FoodSaver VS7850 Vacuum Sealer Hands-On Review

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FoodSaver vs7850

Our Rating:

Key Features:

Built-in cutter on the lid 

Retractable accessory hose adaptor

Built-in vacuum bag roll storage

Moist setting

Marinate function

Countertop-Friendly, Commercial-Grade Food Vacuum Sealer that Keeps Food Fresh 5 Times Longer 

Buying food in bulk can give you more savings, but since fresh produce and meat are perishable and have a limited shelf life, you’re also increasing your chances of wasting tons of food. And, to be honest, you’re not really saving money if you’re throwing food into the bin before you could ever get the chance to cook them! 

The Foodsaver vs7850 promises to cut back food wastage and extend the lifespan of raw food and cooked meals five times longer, all while being user-friendly and maintaining a counter-top-friendly footprint.

Most households will find the Foodsaver vs7850 more practical to use versus large, commercial-grade food vacuum sealers on the market. And with add-on features like a built-in vacuum bag cutter, moist mode, and a retractable hose adapter, it makes food vacuum sealing convenient, quick, and mess-free. 

However, at a more premium price tag than other food vacuum sealers, it is, without a doubt, a huge investment that many will shy away from. 

Review Criteria Ratings



  • Easy to slide built-in cutter on the lid 
  • Handy vacuum bag roll storage
  • Commercial-grade vacuum seal 
  • Edge to edge seal for an airtight seal 
  • Moist setting
  • Marinate function
  • Removable and washable drip tray


  • Very steep price tag 
  • Adaptor only works with FoodSaver containers and vacuum bags.

Should You Buy It?

Many households will find the vs7850 more than capable of enough for their needs. It creates an airtight vacuum seal and has add-on features such as marinate and moist mode, a built-in vacuum bag cutter, a retractable hose adapter, and more. 

However, these features do not justify the steep price tag of the vs7850. Other options in the market provide the same level of seal and vacuum performance and extra features at a more wallet-friendly price point. 

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FoodSaver vS7850 Overview 

foodsaver vs7850

The Foodsaver vs7850 shares the same goal as other vacuum sealers in the market — to extend the shelf life of perishable food. And, the vs7850 met that goal with flying colors.

There is nothing special about the design of the vs7850. Its sports the familiar low-profile, rectangular shape which most residential-use food vacuum sealers also rock.

But rather than a flimsy all-plastic build, the vs7850 has a smooth, shiny stainless steel exterior construction (albeit only on the top section) that pleasantly adds a modern, sleek touch to the kitchen

The buttons (seal, seal/vacuum, moist/dry) are thoughtfully placed on the top of the vs7850. All three buttons are easy to press and literally take only one push to activate the device — a practical feat, especially when handling food.

Aside from being conveniently accessible, these separate three buttons make food vacuum sealing a pleasant and smooth experience overall. Even first-time vacuum sealer users won’t have a hard time operating the vs7850.

You don’t have to fuss around with vacuum bag size or use scissors (and probably mess the seal) because an easy-to-slide cutter is built-in directly on the lid of the vs7580. You can even minimize the vacuum bag loading frequency since the vs7850 has built-in storage for one roll – just pop the top open, load the included vacuum bag roll and you’re all set. 

On the right side, you will find the vs7850’s one main key selling feature, the retractable accessory hose adaptor. It is easy to slide in and out of the device, has impeccable suction power, and you can quickly activate it by pressing the accessory button.

However, once you have expended the free 5 Foodsaver zipper bags, you’ll have to shell out extra cash to purchase special bags and containers. During our test, the adaptor only works best with Foodsaver branded zipper bags and containers. And the marinate setting is only available for the adaptor. 

The plus side of the Foodsaver vs7850 is that it has Moist mode, which is convenient when you’re sealing leftover soup or want to retain the moisture and flavor of meat, vegetables, and other dishes — albeit, you have to extend your patience. 

How It Performs 

As we’ve mentioned, the Foodsaver vs7850 vacuum sealer is an impressive kitchen equipment that most households will find a joy to use. It is intuitive, beginner-friendly, and has exceptional sealing power and other features that make it extra convenient to store and extend the life of perishable food – whether it be meat, fruits, or leftover dinner. 


foodsaver vacuumn sealer roll storage

The vs7850 from Foodsaver is a no-fuss vacuum sealer that you can immediately use right out of the box. The modes or settings, cutter, and even the retractable hose adaptor are all thoughtfully (and cleverly, if we must say) positioned conveniently at the front. 

