Trifo Lucy Pet Robotic Vacuum Review – A Hands-On Test

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top view of the Trifo Lucy Pet Robotic Vacuum

Our Rating:

Key Features:

Brushless pet hair sucker

4,000 Pa Suction

Real-time 1080p viewing and recording

Can connect to Alexa and Google

Robotic Vacuum Made for Pet Owners Everywhere

Trifo robotic vacuums have long been celebrated for their use as security devices, but less so for their ability to clean. Lucy, the newest robot in the Trifo lineup, is meant to pick up that slack. And, for the most part, she does just that.

When it comes to picking up pet hair, Lucy has you covered. This robo vac comes with a specialty brushless pet hair sucker and 4,000Pa of suction power to remove hair from carpets and hard flooring. This combined with sensors capable of avoiding obstacles down to 1 inch, means you can get clean floors even if your floors aren’t immaculate.

The onboard 1080p camera, motion detection, and smart AI home learning capabilities that make Trifo robots useful as home security tools are all still intact as well.

Where current Lucy iteration falls down is the mopping experience and expanded cleaning functionality. But for a security bot that’s learned how to coexist and clean up after Fido, Lucy impresses.

Review Criteria Ratings

Cleaning Power4/5
Battery Life3.5/5
Smartphone App3.5/5


  • Brushless hair remover attachment
  • Can connect to Alexa and Google Assistant 
  • Powerful 4,000Pa suction
  • High definition onboard camera
  • Motion sensor for reliable obstacle avoidance
  • Doubles as a security camera with speaker and microphone
  • Real-time viewing and recording 
  • Large and easily accessible dust bin 
  • Filter effectively collects tiny particles


  • Limited app features
  • Scattered cleaning pattern 
  • Can only store one map

Should You Buy It?

If you want to manage pet hair around the home and keep tabs on fido while running errands, Trifo’s latest pet vacuum, Lucy, is a worthwhile investment.

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Trifo Lucy Pet Robotic Vacuum Overview

The Lucy Pet Robotic Vacuum is the fourth robo vac from Trifo, a Silicon Valley-based company specializing in AI-enabled automated household helpers.

close up picture of Trifo Lucy

What has always set each of the Trifo robots apart from a quickly saturating robo-vac market are the unexpected extra features. The Ollie Pet Robot, for instance, comes with a detachable laser pointer to entertain your feline while it cleans. Their Maxwell robot is optimized for home surveillance and allows you to see and speak through the robot using the phone app.

Where these other robots have come up short is in the cleaning department. That’s where Lucy is meant to shine.

The Lucy Pet Robotic Vacuum has many of the same great security features as the others, including video recording. It also has an added mop function and a better suction rating of 4,000Pa.

I had a chance to put Lucy’s new cleaning abilities to the test in my own home. Keep reading to find out how it stacked up and to see my full Trifo Lucy Pet Robotic Vacuum review.

Trifo have also just released the Ollie Pet – read our review here.

How the Trio Lucy Pet Performs

The Lucy robot was certainly one of the more interesting robo vacs I have had the pleasure of testing out. There are a lot of features here that differ from the norm. Find out which are worth the cost and ones that failed to meet my expectations below.

Cleaning Power

The Lucy robot features a suction rating of 4,000Pa, which is about average for higher-end robo vacs. Where this one differs is in the specially designed brushless pet hair suction attachment and the six claw side brush.


When it came to vacuuming, Lucy performed as well as most robot vacuums in this price range. With the standard brush attachment installed, it was able to cleanly pick up debris on hard flooring and did a fair job removing hair from low and medium-pile carpets.

Note: The normal brush and the specialty pet hair attachments struggled on high pile carpets. But this is not unusual for robotic vacuums.

The brushless pet hair remover performed better than average at pulling hair from low and medium-pile carpets. It also did a great job removing hair from hard flooring. However, this attachment was more likely to leave hard debris (like small rocks and food crumbs) than the standard attachment.

The pet hair, dust, and other debris are collected in a large dust bin. You can easily access the bin by opening the top panel and pressing the “push” button. Once it is ejected from its position, you can take it out and throw the contents in the trash.

Note: The bin is equipped with a primary filter, as well as a HEPA filter to trap tiny particles that would otherwise re-circulate in the air when vacuuming. 


