Misen Knives Review – Our Hands On Test

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misen knives

Our Rating:

Key Features:

Well balanced

Ergonomic handles


Lifetime warranty and free sharpening

Beautiful, Premium Feel Knives That Get the Job Done

Misen knives promise premiere results at half the price of the competition. I took their Essentials Set for a test drive to determine how well they lived up to the claim.

The difference in craftsmanship and quality of these knives compared to bargain-priced alternatives was immediately apparent. These knives are heavy, balanced, and shaped in such a way that they feel great just to hold.

With the proper grip and motion, these knives made short work of most tasks. The blades are said to have a uniquely acute 15-degree angle for more precise cuts with less pressure. While I didn’t get that “scalpel” feel that comes with premiere quality, acute-angle knives, these knives were still a joy to use.

Overall, I was pleased with the knives’ performance and even more impressed with their look and feel. The Misen knives are definitely a worthy investment.


  • Grip-friendly shape
  • Well balanced
  • Versatile
  • Free sharpening for life
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Must be hand washed
  • Lacking in precision cutting
  • Not as sharp as they could be

Should You Buy It?

If you are looking to upgrade your cheap grocery-store brand knife set to something a little more elegant and efficient, Misen is the way to go. 

These knives claim to be as high in quality as knives more than twice their price. While that claim seems a touch far-fetched, they are more than worth their reduced price tag. They would make an excellent addition to any kitchen looking for knives that look and feel like premiere quality without the heavy investment.

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Misen Knives Product Overview

packaging of Misen knives

Misen started with a single chef’s knife after an impressive Kickstarter campaign in 2015. Now the brand sells a steak knife set and six different kitchen knives, including:

  • Chef’s knife
  • Paring knife
  • Utility knife
  • Santoku knife
  • Short chef’s knife
  • Serrated knife

Misen knives promise the same excellent quality and functionality as premier knives but less than half the price.

unboxing the Misen Knives

Their knives are all made in China with AUS-10 steel. This is a relatively new type of steel that is produced by a Japanese company called Aichi Steel. This material is highly sought after for knives and cookware because of its high carbon steel content.

The high carbon content makes these knives more long-lasting for everyday use and repeated sharpening. But it also means more effort in the care and maintenance department because carbon steel is more prone to rusting than stainless.

Most Misen knives come with a 15-degree blade angle. This angle is more acute than the typical 25-degree angle you find on most Western knives. The acute angle means that Misen knives are sharper and cut with more precision.

All Misen knives are full tang utensils with smooth, ergonomic synthetic handles. They are available in blue, black, gray, and salmon.

Misen talks a big game about their well-priced knives, but do they live up to the hype?

I had a chance to try the Misen Essentials Kit, which included a chef’s knife, paring knife, and serrated knife. Keep reading to see my full Misen knives review to find out if these knives are indeed a cut above or just another dull deal.

In addition to knives, Misen also sells cookware and prep tools. The intention behind all their products is the same: create premiere quality utensils and sell them at a more reasonable price by cutting out the middlemen.

How Misen Knives Perform

The Essentials Kit from Misen is the perfect introduction to their knife products. 

The highly versatile chef’s knife can handle most of your dinner prep needs. The serrated blade is perfect for crusty bread and fruits and veggies with hard skin and soft flesh. And the paring knife is nice to have on hand for peeling, coring, and manipulating fruits and vegetables in a more precise manner.

So how did these knives perform? Keep reading to find out.


A holding a Misen serrated knife

It is clear from the moment you pick these knives up that they are not your typical bargain-priced utensils.

For one, they are heavy. The handle and tang have a substantial weight to them that is nicely balanced by the length and breadth of the blade. This weight gives the immediate sense that these are well-made knives that are built to last.

Beyond the weight, these knives have an incredibly comfortable feel. The finish is smooth in every sense of the word. The handles are neither too bulky nor too thin.

A person gripping a Misen Chef’s Knife

Each knife also features a sloped bolster that helps encourage the correct grip. As the included directions explain, these knives are meant to be gripped high, with your thumb and forefinger placed above the bolster. This grip gives you ultimate control over the movement of the blade that isn’t possible on knives with the more typical hard-edged bolster.

