Lawn Maintenance

Your lawn, like any other plant, has its own needs: carrying out lawn maintenance makes sure your grass stays healthier for longer.

Proper lawn maintenance goes beyond mere mowing and watering. There's an appropriate timing for seeding and fertilizing your growing grass to ensure an impressive green spread. There are also certain times when you should aerate, overseed and detatch your turf grass. There are even different heights you should mow your lawn depending on the time of year.

Read our in depth guides and learn how to keep your grass looking great year-round.

Recent Lawn Maintenance Articles

lawn soil that is healthy and not compacted
Aaron Green

How To Soften Hard Lawn Soil – The Fix and Prevention

Compacted soil kills your lawn slowly while leading to other serious problems such as flooding and nutrient runoff. Here, we'll show you how to loosen compacted soil so you and your lawn can breathe a little easier.

man using a lawn spreader to overseed
Aaron Green

The Best Grass Seed For Overseeding – For Cool Season and Warm Season Lawns

Overseeding is a great way to revive your lawn after a drought or disease, or a simple way to add some green to your winter lawn. But doing it right is important. Find out how to overseed your lawn, what type of seed to use, and when to do it for the best results.

how to overseed your lawn
Aaron Green

How to Overseed a Lawn – The Simple Guide

Overseeding your lawn is a great way to get lasting color all year long or revitalize neglected grass. We'll show you how to pick the right type of seed and walk you through the process of overseeding in this comprehensive how-to guide.

lawn maintenance plan
Aaron Green

Year-Round Lawn Care Schedule – From Winter To Fall

Maintaining a healthy, green lawn is not as easy as it looks. Let us help take the burden out of this chore with our super-useful, easy-to-follow lawn maintenance schedule.