32 Kitchen Gift Ideas For Moms, Dads, Home Cooks and Chefs!

Finding the right gift for people in your life is always a challenge. Unless that person happens to be a home cook, in that case, the options are endless!

Which, of course, brings about a whole new challenge.

To help you find the right gift for the chef in your life, we’ve tracked down the top 32 best kitchen gift ideas. Below, you’ll find reviews of our favorite kitchen products, from adorable and functional ceramic mini cocotte priced under $15 to free-standing hydroponic gardens that keep fresh produce within reach all year long.

Each item below has been handpicked from our favorite collections for its functionality, quality, and lovability. These items are so great that you may just want to purchase a few for yourself! Whatever your budget and whoever you’re shopping for, we’ve got you covered.

A person using a tortilla press to make a fresh tortilla

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Kitchen Gifts Under $25

Carbon Steel Seasoning Wax

Carbon Steel Seasoning Wax

Know someone who loves their cookware? Like, really loves their cookware? Carbon steel seasoning wax will help them take care of their carbon steel and cast iron cookware so they can keep loving their pots and pans for years to come. This all-natural and easy-to-use product is made with non-GMO soybean oil, coconut oil, and beeswax.

Ceramic Mini Cocotte

Whether you’re buying for a professional chef who can make creme brulee in their sleep or someone whose cooking talents start and stop at overnight oats, this ceramic mini cocotte from Buydeem is the perfect inexpensive gift choice. This beautiful, functional mini cocotte is great for mixing up fancy soups and desserts or for elevating those morning oats.

The Secret Ingredient Is Always Love Cooking Spoon

The Secret Ingredient Is Always Love Cooking Spoon

This laser engraved wooden cooking spoon is the perfect gift for a relative or spouse. It is made of solid beech wood and treated with food-safe oil. Ideal for use with copper, stainless steel, and cast iron and engraved with scripted text that reads, “The secret ingredient is always love.”

Taco Holders

Uno Casa taco holders

Know someone who celebrates Taco Tuesday like it’s a religious holiday? This 6-piece taco holder set is just what they need. A unique u-shaped design means there’s more space to add filling than your standard v-shaped set. Plus, these stainless steel holders are durable enough to put in the oven, just in case your friend is a fan of making their own hard shell tortillas!

Meat Thermometer

Belmint Belwares Meat Thermometer

Whether it’s turkey, pot roast, or prime rib, having an accurate meat thermometer takes the guesswork out of any meal. Your friends and family will love the foldable design, bright color, and instant reading this handy tool provides.

Universal Silicone Pot Lid

Misen universal silicone pot lid

Storing pots and pans is a pain. But keeping the lids that go with them is infinitely worse. If you know someone short on space but loves to cook, a universal silicone pot lid is a great gift. These simple solutions are lightweight, low-profile, and easier to store than glass or metal versions. Plus, they can fit a variety of different-sized pots, pans, and bowls, so you only need to keep a few of them around.

Kitchen Gifts Under $50

Cast Iron Skillet Set

Uno Casa Cast Iron skillet set

A cast-iron skillet set that costs less than fifty bucks? It exists, and the quality of it is so much better than you could ever imagine. This 2-piece cast iron skillet set from Uno Casa includes a large and small skillet, two silicone handle covers, and two cast iron scrapers. The pans come pre-seasoned and ready to be enjoyed for generations.

Want to know more about these affordably priced skillets? Check out our Uno Casa cast iron skillet review.

Knife Sharpening Stones

Misen Knife sharpening stones

If you’ve already gotten that special someone a quality knife set, then give the gift of a knife sharpening stone to help keep those knives sharp. Misen knife sharpening stones come in three different grits to restore dull knives, periodic sharpening, and reclaim that razor-sharp edge.

Pizza Cook Set

Uno Casa Pizza Cook set

Who doesn’t love pizza? With this brilliant pizza peel set, you can give the gift of delicious homemade pizza made with the same tools the professionals use. The set includes a lightweight aluminum pizza peel with a collapsible handle for easy storage, a 12-inch pizza pan, and a pizza cutting blade.

Pot Holders

Caraway Pot Holders

Pot holders may seem like a pretty boring gift, but for people who spend a lot of time around the oven, a good pot holder can be the difference between disaster and triumph. And these quality pot holders from Caraway are the best of the best. They feature double-layer satin that is stain-resistant, heat-resistant, and awesomely durable. Unique prints in sage or perracotta bring a splash of color and a ton of functionality.

Magnetic Knife Holder

Misen Magnetic knife holder

Another great gift idea for those with small kitchens is this magnetic knife holder. It’s simple yet ultra-functional and has the advantage of keeping sharp, expensive knives safely out of the drawer. Plus, its beautiful wood casting disguises the magnetic strip and allows it to sink into the background, no matter the kitchen decor.

