The Most Realistic Electric Fireplace – The Top 10 Models

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Electric fireplaces are great, but some have more realistic visual and audio effects than others. To help you make an informed buying decision, we’ve compiled the most realistic electric fireplace that you can get in the market today. A handy buyer’s guide is available too!

From the ultra-realistic and high-tech Magikflame to the thermostat-adjustable Duraflame Electric 3D Flame Effect Infrared Quartz Electric Fireplace, we know you’ll love our list.

Here are our top choices for electric fireplaces that look realistic.

the most realistic electric fireplace

Our Top Pick – Most Realistic

Best Choice
MagikFlame Electric Fireplace

Most Realistic Fireplace

MagikFlame Fireplace

  • Replicates the style and sounds of 30 different types of flames
  • High-quality fire crackling sounds
  • Comes with a back-lit touch screen to easily navigate menus
  • Comes with an app that allows you to control the fireplace

There are plenty of beautiful electric fireplaces. However, nothing is as close to what MagikFlame can provide.

Created by Howard Birnbaum, responsible for special f/x effects for Harry Potter, The Matrix, and other Hollywood films, MagikFlame is the most realistic electric fireplace that you can ever get for your money.

The brand also uses an infrared heater, which does not suck the moisture out of the air like other heating methods.

Overall, we love the design and appearance of the flames. The holographic technology looks extremely realistic and very beautiful. 

If you want to learn more about the impressive quality of this electric fireplace, be sure to check out their website.

The Most Realistic Electric Fireplace Reviews

1. magikFlame Fireplaces

MagikFlame Electric Fireplace

Key Features

  • Replicates the style and sounds of 30 different types of flames
  • High-quality fire crackling sounds
  • Comes with a back-lit touch screen to easily navigate menus
  • Comes with an app that allows you to control the fireplace

MagikFlame provides the most realistic flame thanks to its award-winning and patented holographic technology called HoloFlame. It projects an authentic real flame recording onto a three-dimensional log, allowing you to get the lifelike flames, all while keeping everything looking natural. 

What makes MagikFlame even more worthwhile is its versatility. 

It has 30 different flame styles so you will find something that can fit the mood and ambiance of your home. You can go for a classic wood-burning fireplace look or a more rustic campfire flame like you’re out in the wilderness. The options are endless! 

But that’s not all. MagikFlame provides a complete fireplace experience by pairing their ultra-realistic hologram technology with highly-detailed and lifelike sounds. How? 

MagikFlame recorded the actual sound from a real fireplace. You’ll hear every crackling and popping of the log, putting the entire electric fireplace experience to the next level. This small detail made all the difference for us. If you want to hear it for yourself, you can hop to MagikFlame’s website for audio samples. 

We love that you have full control over the sounds as well. You can change the volume or play relaxing nature sounds to complete the mood. 

For convenience, MagikFlame has an app, which allows you to control the fireplace from anywhere within bluetooth range. So, if you are comfortable in bed, you do not have to get up to turn it off. Having a back-lit screen on the actual fireplace is great too because you can easily navigate the menu options

So how about heat generation? MagikFlame is equipped with an infrared heater technology which delivers optimal heat without drying the air. 

It’s also available as a fireplace insert only if you don’t want the mantle.

With a lifelike and huge selection of flames, realistic sounds, infrared heating, and APP control there is no doubt that MagikFlame deserves the top spot.

It’s worth mentioning that the MagikFlame unit isn’t cheap, but if you are after realism, then it’s the best by a long way.

2. Real Flame Ashley

Ashley Electric Fireplace

Key Specifications

  • Comes in three different colors
  • A beautiful mantlepiece
  • Adjustable heater

The Real Flame Ashley Electric Fireplace beautifully emulates a classic fireplace design with its pillars and crown molding. You can even put picture frames, candles, and other decorations on top of its spacious mantel. However, we don’t recommend putting TV and other heavier items on it.

Assembly and installation is surprisingly easy and fast. You just need to attach the firebox with a screwdriver, and it is good to go. 

The flames are relatively realistic. Not as much as the above choices, but you can adjust the brightness of the flames. There’s a dynamic ember which creates an illusion that the logs are burning.

Heat output is pretty decent as well – as long as you use this electric fireplace in a small room. But, you’ll appreciate that the thermostat is adjustable to a specific temperature rather than low or high. Automatic turn-off is available too for convenient and worry-free operation when the space has reached its ideal heat.

Overall, we recommend this product to someone who loves the classic fireplace look. If you are on a tight budget, this electric fireplace is more affordable than other options.

