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Is a 220V Heater More Efficient Than 110V?

Wondering if a 220V heater is more efficient than a 110V one? Explore the distinctions in wiring, energy consumption, and efficiency to find the right heater for your space.

warming hands on an oil filled heater

Are Oil Filled Heaters Efficient?

Oil filled heaters come with a long list of advantages. But are they energy efficient? In this answer guide, we look at how much energy oil filled heaters use and how much they cost to run.

Space heater in a home

How Many Amps Does a Space Heater Draw?

Wondering if your breaker has the amperage to run your new space heater? Find out how to calculate how many amps a space heater draws and what size breaker you need to safely run it.

1500w heater on the floor at home

How Many BTU is a 1500 Watt Heater?

Before you can figure out how many square feet your new space heater will cover, you need to know how many BTU it puts out. In this article, we look at how many BTU a 1500-watt heater puts out and provide three different methods for calculating BTU.

electric fireplaces on sale

When Do Electric Fireplaces Go On Sale?

Looking to add a beautiful and functional electric fireplace to your home but don’t have the budget to pay full price? We’ll tell you when the best time to find an electric fireplace on sale is, plus give you more tips on when to make the purchase.