Cast Iron Tortilla Press

Uno Casa Cast iron tortilla press

Do you have a friend who is really into making their food from scratch or know someone who takes their Mexican cuisine seriously? Either way, this cast iron tortilla press is sure to be a hit. With this heavy-duty, naturally non-stick press, anyone can turn out perfectly shaped tortillas time after time with almost no effort.

Kitchen Gifts Under $100

Stainless Clad Frying Pan

Made-in Cookware stainless clad frying pan on the stove

You can only get away with giving a single pan as a present when that pan is worthy of the spotlight. And that’s precisely the case with this elegant stainless clad frying pan from Made In. Five layers make this stainless steel clad aluminum pan impressively conductive while being easy to use, clean, and cook with. It’s oven-safe up to 800 degrees and destined to become your gift recipient’s new favorite pan.

New to stainless steel cookware? Check out our stainless steel cleaning guide to keep those new pots and pans looking their best.

Steak Knife Set

Misen steak knife set

Misen is known for its affordable, quality kitchen knives, and this set of four steak knives is no exception. These serrated knives are impressively sharp, perfectly shaped, and feature full tines and durable rivets for lasting performance. They’re available in blue, black, gray, pink, sage, and wood to match any aesthetic.

Square Baking Dish

8x8" square baking dish from Made in

This 8×8 square baking dish from Made In is as elegant as it is functional. True porcelain provides a beautiful white background to deep blue or red decorative edging while providing the durability and performance to elevate any baking or cooking project. Two extended handles make for easy maneuvering without complicating the cleaning process. This dish is the perfect gift for any baker or chef, novice or professional.

Grow Light Panel

Grow Light Panel from Aerogarden

Have an avid gardener on your list that enjoys turning their crops into wonderful meals? Give them the gift of fresh produce year-round with this highly functional grow light panel. This oversized panel can be hung from the ceiling or positioned on the included stand for horizontal or vertical lighting. It’s perfect for growing herbs, veggies, or flowers indoors.

Wine Glasses

Made In Red Wine Glasses

This elegant wine glass set from Made In is made to look sleek and dainty while having the strength to stand up to daily use. Each glass is made in Italy using traditional artisanal techniques. The stems are titanium reinforced to provide extra durability, and the glasses themselves are dishwasher safe.

Retro Toaster

Side view of the Retro Toaster from Buydeem

The toaster has been a utilitarian appliance for far too long—functional but not overly beautiful or interesting. With this fun, funky retro toaster from Buydeem, you can give the gift of the perfectly toasted bagel and an appliance that looks fabulous on the counter. Four slots, seven heat settings, and four modes team up to give the user exactly what they want while bringing some pizazz to the kitchen.

This toaster isn’t all about looks; it performs pretty well, too. Read our Buydeem Toaster Review to find out more.

Kitchen Gifts Under $200

Hydroponic Herb Garden

Every home cook loves getting fresh ingredients for their favorite recipes. By gifting an Aerogarden hydroponic herb garden, you can assure your favorite chef always has fresh ingredients at hand. These indoor gardens make growing zesty herbs and tasty greens inside impressively easy while saving space.

There are a lot of different Aerogardens to choose from. Let our Aerogarden buying guide help you figure out which is best for your needs.

Carving Knife

Made in carving knife and box on top of a stove

Are you looking for the perfect present for dad or grandpa? The Made In carving knife makes for the perfect Thanksgiving or Christmas gift for the carnivore in your life. This gorgeous, 9-inch knife is the ideal length and shape for making precise cuts in tender and less-than-tender meats. The full tang handle is overlaid with beautiful yew wood for an elegant look. Plus, this beautiful knife comes in a wood slide-top box, which makes it perfect for gifting.

Flatware Sets

360 Cookware 5-piece flatware set

A beautiful flatware set can elevate any get-together. For the born entertainer on your list, consider any one of these fantastic flatware sets from 360 Cookware. There are over twenty patterns to choose from, including classic styles, modern cuts, and some really fun patterned artistic sets. Each piece is made of 18-10 stainless steel, is dishwasher safe, and is made in the USA.

Knife Set

Misen 3-piece knife set

Know someone in need of a good knife? How about three? This well-priced knife set from Misen includes everything any budding home cook will need. The set consists of a versatile chef’s knife for chopping veggies and cutting meat, a serrated knife for slicing bread and soft-skinned fruits, and a paring knife for fine chopping and slicing work. Each knife is made with Japanese steel and features a sloped bolster for a comfortable and functional grip.

Want to know just how well these knives perform? Check out our Misen knives hands-on test.

Instant Water Boiler

Buydeem instant water boiler

Have a tea lover on your list? Make their day (or, more like, their year) with this intelligent instant water boiler from Buydeem. This super smart and super chic countertop water boiler features a 88oz water tank and eight different temperature settings. Unlike traditional electric water boilers, this one boils only the preselected serving amount, saving time and energy. This gift is perfect for tea lovers but can be used for more, including mixing baby formula, cooking oatmeal, and making coffee.

