Use Diatomaceous Earth To Kill Spiders Naturally

Sure, spiders might be natural, and they don’t mean us any harm – but not everyone wants them hanging around where we live! And not everyone wants to use possibly harmful chemicals to get rid of spiders. So how do we get rid of spiders naturally? With Diatomaceous earth!

Diatomaceous earth is a relatively safe and natural way to kill spiders. So put away those other pesticides, and learn how this cheap product can rid your home of those unwanted critters.

does diatomaceous earth kill spiders

How Diatomaceous Earth Works on Spiders

Diatomaceous earth is a fine powder like substance that is made up from the fossilized remains of tiny sea creatures (called diatoms). These sea creatures skeletons are made up of silica and collect at the bottom of rivers, lakes and oceans.

These areas are now mined by humans to extract the silica, and this is then used to make diatomaceous earth.

For the purpose of this article we will focus on spiders, but diatomaceous earth actually kills all types of insects.

According to the national pesticide information center, it works by getting stuck on the spiders exoskeleton, which it then damages and absorbs the oils and fats causing it to dry out. Ultimately killing the spider.

How To Use It

Applying diatomaceous earth for spiders is quite simple. It’s just a matter of applying an even coating wherever spiders may lurk or travel. It should be noted that the area where you are using Diatomaceous earth should be as dry as possible.

spider killing powder
Applying diatomaceous earth outdoors

Now obviously this is not possible on horizontal surfaces, but you can use it everywhere else.

We recommend using a dust spreader to apply it, but you you can also spread it evenly by hand in the following types of areas:

  • Along edges of walls or stairs
  • Garden beds or pot plants
  • Around the outside of the building

The diatomaceous earth will work for as long as it remains in place, so if you have an ongoing spider problem then you will want to re-apply regularly.

We have in an depth guide here: how to apply diatomaceous earth.

Safety Precautions

While diatomaceous earth is not poisonous, it can cause irritation to humans so it is important to take certain precautions when using it.

diatomaceous earth safety

  1. Wear gloves – people with sensitive skin may experience some irritation and dryness when handling diatomaceous earth
  2. Wear a breathing mask – if inhaled, diatomaceous earth can irritate the nasal passages and may cause shortness of breath and/or coughing
  3. Use food grade diatomaceous earth – using a food grade product means that it has been purified and is considered safe to be used around food preparation areas

Want to learn more? See our guide on natural ways to control pests

kill spiders naturally

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