Best Outdoor Wicker Furniture – Our Top 5 Picks

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Looking to bring that nice, comfy feeling of summertime to your outdoor lounge area?

Whether you have an upcoming party or a simple afternoon get-together, outdoor wicker furniture sets can transform an average looking backyard to a more inviting area.

Here is an easy guide to the basics of this exotic option. Take a peek below to see some of the top options available on the market today!

best outdoor wicker furniture

Our Top Pick

Best Choice
tegan outdoor wicker furniture

Best Outdoor Wicker Furniture

Sol72 Tegan Wicker Seating Group

  • UV resistant and made for sitting outside on a bright, sunny day.
  • Choose from 16 different colors
  • Powder-coated steel construction with all-weather rattan cover

Sol72 knows how to make top quality furniture, and for this is top tier, high quality furniture.

Its sturdy, rust-resistant, powder-coated steel frame with PE rattan is sure to stand up to the test of time, no matter where it is placed in your yard.

You’ll be amazed at how easy this sofa is to move around, and its ability to fit into your outdoor lounge area. You may even find yourself fitting the lounge area around the furniture itself!

Our Top Wicker Furniture Reviews

Tegan Wicker/Rattan 7 – Person Seating Group with Cushions

Tegan Wicker/Rattan 7 Person Seating Group with Cushions

Key Specifications

  • Comfortable seating for up to 7 
  • Multi-piece plus sectional for multiple setup options
  • Storage space inside coffee table
  • Choose from 16 color options
  • Includes pillows and optional extras

Looking to add some serious flash and comfort to your outdoor living space? Let me introduce you to the Tegan Rattan 7-Person Seating Group.

This 12-piece super-set is made of lightweight powder-coated aluminum with all-weather, dark mocha resin wicker. With so many ways to arrange its pieces, you’ll appreciate the lighter weight of this set.

This Tegan comes with 2 chairs, 2 ottomans, 1 loveseat, 3 tables, and a 3-piece sectional that can be broken up for even more placement options. The stylish tables are topped with planked aluminum, while the top of the coffee table is hinged for hidden storage. This piece is perfect for tucking away blankets or securing the included pillows during stormy weather.

Our favorite part about this Tegan set? It is available in 16 fantastic colors. From the flashy aruba to the classic wheat, you’ll have no problem making this set your own.

Ebern Designs Outdoor 6 Piece Sofa Seating Group

Sol 72 Outdoor 6 Piece Sofa Seating Group

Key Specifications

  • Can comfortably sit up to 7 people
  • Includes a larger coffee table with extra space for drinks, decorations, etc.
  • Includes a wicker storage basket to put pillows, extra cushions, or blankets 
  • Cushions are hand-washable

This furniture set comes from Ebern Designs. Just like other brands included in our list, Sol 72 Outdoor also makes high-quality outdoor decor and furniture. This set in particular is perfect for medium to large backyards. It has 7 seating capacity and add-ons including a wicker storage basket and coffee table. You can make it a prime lounge spot for some afternoon sun or late night drinks.

A sofa, loveseat, and chair make up the seating for this one, and can comfortably fit at least 7 people (3 on the sofa, 2 on the loveseat, 1 on the chair). It’s not quite as large as the previous set we talked about, but it is great for those small gatherings between friends. Perhaps those weekly book club meetings you’ve been neglecting can find a comfortable new location as well!

This set also comes with a table and storage basket to round out the set. The table’s dimensions are 16.5” x 47.5” x 24”, so a bit long, but it fits perfectly in front of the sofa. It is a wonderful place for board games with the family, or a nice spread of grilled meats off of the barbecue.

The storage basket is perfect for the colder months of early spring or autumn, and will keep things like blankets and extra pillows safe from the elements. Plus, I don’t know if the manufacturer would recommend it, but wicker is a strong material and that basket could make for an extra seat if needed!

Also unlike a lot of other cushions on these outdoor sets, these ones have washable covers. Although it is important to note that these are not machine washable! Wash them by hand and let them dry in the sun, and you will have your furniture looking as pristine as the day you shipped it over.

