Small Laundry Room Ideas with a Top-Loading Washer

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With the average American family handling 8 to 10 loads of laundry each week, it makes perfect sense that every home needs a functional laundry area to handle the never-ending demand for clean clothes.

You don’t need very much space to create a functional laundry room. Top-loading washers are convenient in these small spaces as they don’t have a swinging door to work around, not to mention they’re quiet, less expensive and energy-efficient.

But, do top-loading washers complement the layout of a stylish laundry room? The answer is an absolute and resounding YES. In fact, their vintage, old school look helps add that finishing touch to several of the style ideas below. Let’s take a closer look.

Small Laundry Room Ideas with a Top-Loading Washer

Ideas To Make The Most Of Your Small Laundry

We have picked 7 different ideas that inspired us for our small laundry. If you’re looking for the easiest way to make the most of the space, then you can consider a full closet system, like this one from Modular Closets.

Traditional Farmhouse Style

There are few design styles that make such a large visual difference with only a limited amount of accessories. Farmhouse style is clean and basic, and only requires a few key pieces to complete the look.

Firstly, simple wooden shelving will introduce a rustic, earthy texture… and you don’t need to get fancy with the woodwork either. Basic pine planks from your local hardware store can be stained and mounted without any expert carpentry.

When it comes to storage, wire or woven baskets can be mixed and matched to effectively hide the messy bits that come with a laundry room.

A hanging rail is a convenient and cheap addition that allows you to hang laundry when it’s done. Replace mismatched hangers with wooden hangers. They can be stored on the hanging rail for easy access and at the same time, add to the décor.

White top-loading washers complement the styling because they mimic the enameled look we associate with a warm farmhouse kitchen. Accessories like antique washboards, mason jars, enamel washbasins make great additions.

Classic Black and White

Black-and-white never goes out of style. If you have a white washer and dryer, it makes every element of your makeover look like part of the master plan.

Shelving, hanging rails and storage containers for detergents, steam iron accessories and lint rollers will make the space a pleasure to work in.

Grey tones can be added to one of the walls to add depth and interest. Decals are another popular addition to a laundry or ironing room. High contrast black vinyls in cursive or serif fonts carry a classical theme over the stark, bright background.

Functional Mud Room

Combining a small mudroom with a laundry is ideal for handling those dirty shoes and clothes as they enter your front door.

With homes getting smaller, there’s a greater need to make living spaces multi-functional. Your kitchen entrance can be another one of these spaces. Laundry area, utility room, and pantry all rolled into one.

Storage cupboards, shelving, and hanging rails can turn dead areas into useful spaces that serve several purposes.

Pro-tip: Ensure you have easy to reach power outlets, not just for the top loader or dryer, but for ironing and other appliances too.

Industrial Loft Look

If you don’t have space for a dedicated or enclosed laundry room, you’ll need to make sure that your appliances don’t detract from the aesthetic of the room.

The slick metallic and black finish of more modern top-loading washing machines can complement the room design and tie in perfectly with sleek industrial lights and fittings.  Again, we see the use of versatile wooden shelves to round-off this open plan warehouse style.

IKEA Inspired

No matter the size of your laundry area, IKEA has storage and shelving solutions that will fit any space. The minimalist Swedish style is dateless and easy to replicate.

By accessorizing the furniture or cupboards around your top loader, you can recreate the room’s identity by simply painting it a new color, adding wallpaper or replacing a light fixture.

When washing and ironing chores get boring, you can freshen up your small laundry room with a facelift in just a few hours without breaking the bank.

Modern Country Charm

Modern appliances merge beautifully with country simplicity. Together, they create a stylish space that you’ll want to show off. The understated wooden shelving reflects in the metallic finish of the washing machine and dryer.

The stainless steel appliances in this setting look high tech, but vintage at the same time. Laundry just got a lot sexier.

White paneled walls are another easy DIY project and will give the room that extra country fresh feel. A pro-hack for those on a limited budget is to draw on paneling lines or brickwork with a Sharpie.

Going All White

An all-white laundry room may look clinical to some, but it allows the utilitarian space to fade into the background.

White walls and fixtures will also make the room look brighter and larger. It’s a great way to open up a small space and leave it feeling less closed-in and depressing. You can add a hint of personality to the space by including a plant.

In Conclusion

Top loaders are great machines for small rooms and tight laundry spaces. If the area you’re working with is particularly small (like in dorm rooms or RV’s) there are also top-loading washers available in conveniently compact sizes.

The key element for a practical laundry area is organization. Having everything you need within an arm’s reach makes managing the laundry a lot more appealing.

Good lighting, plus easy access to detergents and ironing equipment is the icing on the cake.

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