3. Dimplex Opti-V Solo

Dimplex Opti-V Solo

Key Specifications

  • Maintenance-free and can be installed just about anywhere
  • Includes a multi-function remote 
  • 3D LED logs and realistic flames
  • Quality crackling audio

This 30-inch wall mounted fireplace can immediately make any space feel much cozier. The HD TV and LED technology and three-dimensional flames make the fireplace look very realistic. Many Dimplex Opti-V Solo users claim that guests thought it was real.

It does not take up too much space, yet still looks gorgeous and catches the eye. If you want to change up the style of your room, simply find an electric hook-up at home to attach it to, and it will make such a difference.

Due to the size and shape of this product, you will have a hard time using it to replace a real fireplace, at least without some construction to the area. We recommend this product for those who are looking to add a thinner fireplace to their space.

This Dimplex electric fireplace model’s glass surface does not get hot. Its flames do not emit any heat.

4. Touchstone Sideline Recessed Mounted

Touchstone Sideline Recessed Mounted Electric Fireplace

Key Specifications

  • Front-facing vent
  • Multicolor flames and choice of brightness
  • Two heat settings
  • Remote control for ease of use

This Touchstone fireplace is beautiful, plus, you have a lot of control over the appearance of the flames. There are many colors to select from, and you have five different options for their brightness.

As a heater, it has an amazing heat output. The fireplace can warm up a 400 square foot room easily. You can also control the temperature with two settings. Although the option is limited to high and low, it gives enough flexibility. The fireplace even has a sleep timer, which is great for saving electricity at home.

The Touchstone Sideline Recessed Mounted Electric Fireplace has a remote to conveniently control the flames and heat. There are seven different sizes too. 

The only real downside to this electric fireplace is it doesn’t have an on-board control interface. The only way you can use it is via remote. If you lose it or if it breaks, there’s no other choice but to order a replacement.

5. Darby Home Co. Trommald

Darby Home Co. Trommald Simulated Electric Fireplace

Key Specifications

  • An adjustable thermostat
  • Connected to a remote control for ease of use
  • Front-facing vent
  • Two-color options

The design of this Darby Home Co. fireplace is absolutely stunning but without the high price tag. It also offers a commendable heat output for average-sized rooms. 

The flames flicker realistically and are attached to realistic three-dimensional logs. However, this electric fireplace doesn’t play any audio to complete the mood. 

Its lack of sound may be off-putting, but its style and gorgeous faux stone detailing can win you over, especially if you are hunting for a classic mantel fireplace. 

It can warm up about 400 square feet. However, you should only use this electric fireplace as a supplemental heater. 

We think that the best feature of this fireplace is its visual style. If you want to change up the look and mood of one of your rooms, this is a beautiful option.

6. Dimplex Celeste Electric Stove

Dimplex Celeste Electric Stove

Key Specifications

  • Traditional stove design
  • Easy to install
  • Heats 400 square feet easily
  • Quality air filter
  • Remote controlled

You are in luck if you are also in need of a quality air filter at home. This electric fireplace heats and filters the air that runs through it. It uses a 3D fire effect, which makes the flames look realistic and gives them that wonderful flickering appearance.

We love that you can independently control the flames and heat, making it perfect for year-round use. 

The heater allows you to set the temperature with its thermostat, which can heat spaces up to 400 square feet. The fireplaces boast 90% fewer carbon emissions than gas fireplaces, making it the perfect alternative- and a much safer option- for your home.

The heater plugs directly to a 120V outlet, which you are likely to have on hand in any room. This makes it insanely easy to install and get running. If you feel comfortable and want to turn off the heater, you can use the remote without having to get up.

Overall, we love how the Dimplex Celeste Electric Stove also doubles as an air filter. It is also versatile since you can independently control the flames and heat feature. To top it all off, it’s portable and adds a cozy look to your home with its traditional stove design.

7. Duraflame Electric 3D Flame Effect

Duraflame Electric 3D Flame Effect Infrared Quartz Electric Fireplace

Key Specifications

  • Comes in four beautiful colors
  • Includes remote control for ease of use
  • Adjustable thermostat to set specific temperatures
  • Plugs into a 120V outlet

If you prefer an electric fireplace that doesn’t dry out air, the Duraflame Electric 3D Flame Effect Infrared Quartz Electric Fireplace is a great choice because its infrared quartz feature can maintain the natural moisture in the air. 

The company’s 3D flame technology creates a layered look to the flames, providing a realistic illusion of depth. With five adjustable brightness levels, you can quickly and conveniently achieve the right fireplace mood. Completing its realistic appearance are the logs and faux embers. 

What makes this electric fireplace standout is you can open its glass doors – a rare feature especially for electric fireplaces. We also appreciate that you can turn-on the flame effect without generating heat. 

