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remove scratches from glass cooktop

How to Remove Scratches from a Glass Stovetop

Fancy glass stovetops have become the latest craze in kitchens because they are easy to clean, require little maintenance, and go with a contemporary kitchen style. But what happens when someone is careless while cooking and scratches the exterior? If you used the wrong cookware and accidentally caused damage, there

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best cookware for glass top stoves

Best Cookware for Glass Top Stoves in 2020

So, maybe you’ve just purchased a new home or made a major kitchen remodel. Either way, you’ve found yourself in possession of a shiny new glass top stove that you’re champing at the bit to use.  But…. Just before cracking out your old reliable cookware set, though, you recall that the

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A Quick Guide To Slate Kitchen Worktops

Slate worktops are affordable, versatile, durable and attractive. They are easily recognizable and add style to any modern kitchen. Therefore, these are one of the most popular countertop materials for both residential and commercial properties.  It is easy to recognize a slate worktop due to its cleft texture that offers

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The Best Copper Cookware Reviews

When it comes to high end cookware, it’s hard to beat copper. A favorite of professional chefs and experienced home cooks, copper pots and pans are the perfect final touch to any serious kitchen.  Copper is one of the best conducting surfaces, meaning heat is quickly and evenly distributed throughout

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The Best Cookware Material

Does it matter what your pots and pans are made out of? Yes! It certainly does! The material your cookware of made from plays a big role in how well…and safely your food is cooked. Different materials have different properties, and choosing the right cookware can even depend on what

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Dishwasher Not Cleaning? 8 Easy Fixes

Dishwashers save a lot of headache and hassle. They’re one of the most requested apartment and home amenities because they are such a time saver.  But, if you’re dishwasher is not cleaning, and you’re forced to rewash your dishes by hand, then you’re not saving any time at all. Nobody

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cooker king review

Cooker King Non-Stick Cookware Set Review

Cheap cookware is everywhere these days, department stores are full of brands you have never heard of using all sorts of big words to sell cookware that looks to be great value. However most of these cookware sets are poorly made from inferior materials. This is where Cooker King breaks

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best cookware sets

The Best Cookware Sets – A Buyers Guide

Whether you are looking to replace your done and dusted old cookware set, or whether you are gently treading into the exciting world of quality pots and pans, an informed purchase and choosing the best cookware will make sure that all your delicious recipes get the wonderful cooking they deserve.

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