LawnBright Lawn Care Subscription Review – Hands-On Test

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LawnBright Lawn Care Subscription

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Key Features:

All-natural lawn care service

Preemptive weed treatment included

Add-ons like spot remover are available.

Text alerts

The Perfect All-Natural Subscription Service for Weedy Lawns

Finding an all-natural subscription lawn care service for a weedy lawn isn’t easy. At least, it wasn’t before LawnBright came around.

This newer subscription service uses many of the same principles as Sunday and other more popular options. LawnBright delivers natural, organic, and chemical-free fertilizers and soil conditioners straight to your door. And, like other non-toxic brands, their products are safe to use around people and pets. They also focus on building the health of your lawn for long-term results.

What makes LawnBright different is that they include a preemptive weed treatment in their product line. Where other subscription services only offer spot sprays for dandelion domination, this service includes a spring pretreatment spray to help stop weeds before they sprout.

This service is a touch on the pricey side compared to others, especially for large yards. And it doesn’t offer the same range of products (yet). But, for weedy lawns, LawnBright is absolutely worth looking into.

Review Criteria Ratings

Lawn Health Performance4.5/5
Ease of Use4.5/5


  • Pre-emergent weed treatment included
  • Easy to set up
  • Responsive text alerts
  • Delivered to your door
  • Great add-ons like spot remover and mosquito treatment


  • Size selections somewhat limited
  • Hard to find product information

Should You Buy It?

If you’re looking for an all-natural subscription lawn care service that can also combat weeds, LawnBright is a great choice.

With this subscription, you’ll receive an effective preemptive weed treatment spray and have the option for weed control spray add-ons to help kill off weeds throughout the year while supporting the overall health of your lawn.

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LawnBright Lawncare Subscription Overview

inclusions of LawnBright Lawn Care Subscription

LawnBright is the newest provider in a growing market of all-natural subscription lawn care services. Launched in 2021, this Massachusetts-based service is focused on supporting the biome of the soil in order to grow healthier, more resilient lawns. 

All LawnBright products come in liquid form and are applied by the homeowner using the included hose attachment. The products are made in the USA and use natural ingredients such as kelp, molasses, and corn gluten. All are safe for pets and people and require no wait time after application.

In addition to the subscription sprays, which are automatically selected for you based on region, climate, and the results of your soil test, the company also offers add-ons. These great options, which include pet spot repair, tick and mosquito control, and weed spot spray, are also all-natural.

To get started with LawnBright, all you need to do is answer some questions about the size and condition of your lawn and provide your zip code. From there, the service determines the right amount and type of products your lawn needs. These products arrive at predetermined times through the spring, summer, and fall in three separate shipments.

According to the website, plans start at around $180 but vary based on yard size and needs.

I had a chance to put LawnBright’s subscription service to the test in my own yard. Like other all-natural lawn care services, there was a lot to love about this program but also some room for improvement. 

Keep reading to see my full LawnBright Lawn Care Subscription review and to find out if this service is right for your needs.

How LawnBright Performs

Getting Started

3 Steps in getting started with LawnBright

Getting started with LawnBright is about as simple as any of the other delivery lawn care services I’ve tried. 

The one notable difference of this service is that you must choose your yard size from the options “small,” “medium,” or “large.” Once your order is submitted, techs on the other side reference satellite imagery to assure you’ve made the right choice. Still, being limited to three size options means that the amount of product you get won’t be tailored to the exact size of your lawn.

Once you input all your information, you’ll be given a price estimate for your subscription. For small yards with few problems, the price is around $160. For larger yards with a lot of needs, that price jumps to about $340.

This is a bit more expensive than other all-natural options we’ve tried, especially for medium and large yards.

Lawn Health

before and after images with LawnBright

I got to try LawnBright firsthand on my lawn this spring. My first shipment included two bottles of treatment: Green Machine and Black Gold.

Black Gold is meant to increase soil health and microbial activity. On the other hand, Green Machine, which is included in most of the company’s spring shipments, is a general fertilizer that helps kick start the greening process early in the year.

If you sign up for the subscription early enough and indicate a weed problem on the questionnaire, you may also receive the Weed Wipeout. This pre-emergent weed spray really sets this subscription apart from others.

This weed spray uses corn gluten to naturally prevent weed seeds from establishing roots. While I didn’t get the opportunity to try this product, the science behind the ingredients is sound, and other users have raved about its effects. 

I had similar results with the two products I did get to try. My lawn was still pretty dormant after a drier than normal spring. Rains increased a bit after I applied the two products, but the growth rate seemed to indicate the fertilizer was the main reason for the change.

Not only did the grass green up quickly, but the bare spots filled in nicely with new growth over the month I photographed the results. Two weeks after the final product was applied, the grass looked lush and healthy.

Ease of Use

luscious and green lawn after applying LawnBright products

Like other hose application-style fertilizers, I found these fairly easy to use. 

You will need a long enough hose to reach from one end of your property to the other. And you have to be careful about setting your hose flow to medium, or the liquid won’t be pulled out at the right rate. But, these things are true of most products of this kind.

One thing I did notice with the LawnBright sprayer is that it cast the water out in a narrow path with thicker streams. Compared to other sprayers that create a broad spray with dispersed streams, this made it a little more difficult to apply the product.

I really had to move slowly to get full coverage and it took longer to get the yard done.

Like other subscription services, you only get one hose sprayer that you need to keep track of to use with future shipments.

Unlike others, LawnBright provides responsive text alerts. Not only do you get reminders about applications and helpful watering information, but you can respond to the texts with questions and get answers in return. These response texts can take up to 24 hours to receive but they are awesomely helpful if questions arise.


The company says they have “dozens” of products available. The products selected for each shipment are based on your lawn’s specific needs according to regional data and your soil test.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find where on the LawnBright website these product options are listed, so it is hard to know just how customizable their line truly is. It is also impossible to know exactly what is in each product until they arrive on your doorstep.

Still, if it’s true that LawnBright has dozens of different product options in addition to their add-ons, then they would have one of the largest product lines of any subscription service we’ve tried. For those looking for highly customized care, this is a major plus.

LawnBright Alternatives

For weedy lawns in need of a natural weed solution, LawnBright is the way to go. But if you want something a little different, there are other options out there.

In terms of all-natural, organic products designed to tackle a wide variety of issues, Sunday Lawn Care Service is still one of our favorites. This company offers a ton of customization and is more affordable than LawnBright, especially for medium to large lawns.

For lawns in need of a lot of TLC, you may want to consider LawnServ. This company offers three subscription types: traditional, mostly natural, and all-natural. The mostly-natural service gives you the option to choose natural fertilizers and treatments for most applications as well as some highly effective traditional treatments for those problem areas.

Weed treatmentPre-emergent, controlControlControl
Shipments31 to 77 to 10
Price$$ to $$$$ to $$$$$ to $$$$

LawnBright Lawn Care Subscription – The Verdict

Lawn care subscriptions are a great way to keep your lawn looking its best without the heavy cost associated with true lawn care services. And by choosing a natural approach, you can be sure you’re doing the best thing not just for your lawn’s health but also for the health of your family.

For weedy lawns needing some TLC, LawnBright offers all the convenience of other all-natural subscription services with the added benefit of a pre-emergent weed killer. This product, along with the company’s selection of other lawn essentials, will make your yard the envy of the neighborhood.

For more information on LawnBright or to fill out their questionnaire and get started with a new subscription service for your lawn, click here.

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