This Duraflame electric fireplace has an impressive heater too. It can easily warm rooms up to 1000 square feet, which is larger than some bigger, more expensive faux fireplaces. Finally, it comes with a sleep timer. You will not have to worry about leaving it on for too long when you use it

This stove is very easy to assemble. It is mostly put together out of the box. However, you still want to find a place where it can reach an outlet, but it does not need any kind of special hook up to run. This makes it perfect for people who are not allowed to make alterations to the construction of their homes, such as those renting an apartment.


R.W. FLAME Recessed Electric Fireplace

Key Specifications

  • Easy to use touch screen menus and remote control
  • Easy installation
  • Multi-color modes
  • 2 heat settings

This is another cost-effective option for a realistic electric fireplace. You can adjust the color of the flames and logs to four different colors – blue, orange, yellow, and red. An automatic color mode is available for convenience. You also have control over the flicker speed, as well as brightness.

This product can heat rooms up to 400 square feet very well. If you have a larger room, you will want to consider other options. It is also pretty easy to set up, as long as you have an outlet nearby and enough space on a wall. You can use the R.W. FLAME Recessed fireplaces work with or without heat generation.

Overall, we are happy with this fireplace. It is beautiful and has a wide selection of options for altering the flame. This is best for those who want to experiment with the color and see how it can change the mood of a room.

9. Dimplex Revillusion 20” Plug-In Log Set

Dimplex Revillusion 20” Plug-In Log Set

Key Specifications

  • Mirage Flame Panel
  • 360-degree firelight effect
  • Provides heat to small rooms with a fan

If you already have a fireplace in your home but would love to switch over to an electric version, the Dimplex Revillusion 20” Plug-In Log Set is exactly what you need.

This product’s design is quite different from other models on our list. Instead of the usual enclosed frame, it has an open-design. This allows you to pop this electric fireplace inside an existing and empty fireplace space. How realistic are its flames?

It uses a Mirage Flame Panel that casts a 360-degree firelight effect. This means that the flickering lights can reach all around the logs- and wherever you place them. That makes it amazing for using in an empty fireplace.

The results you get with this product are stunning. The logs look real – there even is a smoke effect. It’s like you are actually burning logs inside the fireplace.

The logs sit on top of a fireplace grate, adding to the realism of the product. There are also several different display options. You can easily change the color of the flames or their brightness from the remote. There are only two color options (yellow and white), but they still have a pleasant appearance.

In short, if you want an alternative to your current fireplace, this is going to be by far the best choice for you. All you need to do is put the log set inside and turn it on. This product does not require any construction to your walls and is very easy to set up alone.

10. e-Flame USA Livingston Wall Mounted

e-Flame USA Livingston Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

Key Specifications

  • Sleep timer
  • Quiet heating system
  • LED flames and quartz embers
  • Light and safe to hang on any wall

This is another great option for small or medium-sized rooms since it can easily heat up 400 square feet of space. The heating fan is quiet, and can shut off while the flames are still on. This makes it a good year-round choice.

The quartz crystals make for a much different appearance of embers and flames. You still have access to LED lighting – meaning you get the best of both worlds. If you find you have a preference for the flame style, you can use that one more often.

The sleep timer will shut down the fireplace automatically, so you do not have to worry about it getting too hot. We also appreciated how the flames looked realistic and the wood appeared to be burning.

You can install this piece anywhere since it is lightweight and safe to hang up on any style of wall. There are also nine colors to choose from to complement different interior designs.

Although we love the minimalist design of these electric fireplaces and their realistic flames, it’s lacking in the audio department. Nevertheless, it’s still a good choice.

Realistic Electric Fireplaces Buying Guide

a modern electric fireplace on display in a shop

When it comes to finding the perfect fireplaces for you and your space, there are a few things you will want to know.

Before making any purchase, be sure that you have enough wall area for the electric fireplace. If wall space is limited, an alternative is a free-standing model. What else do you need to know about? We have you covered, so be sure to read on.

Why Choose an Electric Fireplace

When it comes to heating a room, electric fireplaces are one of the most efficient and safest options available. They do not emit harmful gases, unlike a conventional wood fireplace. Plus, they are easy to install and will work when plugged into a 120V outlet. The best part is that they look just like a real fireplace but don’t require regular cleaning.

Realistic Electric Fireplace Flames Technology Types

Did you know that there are different types of technology used in these electric fireplaces? There are three popular types that result in different styles of flames. They are:

Mechanical Flames

When searching for the most realistic electric fireplaces, this is what you are going to come across the most often because they are easier to produce.

