The Hottest Landscaping Ideas for Summer

 summer landscape

If you are looking to make your garden stand out this summer, you’ve come to the right place. These trending landscaping ideas will turn your outdoor space into a head-turning piece of paradise, whether you are a gardener novice or a landscaping expert.

Summer Landscaping Ideas

Fence colored bold

fence colored boldProbably the quickest, easiest, and the least expensive way to upgrade your landscape for the happiest season. The trends for this summer dictate using dark, bold colors for outdoor structures. The traditional ‘white picket fence’ look that used to be popular for ages has been replaced by the modern European-inspired dark grey, green or blue fences. The contrast between the dark fence and the lush green garden will add a slice of drama to your backyard landscape.

Reinvented lawn

reinvented lawnWell-trimmed and watered lawn is a symbol of quiet suburban life. However, droughts, water shortages and rising environmental concerns on fertilizer use are taking their toll. Lawn alternatives are trending this summer. Instead of a traditional type lawn, plant grass mixes that don’t need to be mowed, like habiturf and other prairie-type grasses.

Downscaled shrubs

The increased cost of residential lots has driven us to build larger houses on smaller lots. As a result the yards are shrinking. Apart from less space for plants, landscaping professionals are often asked to design gardens that need little regular maintenance. The answer is dwarf evergreen shrubs. They are resilient plants with low maintenance needs, well-suited for smaller gardens. Aside from dwarf shrubs like ‘Bobo’ hydrangea, dwarf perennials and ground-hugging plants, there is a high demand for columnar and understory trees.

Natural materials comeback

natural materials comebackFollowing years when hardscaping materials reigned unopposed, designers are getting more requests for natural materials and non-geometric styles. Instead of clean and modern, clients are looking for old-fashioned and DIY solutions for their gardens.

Swing seats, garden benches, free-form decks and smaller outdoor furniture are returning, as homeowners are renewing the interest for the authentic and organic.

Richard Hartlage of Seattle-based Land Morphology says that nowadays people want concrete only in ultra-modern minimalistic gardens, giving advantage to natural materials like wood and stone.

Dog-friendly scaping

dog friendly landscapeBy applying these dog-friendly gardening tips, you can have both beautiful yard and a happy dog. If your pup’s nocturnal excavating activities held you back from scaping a lavish garden, build a sandbox and encourage your dog to dig there. Bury bones, treats and toys in the sand and let it play while trying to dig them out instead of your carrots and kohlrabi.

Edible gardens

edible gardenThis is another excellent idea for yards with a space issue. If your garden-ravaging pup was the reason why you hesitated to make an edible garden, this is the time to do it right. A hanging edible garden will stay away from your mutt’s reach and as the plants grow vertically, it doesn’t need a large backyard. Still hanging fruits and vegetables are a welcoming sight for snails, birds and other pests. Consider using a Bird Control that offers humane and environmentally friendly pest repellents that will keep your hanging garden safe.

Natural dye garden

natural dye gardenThe trend of backyard farming remains strong, with edible garden, chicken coops and beehives sprouting even in urban neighbourhoods, where local laws permit it. The latest novelty in grow-it-yourself movement are natural dye gardens of plants used to make dyes for colouring textile, yarn and clothing. You can grow many vegetables, fruit trees and flowers that attract pollinators. Many of the species used for dyes are also kitchen plants, so integrating a dye garden into an edible garden comes natural.

Color blocking

colorblockingThis trend found its way from women’s fashion into outdoor living spaces. The idea is to use discrete blocks of colours to frame or highlight a specific plant or area. Use a flash of colour on a wall to frame a row of potted plants or as an artful backdrop to an outdoor sofa. If you don’t have a wall to paint, you can always use porch curtains or a solid-colour outdoor rug for highlighting desired areas.

Sustainable watering

sustainable wateringOngoing droughts have made low-water landscaping a trend of its own, a sustainable lifestyle is now more important than ever. Advanced irrigation technology now allows homeowners to control how much water is delivered to plants. Programmable controllers that use weather data to administer correct water amounts are already being used. The new feature is that they can now be accessed from the owner’s smartphone. Imagine basking in the sun on the beach and checking on your irrigation while you are on holiday. More advanced systems can even text you if they detect a leak or malfunction.

As spring is reaching its peak, we have already switched our minds into gardening mode. Before you start pulling, raking, hoeing and sowing, try to imagine which of these summer trends you could apply to your backyard.

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  1. I love the bold coloured fence idea. I was looking for a way to make my garden look a little less dull. I’ll be adding a few potted plans and a bird bath to give it a bit more life and encourage wildlife to visit. A couloured fence however, may just be the final bit of oomph it needs. Thanks for inspiring me!


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