology for fast, energy-efficient, and safe heating 

Constructed using V0 flame retardant materials

Comes with an oscillating feature

Loaded with safety features like auto shut-off and child-lock

A Safe, Simple, and Powerful Space Heater for Small Rooms

The Grelife 24” space heater (model LE-HP003) is sleek and compact, allowing it to fade into the background of any room. The PTC heating technology, thermal insulated cover, and tip-over and over-heat sensors also make it safer to use. But what impressed us the most was the heating capacity.

This little heater puts out an impressive amount of heat immediately upon powering up. And it comes with some unique features like a floor-level night light. While it left some things to be desired in terms of functionality, this compact heater scores high when it comes to warming up a room.

Review Criteria Ratings

Overall Rating4/5


  • Puts out a lot of heat
  • Pushes out hot air immediately
  • Adjustable floor-level night light
  • Convenient remote dock
  • Multiple safety features


  • No high/low fan setting
  • Remote could be better quality
  • Takes time to safely power down

Should You Buy It?

If you’re looking for a powerful but small space heater for use in the bedroom, office, or other smaller spaces, the Grelife 24” makes a great buy. It doesn’t have as many settings as other models, but for straightforward heating, it gets the job done.

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Grelife Space Heater Overview

packaging inclusions of the Grelife 24” space heater

The Grelife 24” Oscillating Space Heater utilizes PTC heating technology to warm up and distribute heat quickly. The ceramic stones inside the unit offer many advantages over traditional resistance wire.

Like other PTC heaters on the market, it delivers energy-efficient heating with fewer safety concerns and a lower risk of element failure.

The 24” is marketed as the company’s high-level unit, providing a better heating capacity than the non-oscillating 10” unit. It offers a more compact design and advanced features such as a night light.

Features of the Grelife 24” include:

  • Night light
  • Child lock
  • 12-hour timer
  • Tip over and overheat protection
  • Display backlight with 15s auto-off
  • Digital Control Panel
  • Remote control with convenient on-unit dock
  • Cool-touch thermal insulated cover
  • 75-degree oscillation
  • High, low, and Eco mode operation
  • Target temperature settings between 60 and 90 degrees
  • 15-hour auto-off
  • Memory function for quick startup

I had a chance to put all these features and more to the test with my hands-on Grelife 24” space heater review. Find out how this little unit performed and where it could use some improvements.

How the Grelife 24” Performs

This space heater has a unique slim and compact design that I immediately liked. But being able to place a heater easily in a room is only one piece of what makes a space heater useful. Below, I’ll tell you how the Grelife performed in terms of heating ability and which features were useful and which were lacking.

Grelife 24" Space Heater in the living room

Grelife 24” Space Heater Specifications at a Glance

Marketed SpecsOur Measurements
BTUAbout 4,859 BTU
Room CoverageOffice, bedroom, living roomAbout 250 sq ft
Noise Output48.5 dB
Wattage1500 watts905 watts (low), 1425 watts (high)
Cost to Run (8hrs/day)$1.15 to $1.84 per day

Heating Performance

Grelife 24” space heater on a table

The heating performance of this little unit was apparent the moment I turned it on. Almost immediately, hot air started flowing out. I’ve reviewed a lot of space heaters in my time, and this is not usually the case.

In terms of how quickly this thing heats up, it gets top marks.

The Grelife sustains that heating power impressively well, putting out a constant stream on both the high and low settings. This was one odd feature I can’t decide if I like or not because utilizing the same fan speed means that it produces as much noise no matter what setting it’s on.

According to my measurements, the noise output of both settings is 48.5dB.

Grelife did not advertise the BTU capacity of this unit. But based on my wattage measurements, it should be around 4,900 BTU on high. Depending on the outside temperature and insulation of the room, this makes it suitable for rooms up to about 250 square feet.

Overall, I was very impressed with the heating performance of this space heater.


photo showing Grelife 24” space heater’s floor-level night light

The Grelife 24” has a lot of nice features. The floor-level night light keeps the unit visible at night without shining a spotlight on your face while you sleep (and it can be turned off if desired). The huge digital display up front also dims after a few seconds.

This tower space heater is also equipped with a timer and lock settings. And it has a wide 75-degree oscillating range to distribute the hot air to cold spots.

One feature that I found less than useful was the Eco mode. Although this mode allows you to set the desired temperature between 60 and 90 degrees, the unit does not shut off when the room reaches the target temperature.

Instead, it switches to low. Considering how much heat the low setting still kicks out, this inevitably drives the room temperature over the target range. This won’t cause any issues if you’re trying to heat a perpetually cold room or a larger space.

The good thing is that this space heater is equipped with an auto shut-off feature which will shut the unit down after 15 hours of continuous use in any mode. It also has overheat protection and will automatically shut down if it gets knocked down.

picture showing Grelife’s remote control docked

The unit features two methods of control.

The first is with the large digital control panel on the front. This screen is so sleek that I didn’t even realize it was a touchscreen for the first week I used the unit. It is highly responsive and goes completely dark after 15 seconds so there’s no extra light disturbing your sleep.

The second is with the included remote control. This remote does not feel overly durable and doesn’t feature a backlight. But the unit does include a magnetic dock for it on top which makes it very easy to keep track of.

Alternative Space Heaters

The Grelife 24” space heater is a powerful heater at an affordable price. But if you want something with more functionality or that can cover a larger area, there are other options out there.

The Dreo 1500W PTC Electric Heater uses similar heating technology as the Grelife and offers fast, reliable heating. But it also includes extra settings like low, medium, and high heat and fan-only mode, making it more versatile for your heating needs.

For powerful heating of spaces up to 300 square feet, the Lasko Oscillating Bladeless Ceramic Tower Space Heater is a great choice. This unique heater uses ceramic disks and a flow-through air design to better disperse heat in larger spaces.

FeaturesGrelife 24 inchDreo 1500W PTCLasko Oscillating Bladeless Ceramic Tower
Power Rating1500 watts1500 watts1500 watts
Size24 inches16 inches27 inches
Notable FeatureCompact design4 speed settingsFlow-through air technology

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