While this does allow them to have a lower price tag, these fireplaces are usually lesser in quality. You might even hear a constant mechanical “whirring” because it runs on a motor. They spin a cylinder with a reflective surface, which causes LED lights to travel through a flame shape. The flames are projected onto a panel behind the logs.

LED lights are usually easily adjustable, so these fireplaces might have more types of colors available than others. However, the brightness is harder to change, meaning you might have to give that up.

The components of a mechanical fireplace are very difficult to replace. They often break down over time and are not very durable. If you want a fireplace that lasts, do not be swayed by the lower cost of a mechanical fireplace.

You might want to choose one of these other options listed below.

Mist or Steam Flames

A mist or steam-based fireplace is less common than the mechanical models because it needs water to run.

It uses a fogger to create a mist in the surrounding area. The lights in the fireplace hit the mist, creating a unique and beautiful holographic effect. It looks a little more realistic than the mechanical option.

While they look nicer, they are relatively more expensive than a mechanical fireplace. The mist also requires a constant source of water. Without one, you are not going to be able to have realistic flames.

It also requires more maintenance than other styles. The water pipes and holes can clog. Plus, you can’t use tap water. It needs distilled water, which can be expensive in the long run. Since it needs water to run, refilling is necessary and can be annoying.

Finally, the customization options for mist or steam fireplaces are very limited.

Holographic Flames

Holographic flames often use the most up-to-date technology to create stunning designs. They are usually the most realistic looking. They will last you much longer than a mechanical fireplace, and significantly lower maintenance than the mist variants.

The flames are projected through a screen, much like how a TV operates. They appear on a real set of logs, making them look even more realistic. Because of the way these flames work, you can easily change the color of the flames, set their brightness, and even alter flickering speed. LED lights are available at the fireplace’s bed to create realistic-looking embers.

These types of fireplaces are paired with audio. For instance, our top pick, MagikFlame, offers realistic fireplace sounds which includes natural crackling of a real fire or ambient nature noises.

If you want to see an example of a holographic fireplace in action, we recommend that you check out the MagikFlame webpage. They have a wide selection of holographic electric fireplaces footage.

However, holographic flames are the most expensive. You get what you pay for though, so if you want something truly stunning- then a holographic fireplace is the only way to go.

They are also much more likely to come with additional features. This may include Bluetooth compatibility, an app, or other advanced features.

In short, if you want the most realistic looking option and the price is not a concern, then you want a holographic fireplace. They are very beautiful and can completely change the ambiance of your room. Plus, they offer a myriad of customizability options for a more believable fireplace.

The Best Electric Fireplace

electric fireplace

Do you want to see more options for amazing fireplaces? There are plenty of products out there that can fit your needs. Whether you are on a tight budget or do not have much space available at home- there is something for you out there!

We listed and organized everything for you already. Be sure to check out our article on the best electric fireplaces for more options.


Do electric fireplaces really heat up a room?

Yes. Unlike real fireplaces, they have vents that blow warm air directly into your room, which makes electric fireplaces faster and more efficient in heating up small rooms. However, you should only use them as a supplemental heater. Electric heaters can’t heat your entire house on their own.

How long do electric fireplaces last?

Good electric fireplaces can last you up to 20 years. They last longer than wood and gas fireplaces. If you have a mechanical or mist electric fireplace, you will need to be replacing the lightbulbs every two years, sometimes every three.

Are electric fireplaces worth the money?

An electric fireplace heats a room efficiently, more so than a gas one. They save you money in the long run since they cost less to power, and they can keep your room warm longer.

Gas fireplaces can offer about 20% of their heat through the required vents. This makes them much less efficient than an electric fireplace that vents heat straight out.

Can electric fireplaces catch fire?

They are extremely safe, so you should not have to worry about your new electric fireplace catching on fire. Just follow the recommended operation and basic electrical safety.

Do electric fireplaces look fake?

Most look pretty real, but it depends on the quality of the brand. Many electric fireplace companies use the latest technology to make the most realistic looking flames on the market.

It will also depend on the type of flame in your product as well. Although expensive, holographic flames can provide you with a faux flame that looks real.

The Wrap Up

In our opinion, MagikFlame fireplaces are the best choice for the most realistic electric fireplace! Its customizable high-tech hologram technology paired with sound effects that are sampled from an actual fire source makes it our top choice.

The Touchstone Sideline Recessed fireplace deserves the second spot because of its looks and features. Another fantastic option would be the Duraflame 3D Quartz fireplace, especially if you love the style of stove faux fireplaces.

Overall, we are certain that you will find something to love on this list! They are all quality products with nice-looking flames. If you have questions, feel free to reach out to us.

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