EdenPure Thunderstorm Review – OxiLeaf II Air Purifier Hands-On Test

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edenpure oxileaf air purifier review

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Powerful Mini Purifier that (Unfortunately) Utilizes Controversial Ozone Cleaning

The EdenPure OxiLeaf II is a compact purifier powerful enough to clean the air in medium-sized rooms quickly. Unfortunately, this little purifier relies on reactive ozone to function.

Not only does this mean the OxiLeaf is less effective at removing pollutants and allergens than the marketing claims would have you believe, but it also poses a health hazard if used as advertised.

While ozone is an effective deodorizer, especially when used to neutralize pet odors and cigarette smoke, this powerful unit should not be used in occupied spaces. 

If you are looking for an affordable, compact purifier to neutralize odors in less-used spaces, this is a good buy. But suppose you are in the market for a purifier that can tackle pollutants, allergens, and pathogens as well as odors and be used safely in the home. In that case, we recommend the Okaysou AirMax 10L or Alen BreatheSmart 75i.


  • Affordable
  • Compact
  • Very easy to use
  • Effective deodorizer


  • Not safe for use in occupied spaces
  • Misleading claims about purification abilities
  • High ozone output
  • Minimal functions

Should You Buy It?

The amount of ozone put out by the OxiLeaf exceeds the EPAs recommended ozone exposure. If used in an enclosed space, this could cause respiratory problems, especially for sensitive individuals.

When used in unoccupied rooms as a deodorizer, this purifier is fairly effective and we would recommend it for this purpose. However, there are other, more versatile options for purifying the air in your home that should be considered.

EdenPure OxiLeaf II Thunderstorm Overview

The EdenPure OxiLeaf II air purifier is unique in both its size and how it functions.

This tiny purifier can fit in your hand and is only slightly larger than the outlet cover it plugs into. This is an enormous difference from the massive build of more traditional air purifiers.

The unique functionality of the OxiLeaf is what allows for such a compact design.

Other purifiers suck air into the unit through a set of specialized filters to clean it. In contrast, the OxiLeaf turns normal air into purifying ozone that moves through the room, destroying odors and pollutants as it goes.

This unique design means the EdenPure OxiLeaf doesn’t use filters or other replaceable parts. Despite its size, the product promises unparalleled odor, pollutant, pathogen, and allergen reduction even in larger rooms.

This product certainly sounds too-good-to-be-true, and that may just be the case. Keep reading to find out where this mini purifier meets expectations, where it falls short, and why it is so controversial.

Features and Benefits of the edenpure thunderstorm

Ozonators like the OxiLeaf are valued for their ability to remove even the strongest odors in your home. But the same feature that gives it such strong cleaning power is also considered harmful to your health.

Let’s take a deeper look at the features, benefits, and drawbacks of this unit to find out if it is worth the risk.

Odor Eliminating Power

Odor eliminating power of the EdenPure OxiLeaf II Thunderstorm Air Purifier

Ozone is a molecule composed of three oxygen atoms. This unstable state causes it to be very reactive with any molecule it encounters. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are also very reactive. Since all odors are VOCs, it makes sense that ozone would work well to denature and eliminate various kinds of smells.

In this sense, the EdenPure OxiLeaf is very effective.

In just a short time, the ozone produced will move through the room denaturing most of the odorous compounds it encounters.

Most users are pleased with the odour-reducing power of this purifier. However, some sensitive individuals find the ozone’s scent to be worse than the original smell. If you are especially sensitive to the smell produced by thunderstorms, ozonators of any kind would not be a good choice for you.

Air Purifying Performance

Many indoor pollutants are also fairly reactive, which means they are likely to be affected by ozone in the same way odors are. However, the claim that OxiLeaf can remove 99.9% of contaminants seems unfounded.

First of all, compounds that react with ozone aren’t always neutralized by the reaction. In fact, in some cases, the products of the ozone reaction are more toxic than the original compound.

Additionally, this unit would seem to lack the power needed to truly remove all contaminants from the air. The amount of ozone needed to effectively kill pathogens and denature larger compounds is quite high and would certainly not be safe for humans to breathe. This is one reason many users are not satisfied with this purifier’s ability to reduce allergens or decrease respiratory symptoms.

Given the size of the OxiLeaf and the safety concerns associated with ozone levels (more on that in a minute), it is unlikely this product can purify the air as well as it claims to.