Outsunny 6-Piece Outdoor Rattan Wicker Set

Outsunny 6-Piece Outdoor Rattan Wicker Set

Key Specifications

  • Seating for up to 7
  • Multiple set-up options
  • Reclining chairs
  • Durable and maintenance-free
  • Well priced

Whether you’re looking to furnish an expansive outdoor space or something with a unique shape, the 6-Piece Rattan Wicker Set from Outsunny is a great choice.

All pieces in this gorgeous set feature a powder-coated steel frame with weatherproof PE rattan. On top of this true wicker-look are thick and comfortable water and sun-resistant cushions.

In addition to a long 3-person couch, the set also includes 2 ottomans, a matching coffee table, and two luxurious recliner seats. The latter are sure to be a favorite among family and guests alike. But don’t worry, everyone can put their feet up thanks to the moveable ottomans. Or, if you have a packed house, these versatile pieces can easily be used as extra seating.

With multiple setup options and an impressive price for all you get, this Outsunny collection makes a perfect addition to any larger outdoor space.

Andover Mills Pendergast 3 Piece Rattan Seating Group

Andover Mills Pendergast 3 Piece Rattan Seating Group

Key Specifications

  • Very lightweight, can be moved easily
  • Sleek and good looking black tempered glass
  • Can be used even on smaller patios and decks 
  • Sturdy and weather-resistant steel frame

Andover Mills is a top furniture brand known for their versatility and affordability. They have experience doing both indoor and outdoor furniture, and this one is a simple yet effective wicker set that is great for intimate talks, or just an evening coffee with an old friend.

This set consists of 2 chairs and a small table, with a cushion included for each chair. The table’s measurements are relatively small, looking like 20” x 16” x 16” but leaves plenty of space for a couple tea cups and the morning paper. 

It’s simple, and through that, it has a sense of intimacy that you won’t see as much of in the larger furniture sets. This set really invites one-on-one conversation, and while you may not see it in the numbers and specifications, you can just see yourself having a deep conversation with a long lost friend in one of those chairs.

Out of all of our top 5 outdoor wicker furniture choices so far, we would say this one is the most versatile for sure. The other sets tend to take up a lot of space, but this one can be put on even the smallest of porches and patios. However, it can work just fine poolside as well, simply put an umbrella behind it and it will become a nice cozy place to cool off on a hot summer day. 

Not to mention, the black tempered glass on the table looks flat out beautiful. It matches the set so well and is basically spill proof. All you need to do is give it a wipe with a paper towel, and a quick clean with some windex will make it as smooth and clean as ever. 

The only qualm with the tempered glass is that because it is black, it will absorb heat pretty well. So this set is best suited under a bit of shade, which is why if you have a smaller patio or deck, this would be a perfect way to bring it to life with some beautiful furniture.

Outsunny 5PC Outdoor Patio Furniture Set

Outsunny 5PC Outdoor Patio Furniture Set

Key Specifications

  • Seating for up to 4 people
  • Unique circular shape
  • Durable PE rattan
  • Rust-resistant steel frame
  • Padded feet for floor protection

This 5-piece set from Outsunny is perfect for those awkwardly shaped patios and smaller spaces.

The unique rounded shape allows four adults to sit comfortably without taking up much room. The four chair pieces can be set up as a full couch, two loveseats, or, if you’re feeling creative, four individual seats arranged in a circle.

A visually appealing half-round table fits well with any of the above setups and makes for a great conversation piece. It is shorter than your typical coffee table compared to the height of the chairs, but that does make it easier to get around.

The frame of all five pieces is made of rust-resistant steel and covered in beautiful and durable PE rattan. Strands of gray and off-white interweave for an interesting, natural look. This patterned rattan extends down the legs and over the ends for added protection against scratches and scuffs.

All pieces are weather-resistant, including the cushions and back pillows. The covers on these can be removed and washed as needed.

What Really Is Wicker Furniture?

wicker rattan furniture in the back yard

Wicker is actually not a material; it’s a type of weave. This weaving technique has been around since ancient Egypt and has persisted as a method of making durable furniture to this day. 

For the most part, rattan is the material used to create wicker furniture. A big advantage of rattan as a material is that it is very flexible. This lets manufacturers make it into shapes which are not possible with materials that are much more rigid, as the vast majority. 

Cheap brands use leftover strands to weave their sets, and this is often why the wicker starts to unravel. Quality sets use minimal strands to keep their entire piece together as one. End strands are also wrapped around the frame several times and stapled to the frame to prevent them from unraveling.

