Truly Free Home Laundry Wash Review – Natural Laundry Detergent That Works!

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Truly Free Home Laundry Wash

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Safe and effective non-toxic products

Less plastic waste


Made in the USA

Family and Earth-Friendly All-Natural Laundry Products that Actually Work!

If you’ve been considering subscribing to one of the many new cleaning product delivery services out there, Truly Free is worth a look. This all-natural company is working to make your household cleaners and laundry products safer for your family while reducing waste for a healthier planet.

Their laundry products and refillable laundry detergent work as well as any natural product I’ve tried and even rival some chemical-laden products in terms of their effectiveness. Yet, they are all made with cruelty-free, plant-based ingredients, and are produced in a way that reduces plastic waste.

Review Criteria Ratings

Overall Rating4.5/5


  • Safe and effective non-toxic home cleaning and laundry products
  • Made in the USA
  • Family-owned business with excellent customer service
  • Less waste thanks to reusable bottles
  • 30 or 60-day subscription options with no fees


  • Refillable bottles are flimsy 
  • Bottle and refill pouches are recyclable plastic
  • Small orders get pricey

Should You Buy It?

Want to switch to all-natural household products that are better for you and Mother Earth? Truly Free makes that switch painless with their simple no-fee subscription program and awesomely effective natural products.

Whether you’re looking for household cleaners, laundry help, or just some great-smelling hand soap, I highly recommend giving them a try.

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Truly Free Laundry Wash Product Overview

Truly Free is a family-owned company run out of Traverse City, Michigan, that was started in 2021. While they’re a fairly new company, they have already made quite a splash in the home care product subscription world. All of their products are cruelty-free, plant-derived, free from chemical fragrances, and prepared in a way that reduces plastic waste.

The company’s line of products has grown fast and includes laundry care items, household cleaners, dishwasher detergent, soaps, and essential oils.

Their subscription service is fee-free and highly customizable. There is no minimum to how much you can order, but the more you add to your box, the greater your savings.

I had a chance to try some of Truly Free’s laundry products in my own home. I received a box containing OxyBoost bleach alternative, scented laundry wash, and a stain stick.

As an avid natural products connoisseur, I was excited to put these cleaners to use. They came with a ton of promise and I immediately loved the scents. But, were they able to live up to the hype?

Keep reading to see my full Truly Free home laundry wash review.

How Truly Free Performs

As someone who ditched chemical cleaning and laundry products a long time ago, I can tell you that not all natural products are worth the purchase. But those that work are worth every dime because they’re effective without exposing your family to toxins while being much easier on the planet.

Needless to say, I was eager to try out my Truly Free laundry products. Here’s how they performed.


Before I could put my new laundry items to use, I spent a little time checking out the ingredient lists to see if they were as natural as promised.

The laundry soap refill is made entirely of natural minerals and essential oil fragrances (they also have a fragrance-free option). The OxyBoost cleaner is made of two types of salt and that’s it.

The stain stick had the most ingredients but all were recognizable (coconut oil, water, lemon oil) or at least well explained on the package (oxalic acid – mineral based acid cleaning agent).

To help fulfill the company’s promise to reduce plastic waste, all products were packaged in recyclable plastic pouches. The laundry wash also included an empty, refillable laundry detergent bottle similar to the plastic kind you’d get at the store.

To make the wash, all I had to do was add the package of detergent powder to the bottle, fill it with warm water, and shake. This created a very watery mixture. But, given that most commercial detergents are about 98% water, I wasn’t too deterred.

All looked very promising in terms of natural, plant-based ingredients, and limited waste. But I was still a little skeptical about how they would perform.

Cleaning Performance

Pouring the Truly Free Home laundry detergent in the washing machine

For my first load, I dove straight in and used all three products. I added two scoops of OxyBoost to the load, a cap full of freshly mixed laundry wash, and pretreated a couple of pieces of my daughter’s clothing with the stain stick.