A picture of TRIFO Lucy showing the bottom components, including the attached mopping pad

Technically, Lucy does have mopping functionality. But it can hardly compete with the true mopping technology available on many of today’s robo vacs.

We have been informed by Trifo that the new Lucy-M and Lucy-U models will come with a larger dustbin/water tank combo that hopefully will provide an ungraded mopping experience.

Cleaning Patterns

Like most non-LIDAR robots, Lucy has a haphazard cleaning style. It tends to bounce around and move back and forth between rooms at will. It doesn’t target edges first and will only begin to move in a back and forth pattern once it has cleaned the same area a few times.

It also, more so than any other robot I have used, tends to stop and spin circles frequently. It will get the full job done eventually, but Lucy will not win any awards for speed and efficiency.

Obstacle Avoidance

Where Lucy truly shines is in obstacle avoidance. The cameras and sensors work together to help it avoid obstacles as small as 1 inch. Small toys, dog accidents, even phone cords are given a wide berth as this robot cleans.

Of all the robots I have tried, this is the only one I have ever trusted to put on an automatic cleaning schedule. With two dogs and a toddler, there are just too many small toys scattered around our house at any given time to leave things to chance. But Lucy has proven it is up for the challenge and has yet to suck something up it shouldn’t or get tangled up in clothing or cords.

Smartphone App and Features

In terms of security measures, Lucy has a lot of fun features. You can turn on the camera to see what it sees, record video, speak through it, and activate motion sensor alerts. You could even use the manual control and camera features together to patrol your house and talk to your pets while you’re away.

In terms of cleaning functionality, Lucy is more limited. This robot can only save one map at a time, which means you can only set schedules, no-go zones, and area cleaning zones for one level of your home. If you have more levels, Lucy will quickly recognize she is somewhere different and clean accordingly, but you can’t save this map without replacing the old one.

You can change the suction setting at any time, but you can’t set specific settings for each room.

Note: Lucy does have a do not disturb setting, a cleaning history record, and the ability to receive live software updates.

Lucy Pet Alternatives

The Lucy Pet Robotic Vacuum is a good choice for those looking for a dual-purpose security cleaning robot, especially one that can tackle pet hair like a champ. But as always, we need to check out the alternatives as well.

FeaturesLucy Pet Robotic VacuumYeedi Vac Station RobotViomi V3 Max Robotic Vacuum
Suction rating4,000 Pa3,000 Pa2,700 Pa
Best featuresSecurity camera, pet hair removing attachmentSelf-emptying dust bin, automatic carpet sensor, mopMultiple mop settings, extended battery life
Sensor type/Map functionalitySensors/Single level mappingSensors/Single level mappingLIDAR/Multi-level mapping

Things to Consider Before Buying A Robotic Vacuum

If Lucy has taught us anything, it’s that there is an ever-expanding list of features available in robotic vacuum cleaners. To help you find the right product with the right features to meet your needs, here are a few things worth considering before making your final purchase.

  • Cleaning Features – Some robo vacs excel in vacuuming hard flooring. Others can do just as well on carpet. And still others offer mopping capability with varying degrees of effectiveness. Consider which is most important in your household.
  • Mapping Type – LIDAR robots tend to be more efficient cleaners and can get big jobs done quickly. But they are also more expensive and have higher clearance needs than sensor-style bots.
  • Map Storage – Many cheaper robotic vacuums don’t have any map storage, limiting the number of useful features. Others can store only one map, which can be problematic in multi-level households. For those situations, a multi-map capable robot is the only way to go.
  • Additional Features – Motion sensing, video recording, self-emptying dust bins, self-filling mop reservoirs, and more. There is no limit to the number of extra features you can find in robo vacs these days, which is why shopping around is so important.


A robotic vacuum cleaner can save you loads of time on household chores. But one loaded with unexpected additional features, like those found in the Lucy Pet Robotic Vacuum, can offer more than a clean floor.

Trifo’s Lucy Robot is a great choice for pet owners who will benefit from a robot that can deal with stuck-in pet hair and effectively navigate around stray pet toys and the occasional accident. You’ll also get the added benefits of a mobile, motion-sensing camera and the peace of mind that comes with being able to check on your home and pet from anywhere.

To learn more about Lucy and Trifo’s entire line of robo vacs, or to buy a Lucy Pet Robotic Vacuum for yourself, click here.

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