I’ve never had a knife that I loved so much just because of how comfortable it felt in my hand.

Cutting Performance

Misen Chef’s Knife and green beans on a plastic cutting board

I was equally impressed with the cutting performance of these knives. 

The weight and balance add a lot to their performance and take the effort out of cutting anything. And, when you use the correct grip, these knives give you great control.

Equally crucial to a knife’s performance is how sharp the blade is.

Misen brags about the unique 15-degree angle of their blades. This acute cut should give them a razor-sharp edge that cuts with the precision of a scalpel. 

While I didn’t get the sense that the blades were quite that sharp or precise, they performed well.

A picture of Misen Chef’s Knife and wax beans

The chef’s knife was sharp enough to slice through the tough skin of tomatoes without squishing the tender flesh inside. It had no problem tackling thick carrots, corn on the cob, or any other hard veggies I threw at it. And it quickly minced green onions and garlic without much effort.

The other knives performed equally well for their slated tasks. I especially liked how effortlessly the serrated knife cut through tender tomatoes.

It did take some experimentation to get the correct cutting motion for the chef’s knife. It has a shape somewhere between a German-style chef’s knife and a santoku knife. The proper cutting motion, not surprisingly, is somewhere in between the two—a lift with a slight rock. 

Once I got used to this motion, I was able to cut quicker and more efficiently than with my cheaper chef’s knife.

Overall, I was impressed with the performance of these knives. However, I am skeptical that the blade edge is as fine or as uniformly sharp as it is marketed to be. 


Like most premium knives, Misen does not recommend putting these knives into the dishwasher. The high carbon content of the AUS-10 steel does make them more prone to rust, so this is probably good advice to follow.

Luckily, these knives are easy enough to clean by hand. The handles are perfectly smooth without gaps or cracks around the rivets or tang. And the sloped bolster means there are no right angles for food to get caught in.

All I needed was a little soap and water and a clean towel to keep these knives looking great through my weeks of testing.

With the right care, I expect these knives to last for a long, long time.

Alternatives to Misen Knives

Misen knives offer a great compromise between quality and price. But if you are looking for truly premiere knives or a much more affordable set, you have some options.

For the serious chef, the Wüsthof Classic Chef’s Knife is about as good as you can get. This classic is hand-honed, incredibly sharp, and built to last. But it will cost you quite a bit more than the Misen chef’s knife. Wüsthof knives are available in every shape and size as well as sets.

If you are looking for something more affordable, the Imarku Chef Knife is a good choice. These high-carbon steel knives are more durable than others in their price range and highly functional. The grip isn’t as comfortable as high-end products, but they will get the job done. Imarku knives are also available in multiple models and sets.

MaterialAUD-10 high-carbon steelHigh-carbon stainless steel tempered to 58-degree HRCStainless steel with increased carbon steel content
WarrantyLifetime warrantyLimited-lifetime warranty180-day warranty

Things to Consider Before Buying a Premiere Knife Set

A nice set of knives can transform your food prep experience. But how nice those knives need to be and what features they should have will depend on your expectations. Here are a few things to consider before investing in a new knife set.

  • Durability. Even cheap knives can be functional and fun to use, at first. But lower-quality knives tend to dull quickly, rust easily, and break after repeated use. Premiere knives will cost more but are likely to last you years.
  • Frequency of use. If you only use your knives a few times per week, a quality, affordable knife set is likely to be all you need. But if you find yourself cooking frequently, a premiere set is a much better investment.
  • Available options. Most brands offer different types of knives and set sizes. Some even have knife handles in multiple colors and add-ons like blade covers. 

Misen Knives Review – Conclusion

A good set of knives can be the difference between dreading cooking dinner and looking forward to the task.

Misen knives offer the experience of premiere knives without the inflated price. These quality knives are insanely comfortable, well-balanced, and functional enough to tackle any task.

To see what knife options are available from Misen or if you want to pick a set out for yourself, click here.

Where To Buy

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