Spotting cheaply made wicker furniture can be tough because if they’re both new, it is really difficult to tell the difference between the cheap stuff versus the well made. You may think you’re getting a good deal, but knowing which materials to look out for and looking to see how the weaving is put together can really net you the best deals you can find.

While rattan does come in what seems like an endless array of shapes there are usually only a handful of colors. Yet all of these colors are actually neutral so it means that they can be used to match any color scheme you have with guaranteed success. White, grey, brown, and black rattan garden furniture are the most common and easy to find.

Wicker furniture is also one of the easiest to add your own personal flair to. The color of the rattan is neutral, so you are free to put nearly any color cushions on it. Most people go with bright colors to go along with the outdoorsy aesthetic that wicker sets bring, however, what looks like a rather dull colored piece of furniture can easily turn vibrant with some creative input.

Wicker Furniture Buyers Guide

man inspecting wicker chair in furniture store

Any time that you’re in the market for a new piece of wicker furniture to liven up your outdoor arrangements, there’s a checklist of aspects and features that you should keep in mind. In an effort to make it easier for you, we’ll give you a rundown of some of the most important.

The aspects of wicker furniture that are most important to understand include:

  • Materials
  • Support System
  • Location & Specs
  • Environmental Factors
  • Comfort Levels
  • Shopping Online


Materials are an important part of choosing patio furniture because as we said before, cheap materials will unravel and will not be able to maintain that same kind of beauty you paid for.

Different materials vary in weight and strength, so you may want to consider where and how you will be placing your furniture before deciding on a material.

Typically plant materials such as rattan or cane are used as the material for wicker furniture, but there are some that use alternative methods. Resin wicker is typically made with thin strands of PVC, nylon, polyethylene, or high-density polyethylene.

While resin wicker furniture offers better protection from the elements it loses a bit of its natural look that buyers tend to love. If you plan on using your wicker furniture a lot it may be a smart idea to look into nylon wicker furniture as it typically lasts longer and is a bit more durable.

On the other hand, if you are looking to simply use your wicker sets as a display, the rattan look should be exactly what you’re looking for. Of course, you can still use the rattan furniture just fine, but after a while, you may see some wear and tear if you use it year round.

Support System

The weave may look nice but what’s underneath? If you’re sitting on the weave, it is going to stress out the wicker strands especially where they’re attached to the frame. Then, if you’re unfortunate enough to not pay attention to the weight limits, snap! They’ll break off and your beautiful patio set will unravel completely.

Good brands use thicker gauges of aluminum and netted support beneath the seating (not visible from the top). This helps distribute the weight across the entire chair and not just on the wicker.

If you look back to our top pick, you’ll see it uses an aluminum frame, and the great thing about aluminum is that it’s both strong and lightweight.

Other frames will be iron or steel, and while they are a good bit heavier, they are also strong and will keep the structural integrity of the piece of furniture intact. Not to mention, these metals are very good at keeping their strength through tough weather, and what good is outdoor furniture if it can’t hold up to some rain and wind?

Wicker furniture has this sort of magical way of seeming light and flimsy but is actually very structurally sound. Much of that structural integrity comes from the support system, and if you are going to check for anything, absolutely check what kind of frame is underneath that wicker chair or couch.

Location and Specs – How Much Space Do You Have?

A classic mistake for furniture buyers in all kinds of ways. Some people will just get a little too excited and spring on that nice furniture set that will “probably fit” on their deck when it is actually spilling into the yard.

You need to get the dimensions of the space you’re planning to furnish down. Are you outfitting a hardwood deck, garden, patio, or poolside? Each of these areas has its own different specifications to consider when thinking about what wicker furniture to buy.

Remember that set with the table with the pretty black tempered glass we mentioned earlier? That table might not be the best decision if it is going poolside out in the sun all day. If you put a cold drink on that, the ice in it will melt by the time you’re halfway finished.

Also, there is a reason sellers have the length, height, and width of every piece of furniture they sell. You typically do not have to worry about fitting outdoor furniture through a door, but making sure it is not spilling off of your patio is something you absolutely should take into account.