Dutch Oven

Misen dutch oven on top of a stove

A quality dutch oven can be worth its weight in gold! And that’s saying something because these things are not light. If you have an adventurous chef on your list, we recommend the Misen dutch oven. This pot is well-priced and performs beautifully for cooking a long list of different meals. Opt for the skillet-style lid for some fun extra functionality and a low-profile design.

Find out what else makes this dutch oven so much fun to use in our Misen Dutch Oven Review.

Kitchen Gifts over $200

Bakeware Set

Caraway bakeware set

Know someone who loves to bake? Replace their old cookie sheets and muffin tins with this bakeware set from Caraway, and you’re sure to receive a lifetime of baked goods in return. This set is available in the standard 5-piece, which includes two baking sheets, a rectangle pan, a muffin tin, or in an 11-piece which comes with added goodies like circle pans and a cooling rack. Both come with a convenient cabinet organizer to keep everything in place.

Hydroponic Produce Garden

Aerogarden hydroponic produce garden

We already talked about the countertop hydroponic herb gardens from Aerogarden, but if you have a serious gardener on your list, they’ll likely appreciate the Farm line Hydroponic Produce Gardens the company has to offer. These extra-large gardens come with bigger troughs, taller lights, and more space to grow fresh fruits and vegetables right in the kitchen.

Buydeem Kettle Cooker

Buydeem kettle cooker

Shopping for a home chef who already has every kitchen gadget imaginable? Surprise them with this ingenious kettle cooker from Buydeem. This unique take on the kettle cooker steams, stews, roasts, steeps, and more. Use it to make soups, tea, steamed veggies, rice, and a long list of other healthy meal and drink options. It has an elegant look and a user-friendly control panel for one-press meals in half the time.

Proclamation Duo Pan Set

Proclamation duo pan set

Looking for the perfect cookware set for someone who has no room for such a thing? The Proclamation Duo does the job of a wok, stockpot, extra-large skillet, and dutch oven while taking up less space than your average two-pot set. The ingenious interlocking design has the skillet pulling double duty as a lid for braising and baking. Or use each piece separately to see how a few key design changes make for a superb cooking experience.

Learn more about this pan set’s many tricks in our Proclamation Duo review.

Caraway Cookware Set

4-piece Caraway cookware set

There are a lot of great cookware sets out there. But few can match the performance, safety, and value of this Caraway Cookware set

These ceramic coated pots and pans offer hassle-free non-stick cooking without the chemicals. This 7-piece set includes a saucepan, stockpot, skillet, large skillet, and three low-profile lids. You even personalize this kitchen gift by choosing from 7 great colors, including blue, sage, pink, yellow, and red.

Steam Cooker Set

Steam cooker set from 360 Cookware

Know someone who is trying to eat healthier or cut down on oils? They are sure to appreciate this unique steam cooker cookware set from 360. These thick, triple-ply pots and pans are great for traditional cooking, but what they’re really made for is cooking without added oils. The unique design, impressive heat retention, and curved seal-tight lids mean this cookware can cook meals faster, on lower heat, and without greasing the bottom of the pans.

Learn more about how these unique pots and pans work by reading our 360 Cookware review.

Copper Rondeau

Copper rondeau by Made In

This copper rondeau is another exception to the rule that single pans don’t make exciting gifts. This pot has a beautiful copper exterior with exceptional heat conductivity, while the inside is lined with food-safe stainless steel. Like all great rondeau pots, this one has a wide base with plenty of surface area for braising meat and high sides to hold loads of liquid. If you have a serious foodie on your list, this is the gift for them.

Legend Stainless Set

Legend Stainless Steel Cookware Set

Our final cookware gift recommendation comes from Legend Cookware and offers a variety of choices depending on your budget. All of these pots and pans are made with impressive attention to detail and are built for optimal cooking performance. No matter which set you choose, you’ll be absolutely blown away by the craftsmanship, versatility, and beauty of this cookware.

Their 12-piece, 3-ply stainless set, which costs less than $300, is perfect for new homeowners just starting out and a great graduation gift. The 14-piece, 5-ply stainless set comes in just around $500 and is perfect for more serious chefs in need of a kitchen makeover. But, if you really want to impress, there is no better gift than the 14-piece copper core Legend cookware set.

Kitchen Gifts for Everyone on Your List

Whether you’re out to spend $10 or $300, we’ve got the perfect gift for every home cook on your list. From simple joys like a universal silicone pot lid or taco holders to the extraordinary like a full garden in the kitchen or a cookware set that cooks without oil, you’re sure to find what you need on the list above.

What is the best kitchen gift you’ve ever received? Comment below. We’d love to know!

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