I chose a white dress with a host of day-old food stains all over it. I also grabbed a pair of shorts with multiple set-in stains that have seen numerous washings without coming out.

The scented laundry detergent filled the house with a wonderful smell as the wash ran. And, unlike most naturally scented detergents I’ve tried, it remained noticeable through the drying cycle, leaving me with a hamper full of wonderfully fresh-smelling clothing.

Together, the OxyBoost and the detergent had no problem removing the typical dirt marks, food splatters, and other stains my family manages to dress their clothing with.

The stain stick didn’t disappoint either.

before and after photo showing stains were removed from the white dress

Given the extent of the stains I was working with, I had been worried that even a chemical product might not be enough to get the job done.

So you can imagine my surprise when my daughter’s white dress came out of the wash completely clean after only being treated with the natural stain stick!

before and after using the stain stick on a short with stubborn stains

Even more surprising, the set-in stains on the yellow shorts were much less noticeable. This shocked me, considering these shorts have been treated and washed about a dozen times since my kiddo took a mud bath in them.

But I wasn’t done putting these products to the test after just a few loads of laundry.

The OxyBoost bag brags that the product can be used as a household cleaner as well. I tested this claim by finally tackling the grime ring forming in my bathtub.

before and after using Truly Free Home’s Oxyboost on a bathtub

A damp rag and a dab of the powder were literally all it took to get rid of the ring. The stains on the textured bottom of the tub were tougher. But after getting them wet and letting the powder sit on them for ten minutes, they wiped right off.

Overall, I was very pleased with how well these laundry products performed.

Truly Free Subscription Take-Aways

When it comes to subscription companies, how well the products work is only half the conversation. How the subscription service is set up and how well priced it is are also very important considerations.

At first glance, I would say the products available from Truly Free are a little pricey. This is expected with subscription services that don’t charge shipping. After all, that is the most expensive piece of the puzzle, so they have to make that revenue up somehow.

But when you consider that the more you add to your box, the greater your discount (and the more free stuff you get), the prices quickly become more reasonable.

For instance, if you choose 5 or more items for your box, not only do you get two free items, but you get 40% off each purchased item.

This brings the prices down to something closer to (and even a touch lower, in some cases) to quality natural products you’d buy at the store.

My only gripe with the whole subscription setup is the refillable bottles.

In the name of saving on plastic, I would love it if these bottles were glass, or at least a thicker, longer-lasting plastic. I would also love it if the pouches were made of recycled paper rather than recyclable plastic.

Alternatives to Truly Free Laundry Wash

If you’re after an all-natural home subscription service that offers effective cleaning and laundry products, then Truly Free is a great option. But if you want a little more from your subscription, there are other choices out there.

Grove Collaborative also offers effective natural cleaners, laundry products, and a whole lot more for the home. And they do it while minimizing plastic use by utilizing glass packaging and glass reusable bottles wherever possible.

If you’re after something specifically for use in the laundry room, then Dropps is a good option. This subscription service offers a long list of laundry products made with the planet in mind. And forget the bottles, these easy-use bio packs come in cardboard boxes to reduce plastic use to near-zero.

FeaturesTruly FreeGrove CollaborativeDropps
ProductsLaundry and household cleaningCleaning, home goods, and gardenLaundry, dish, and soap
BenefitsAll natural ingredients in refillable bottles for reduced wasteNon-plastic packaging and glass reusable bottlesBio-pack single use detergents for zero plastic waste
Minimum OrderNo minimum$20$30 for free shipping


The right home care subscription service won’t just save you money and time, but will also make a huge difference for the health of your family and the planet. And that’s exactly what Truly Free delivers.

Their laundry cleaning products work impressively well considering the short list of all-natural, non-toxic ingredients each product contains. And with no minimum order, customizable subscription options, and a lot more products to choose from, Truly Free is a wonderful option for anyone looking for an easy subscription service that delivers green products that work.

To learn more about what Truly Free has to offer, click here.

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