Take a moment to think three-dimensionally too. You may have to use a little imagination to picture what it would be like to be seated in a particular spot. Sure, the furniture itself might fit snugly on your deck, but will you be bumping into someone every time you stand up? You should try your best to make sure that family barbecues do not turn into a game of Twister.

Environmental Factors – What is the Weather Like Where You Live?

This is a critical factor that many people forget about until it’s too late. Wicker furniture is designed so it can withstand weather, but there are plenty of places in the world where the weather can get a bit extreme.

This harkens back a bit to what we said about paying attention to what material your wicker furniture is made of. If you are on a bit of a budget you may want to keep the cheaper brands out of the elements and perhaps keep them under a roof on a porch.

Most wicker furniture is not made to withstand heavy downpours, and strong wind will sometimes blow the lightweight pieces away. Many beach houses will have wicker furniture, but these same beach towns are prone to strong storms and even hurricanes. It is a great idea to have a spot inside to bring your furniture in to keep it safe from any damage from any wild weather.

On the other side of this, the lucky few that may live in sunny California, may not see the kind of extreme weather others do. However, excessive sun can also damage the material used in wicker furniture as well.

A few of the top 5 picks above mention UV resistance, and this is just as important as water resistance in many cases. The sun will wear on the material of the furniture, drying it out, and eventually may cause it to become much more sensitive to any water that does come into contact with it.

Not to mention, the better weather your location has, the more likely you’re going to want to use your wicker furniture. Human usage will certainly accelerate the wear and tear, and before you know it you may be sitting on the ground when you expect to be sitting on your seat cushion!

Comfort Levels

wicker set on patio

Comfort choices were a bit limited in the past, and are much more taken for granted these days. Before, there were wooden or metal seats that you could cover with cushions that tied around the frame. Then there were those heavy plastic straps that made a squeaky sound whenever you scooted across them.

Now, there are plenty of excellent choices from which to choose. There are lightweight synthetic weaves used to create fabric slings and webbings that stretch and conform to your body. There are also quick-drying foam cushions that pull water from damp clothes and allow you to sink into more relaxing positions.

Every single one of our top choices listed above comes with cushions and ways to affix them to the chair, sofa, or loveseat for the best possible sitting possibilities.

One of the best ways to test wicker furniture is not to look into all the numbers, frames, and materials used to make it, but to simply just take a seat.

If you can sink into the cushions, and just get the feeling of relaxation your first time sitting in it, just imagine how it’ll feel when you finally get your groove into it. Which is why an important question to ask when shopping around for wicker furniture is always, what do the seat cushions feel like?

Shopping Online – Is it Better or Worse?

The potential benefits of shopping on the internet for wicker furniture are enormous. In the past, you would have to wait for a local rattan garden furniture sale which might not have what you’re looking for, or even happen at all.

By using the internet you can find deals any day of the week, and even year-round, which was unheard of even a few years ago. If you were thinking of looking for discounts in an actual store, you will also find a much wider range of options than you will locally by keeping your search online. Sellers and manufacturers from around the world are moving online, and with that much more competition, comes that much better deals.

Online purchases often have a warranty tied to them as well, so if something ends up being wrong, you can almost always get it fixed or send it back without worrying about losing money.

The downside of shopping online, of course, is time. You will not be able to take that wicker furniture you purchase home with you the day of, and for some people time constraints may be an issue.

Plus, there are plenty of workers inside an actual store that can answer any questions you have. If you are a first-time buyer and haven’t done much research (even though by reading this far in the article, we think you’re doing pretty well in the research department) it might be a good idea to go in person to ask questions.

The Wrap Up

So here we are, and I think we all know who the winner of our top 5 best outdoor wicker furniture choices is. It is our top pick, the Outsunny 6-Piece Outdoor Rattan Wicker Set.

I couldn’t tell you what’s more to be said about this set, it’s still eye-catching with such a simple design, durable, intimate, and best of all available. However it is not without its competition, some of these sets certainly gave it a run for its money.

The Tegan Wicker/Rattan 7 Person Seating Set is the best for larger group gatherings, and the Andover Mills Pendergast 3 Piece Rattan Seating Group is just perfect for a smaller intimate setting.

Nevertheless, we believe any and all of these wicker furniture sets are great choices for your outdoor lounge area. And we hope they encourage you to fire up the grill and become the new hangout spot where you can create all kinds of fond memories!

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