packaging inclusions of the Lomi Home Composter

Lomi Composter Review – We Gave It a Hands On Test

Lomi composter promises to make real compost from table scraps right on your kitchen counter. Find out if this highly anticipated appliance did what it promised and if it’s worth the purchase.

full set of Legend Stainless Steel Copper Core and manual on a stove

Legend Cookware Review – Stainless Steel Copper Core Set

Legend Cookware’s 14-piece copper core set is as gorgeous as it is functional and costs less than the competition. But like other premier pots and pans, they aren’t for everyone. Find out what we loved and loathed about these pretty pans.

Carawary cookware set on a table

Caraway Cookware Review – We Gave It a Hands On Test

Caraway Cookware is 100% chemical-free and uses only environmentally friendly, non-stick ceramic-clad aluminum in all their pans. Find out why this is one of our favorite cookware sets of all time in our full hands-on product review.

man checking for induction cooktop problems

Induction Cooktop Problems: Causes and Solutions

Induction cooktops offer a ton of benefits for home chefs when they work. Unfortunately, these complex appliances are prone to malfunction. In this guide, we look at common induction cooktop problems, how to identify them, and how to solve them.

how induction cooking works featured

How Does Induction Cooking Work? What Is It and What Are the Benefits?

Induction ranges are so energy efficient, safe, and simple to use, they almost seem like they run on magic. In this article, we look at how induction cooking actually works, why these ranges require special cookware, and the advantages and disadvantages of these appliances.