Safety Concerns

According to the EPA, ozone is a toxic compound that is hazardous to people’s health.

The same reactivity that makes ozone a powerful air cleaner can also cause damage to the respiratory system. This is especially true for sensitive individuals who already suffer from allergies or asthma.

Intentionally bringing ozone into your home via ozone generators like the OxiLeaf is a controversial topic for this reason.

The EPA considers anything below 0.08 ppm a healthy ozone level for outdoor air. The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health recommends that an ozone level of 0.10 ppm not be exceeded at any time in the workplace.

The EdenPure OxiLeaf has a programmable ozone output between 0.4 and 0.8 ppm. This means even on its lowest setting, the air near the unit will vastly exceed the recommended ozone exposure level set by these regulators.

For this reason, we would not recommend using the OxiLeaf in occupied rooms. And any room that has been purified should be adequately ventilated before anyone spends time in it.

You can learn more about the potentially harmful effects of ozone here.

Noise Level

This mini purifier puts off a low hum while in use, but the maximum noise output is only about 34 dB, well below a whisper.

However, given that we do not recommend this unit be used in occupied spaces, the low noise level that the company likes to boast about is really a non-factor.

Ease of Use

EdenPure OxiLeaf II Thunderstorm Air Purifier plugged in a socket

The OxiLeaf is simple enough to use.

The compact unit plugs directly into the wall and hangs off the outlet. It can also be attached via the USB port for use during travel and in the RV.

An easy-use dial on the side controls output from minimum (0.4 ppm) to maximum (0.8 ppm). There is no on/off switch, so the unit must be unplugged in order to shut it off.

With no filters or batteries to deal with, this mini purifier couldn’t be easier to operate.

is The edenpure oxileaf safe?

While Edenpure claims that the Thunderstorm Oxyleaf is safe to use, some government agencies believe otherwise and say they should be avoided.

The California Air Resources Board is one such agency, and they say “CARB recommends that ozone generators not be used, except for approved industrial purposes where harmful exposure to ozone is prevented. Not only are ozone generators ineffective at cleaning indoor air, but inhaling ozone poses serious health risks for humans and animals”

You can read more about this here.

Edenpure Thunderstorm Alternatives

The fact that the EdenPure OxiLeaf utilizes ozone technology to clean the air limits its purifying effectiveness and how it can be used.

If you are looking for a more versatile unit, there are some better options on the market.

The Okaysou AirMax 10L is a larger, slightly more expensive unit but has far superior purifying abilities. The sleek design and medical-grade HEPA filters mean this purifier actively works to improve your family’s health and wellbeing.

The Alen BreatheSmart 75i is another great choice, especially for consumers who want function and beauty. Like the AirMax, this purifier provides exceptional cleaning power. But in addition, this unit comes in nine customizable front panel design options to better fit your home aesthetic. It also comes with a worry-free lifetime warranty.

FeaturesOkaysou AirMax 10L Alen BreatheSmart 75iEdenPure OxiLeaf
FilterMultilayer HEPA filtrationSingle-unit HEPA filtrationControversial ozone cleaning
Max Noise level51 dBA45 dBA34 dBA

Things to Consider Before Buying an Air Purifier

Air purifiers are a great way to remove pathogens, odors, and allergens inside your house. But some units are far more effective at targeting certain compounds over others.

Before you commit to purchasing your new purifier, consider what you want out of it.

  • Are you looking for targeted odor elimination or an all-around purifier?
  • Do you plan to use the purifier only when needed or keep it running continuously?
  • Do you want to use the unit in high-traffic rooms or can it be isolated during use?
  • And finally, is there anyone in your house with allergies or asthma who may be negatively affected by the use of an ozone-based purifier?

Final Thoughts on the EdenPure Thunderstorm air Purifier

If you are in need of an air purifier for targeted deodorizing of rooms that can easily be closed off during treatment, the EdenPure OxiLeaf II is a good choice.

Its deodorizing powers are unmatched by any machine of similar size. It is compact, simple to use, and capable of neutralizing odors and some pollutants quickly even in medium-sized rooms. Click here to learn more about this pint-sized purifier.

However, the uses for an OxiLeaf are limited by its high ozone output. If you need a more versatile air purifier that targets pathogens, allergens, and a wider array of VOCs, we recommend the Okaysou AirMax 10L or Alen BreatheSmart 75i.

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