Breathe Easy With The INKBIRD IAM-T1 Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor – Hands On Review

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The inkbird IAM-T1 Air quality monitor

Our Rating:

Key Features:

Real-Time Monitoring of CO2, temperature, and humidity

Portable Design

Up to 4 years battery life

Easy to read electronic ink display 

Stay Informed and Breathe Easy with the INKBIRD IAM-T1 Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor

The INKBIRD IAM-T1 Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor is an innovative device is designed to keep you informed about the quality of your indoor environment, providing real-time monitoring of CO2, temperature, and humidity. 

The device stands out with its compact and portable design, making it a convenient addition to any room. One of its key selling points is the impressive battery life, which lasts up to 4 years, reducing the need for frequent charging or battery replacements. 

The easy-to-read electronic ink display ensures that you can quickly check the air quality parameters at a glance. 

The app also gives you access to advanced settings and the ability to view long term air quality trends.

In this review, we’ll delve into the various aspects of the INKBIRD IAM-T1, from its impressive sensor quality and auto-calibration to its connectivity and app features. We’ll also discuss its data security measures and alarm and customization features.

Review Criteria Ratings

8.7out of 10

Sensor Quality9
Display and Battery Life8.5
Battery Life9.5
Connectivity and App8
Data Security9
Alarm and Customization Features8
  • Real-Time Monitoring of CO2, temperature, air pressure, and humidity
  • Long Battery Life of up to 4 years
  • The device's compact and portable design makes it a convenient addition to any room.
  • Premium NDIR sensor from Senseair, a well-regarded Swedish company, ensuring accurate and reliable readings.
  • Data Security: All data is stored locally, ensuring your data privacy.
  • Bluetooth only connectivity - which means you need to be within range for the readings to update on your phone.
  • No Backlight on Display: The device lacks a backlight, which might hinder visibility in low light conditions.
  • Auto-Zoom Feature: The app lacks an auto-zoom feature for data review over specific timeframes.
  • Many of the device's features, including real-time monitoring, customizable sampling interval, data storage, and alert system, are only accessible with the INKBIRD app.

Should You Buy It?

The INKBIRD Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor combines advanced features with user-friendly functionality. It’s a worthy investment for anyone aiming to create a safe and comfortable indoor environment while maintaining your data privacy.

Based on my own real-world testing and experience with this unit, I can confidently recommend it.

IAM-T1 Sensor Quality

A IAM-T1 sits on a wooden table.

The INKBIRD Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor‘s performance is driven by a premium NDIR sensor, courtesy of Senseair, a well-regarded Swedish company. 

The sensor’s quality and reliability influence the device’s overall performance. With a top-notch sensor like the one in the INKBIRD Monitor, you can as sure as possible of accurate and reliable readings, which are crucial for maintaining a healthy and comfortable indoor environment. 

As an example of what it detects, I had the monitor with me in my office which is quite a small room. With the door and windows closed, the CO2 PPm went from 463 up to 936. I opened the window the the CO2 levels dropped back into the 500’s.

Real Life Comparison

But I didnt rely on this, I actually tested the INKBIRD Monitor against another well known air quality montirort. The outcome? I found the difference in readings was less than 5% – a variance that falls I consider to be within an acceptable range. 

Auto Calibration

Screenshot of autocalibration in the inkbird app

Another feature of The INKBIRD Air Quality Monitor IAM-T1 I loved is that it comes with a user-friendly auto-calibration function. It adjusts the device to its surroundings, leveraging collected data over time to calibrate the sensors for more accurate readings. 

And here’s the best part: it’s automatic. You don’t have to do anything to calibrate itt. Just ensure the device is on and placed in the space you want to monitor. The device self-calibrates every 24 hours. 

Remember, this function improves the device’s accuracy over time, so it’s best to keep the device running continuously in the area you want to monitor for optimal results. 

More than Just CO2 Measurements

The INKBIRD Monitor does more than just monitor CO2 levels.

The IAM-T1 also measures:

  • temperature
  • air pressure
  • humidity

This provides you with a complete picture of your indoor environment. This versatility makes it a very handy air quality monitoring solution. 

INKBIRD Smart Air Quality Monitor Display and Battery Life

E-ink Display and Viewing Angles

A wall mounted IAM-T1 Air Quality Monitor

Let’s delve into the INKBIRD Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor’s display. This device boasts a low-power electronic ink (E-ink – also known as electronic paper) display. These displays use a much lower amount of energy than traditional LCD’s.

The monitor supports full viewing angles. This means, no matter which direction you observe from, the screen readings remain crystal clear. This comes in handy when the monitor is placed in a corner or any spot not directly in your line of sight. It displays essential readings like CO2 concentration, temperature, and relative humidity. 

While it lacks a backlight, this did not hinder visibility in my experience. The screen readability from all angles allowed me to quickly glance and gather the necessary information.

Battery Life: Built to Last

Inkbird IAM-T1 battery compartment

Next on the list is battery life. Powered by AA batteries, this device boasts an ultra-long battery life that can last up to 4 years! You heard it right. 

The impressive battery life is based on a 10-minute sampling interval, which is the rate at which the device measures the air quality. There are other interval options available, such as 1 minute (default setting), 2 minutes, and 5 minutes, for more frequent readings. But remember, more frequent readings may reduce battery life. 