Using the Foodsaver vs7850 couldn’t be more straightforward. When you open the lid, the time-saving and convenient built-in vacuum storage roll lets you load one vacuum bag roll. Once you have it placed inside, you just have to pull the bag slightly over to the lid, and you’re ready to start sealing fresh or raw food. 

Of course, there will be a learning curve, but all it takes are four easy steps to start sealing. 

All you have to do is press the seal button to create an edge-to-edge seam, slide the built-in cutter, add your food to the bag, position the vacuum bag to the mouth of the sealer, and then press the Seal/Vacuum button. 

We found the built-in cutter conveniently handy because we didn’t have to reach for a pair of scissors and make a desperate attempt to cut straight. 

After a few seconds, you have an airtight sealed food ready to put in the freezer, refrigerator, or pantry. In our tests, the whole process only took around 30 seconds or more. Obviously, the larger the food item and bag, the longer the wait time will be.

The exact process goes when you choose Moist mode. But since this setting is geared towards retaining the food’s moisture, expect a longer sealing time. 

If you’re sealing marinated meat, clean-up is a breeze. A removable and washable drip tray will capture the excess juice. However, we don’t recommend adding extra marinate juice in the bag as it will overflow. 

foodsaver vacuum sealer accessory

Now for the retractable hose adaptor. 

You just position it over the opening of the zipper bag or container, press the Accessory button, and it will suck out all the air and moisture. However, you won’t be reaching for it all the time. Once you’ve used up all the free compatible vacuum zipper bags, you’ll have to pick up Foodsaver’s proprietary bags, which is another additional cost on your end. 

The upside is the zipper bags are reusable. 


While most vacuum sealers have an all-plastic build, the Foodsaver vs7850 utilizes plastic and stainless steel together. This choice of construction adds a premium feel to the sealer. However, the stainless steel panels are only available on the top section – the base, buttons, and the rest of the components are all plastic.

This is not entirely bad. The top stainless steel panels can make cleaning up a breeze, but for the most part, it’s more an aesthetic benefit rather than functional. 

Nonetheless, the overall quality of the Foodsaver vs7850 is exceptional. The modes, buttons, built-in vacuum storage and cutter, and retractable hose adaptor are well-thought-out and can withstand daily use.

FoodSaver vS7850 Alternatives

Despite the efficiency of the Foodsaver vs7850, its steep price tag and proprietary vacuum sealer bags and containers are not something most homeowners would look forward to. Luckily, you can find other models with the same power and performance as the Foodsaver vs7850. 

Here are three Foodsaver vs7850 alternatives: 

FeaturesINKBIRD Vacuum SealerGERYON Vacuum SealerPotane Vacuum Sealer
FunctionsSeal, Vac/Seal, Vacuum, moist/dry, hose portMoist/Dry, Vac/Seal, Seal, hose portDry, Moist, Delicate, Soft, Vac/Seal, Seal, Hose port
With Built-in cutterYesNoNo
With Built-in storage NoNoNo

Things To Consider Before Buying

Before picking up a food vacuum sealer for your household, here are some things you should consider: 

  • Modes or settings: Most vacuum sealers have additional moist/dry and marinate settings to lock in moisture and flavor. 
  • Bag cost: Can you use a universal vacuum bag or zipper, or are you limited to proprietary options? If the latter, you will be spending more in the long run. 
  • Price: The price range of a vacuum sealer can go from $30-$300 (or more). If you have a limited budget and don’t have a need for other sealing modes and extra features, a cheaper model will most certainly satisfy your household needs.

FoodSaver vS7850 – the Verdict

The Foodsaver vs7850 is a highly capable vacuum sealer for home use. It has all the bells and whistles for a quick and straightforward vacuum sealing of either fresh food or leftovers. 

Unfortunately, other models can offer the same efficiency and extra features at a significantly lower, more budget-friendly price point. Plus, you don’t have to pick up the Foodsaver’s proprietary zipper bags and containers to fully utilize the retractable hose adapter. 

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