During my trial period, I did not encounter any issues contradicting the claimed 4-year battery life. This long-lasting battery life means fewer replacements, saving both time and money.

Connectivity and INKBIRD App

Effortless Connectivity: Bluetooth and App

The INKBIRD Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor utilizes advanced Bluetooth 5.0 for a smooth, uninterrupted connection. 

With the INKBIRD app and a quick sync with your smartphone, you get real-time updates on your home’s CO2 concentration, temperature, humidity, and air pressure. 

The speed and stability of the Bluetooth link make monitoring these parameters a breeze, and the app’s intuitive interface allows easy access to all features.

You do need to remember, however, that you will need to be within Bluetooth range to have the readings updated on your phone.

I found the device pairing to be straightforward, and the Bluetooth connection remained stable throughout my usage. 

The app interface is user-friendly, though an auto-zoom feature for data review over specific timeframes would be a welcome addition. For now, the pinch-zoom feature works fine, but a more intuitive solution could enhance user experience.

App Features: Real-Time Updates and Personalized Settings

When you sync your INKBIRD IAM-T1 monitor with the INKBIRD app, you unlock a range of useful features:

  • Real-Time Monitoring: Access real-time data on indoor CO₂ concentration, temperature, humidity, and air pressure.
  • Customizable Sampling Interval: Customize the device to sample air quality every 1, 2, 5, or 10 minutes.
  • Data Storage: The monitor can archive up to 30 days of offline data, which you can sync with the app to analyze long-term trends—especially useful after an extended trip.
  • Alert System: A visual and audio alarm system activates if CO₂ levels exceed the safety threshold (which you can set), with the device’s display inverting colors as a warning.
  • CO₂ Level Indicator: A color-coded bar quickly informs you of your air quality status.

These features are only accessible with the INKBIRD app, which is available for free download on both iOS and Android devices.

Data Security

In today’s digitized world, ensuring your data’s security is more than a good practice – it’s a necessity. INKBIRD’s Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor not only helps you keep a track of your indoor air quality, but does so without compromising on your data privacy. 

What sets INKBIRD apart is that unlike many other smart devices, it doesn’t upload your data to a cloud server – keeping your information under lock and key within your device. 

INKBIRD markets that they operate on the principle of local data storage. All data generated by the device is saved directly in your INKBIRD APP – right on your smartphone. This ensures no external entity has access to your indoor environment information. It’s reassuring to know your data isn’t stored in some remote cloud server, open to potential breaches. 

While the lack of WiFi may be a downside for some, it actually eliminates a potential threat to your data security. This adds another layer of data protection, reinforcing INKBIRD’s commitment to preserving your privacy. 

Alarm and Customization Features

Real-Time Monitoring

Screenshot of the inkbird app showing realtime results from the IAM-T1 air quality monitor

When in range of the IAM-T1, you can connect to the device via Bluetooth that allows you to monitor not only CO2 levels, but also temperature, humidity and air pressure in real time.

Customizable Sampling Interval

The INKBIRD Air Quality Monitor IAM-T1 lets gives you the option to set the frequency at which the device checks the air quality. You can set the sampling interval at 1 minute, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, or even 10 minutes. This degree of control enables you to tailor the device’s operation to your specific needs as well as the projected battery life.

Keeping Track of Your Air Quality Trends

Screenshot of the inkbird app showing historic results from the IAM-T1 air quality monitor

Here’s a neat feature – the device can hold onto 30 days of offline data. Once synced with the INKBIRD app, you can view these long-term data trends, helping you better comprehend and manage your indoor air quality over time.

Alarm Feature and CO₂ Level Indication: Safety First

Screenshot of the inkbird app showing settings of the IAM-T1

The INKBIRD Air Quality Monitor IAM-T1 comes with an alarm feature designed to sound off when CO₂ levels cross the safety threshold – which are fully customizable. 

When this occurs, the device’s display changes to white characters on a black background – an unmistakable visual signal indicating potential air quality problems. There is also an audible alarm played on the monitor itself.

There are also additional settings in the app that allows you to set when your phone will alert you to certain conditions. Available settings include:

  • CO2 Concentration – set a high limit
  • Temperature reminder – set high and low limits
  • Humidity reminder – set high and low limits
  • Air pressure reminder – set high and low limits

Additionally, there’s a color-coded CO₂ level indication feature. A straightforward colored bar acts as a quick reference for current CO₂ levels. The color morphs based on the CO₂ concentration, providing an easy, no-nonsense method to assess air quality.

Bear in mind, all of these features require the INKBIRD app, which is, fortunately, compatible with both iOS and Android devices.


Founded in 2010 in Shenzhen, INKBIRD is a prominent smart IoT technology company that specializes in creating and marketing intelligent home automation products.

Their dedication to excellence is evident in their range of offerings, including smart controllers, food thermometers, smart sensors, and sous vide cookers.

INKBIRD’s brand story is inspired by the history of the quill-pen and the pioneering spirit of The Wright brothers’ aviation achievements. This ethos of innovation and freedom led to their brand name, combining “INK” from the quill-pen and “BIRD” from the spirit of flight.

With a focus on high-quality products, the company has gained influence in various markets, from DIY smart controllers to smart cooking and gardening tools.

Rooted in the pursuit of innovation, INKBIRD continues to offer excellent products that enhance smart home living.

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